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10-06-2014, 02:03 AM
Was just having catch up with a friend of mine and over coffee and she told me strange story ...It came up when I mentioned I was off to the medical centre down the road and she said she used to go there too

Just a little info ,the medical centre is not far down the road from me and is in a residential area and kind of looks out of place in between houses
..It's not very old ,we think about 20ish years old,nothing unusual about it at all ..Anyway heres the story .

My friend was pregnant with her first child so this is going back about 12 years now ...She hadn't been feeling well for a while as she had been suffering with flu and she wasn't getting any better even after having it for over a week ..So she made an appointment to see the doc ...She said the drive there was normal ,nothing out of the ordinary and apart from the flu ,she felt ok,she only lived a few block away....However as she got to the Medical centre and went to hop out of the car ,she didn't feel right at all ...She said the minute she hopped out ,she started feeling very dizzy ,so she sat back down in the car for a bit ...She just put it down to being sick and pregnant ,However she said as she sat there she happened to look at the medical centre ,this is when she noticed ,it wasn't a medical centre at all ,it was just a house ...It looked similar to the medical centre but it was smaller and a completely different colour ,it was a purple colour ,it is now white and there was no signs or anything....She knows she saw the signs when she first got there ,she swears she did ,the sign outside near the footpath is large and would be hard to miss but now they were not there at all .....She said she got out of the car to look around ...It was def just a house and it was locked up and the medical centre was no where to be seen ....She even went next door to the two houses that are either side to have a look and they looked pretty much the same as the two that are either side now,except the gardens were different ....She said she did start to panic and decided to just get on home,she couldn't wait to get the heck out of there as something just didn't feel right ....Once home she told her husband and he just laughed and put it down to hormones and her being sick ,he said she must have just hallucinated ..he rung the medical centre and explained what had happened and they rearranged another appointment for her the same day ...This time her husband took her ..She said he went exactly the same way she went and once they got to the centre everything was normal ,the signs were there ,the building was now larger and it was no longer purple or looked just like a house ,everthing was normal and she went on to have her appointment and the incident was soon forgotten about ....Well roll on a few years ,I think she said about three she happened to be at a conference at a lodge ,that is also not far down the road ,kind of near the medical centre but on the other side of the road and down a long driveway ..anyway in this lodge there is a picture on the wall of the area as it was about 30 to 40 years ago ,when this lodge was built..It was an aerial view and it also shows the area where the medical centre is and all that was there at that time was a small house ...She got talking to another person at the conference who had lived,grown up in the area and he said ,that yes the medical centre wasn't there then and was once just a smaller house and yes it was purple ,he remembered it because it was the only purple house in the area and it stood out ..he used to pass it on his way to school ...This did freak my friend out ,so much that she refused to go to that doc for a long time ..She doesn't know what the heck happened that day ,her hubby still thinks she was just hallucinating or hormonal ...Anyway hope you enjoyed :)

Jenny Crow
10-06-2014, 04:02 AM
Interesting......thanks for sharing that story Kiwigirl:smile: I've heard of that happening to other people, too. I can't remember if it's called a "time-warp" of "flashback" of some kind.

Jenny Crow