View Full Version : I think my 2yr old sees ghosts? Help plz

27-04-2014, 04:28 AM
So we had a family member pass away, he was semi close (my Sister-in-laws step dad). The day he passed away my son (2yrs old) was in the back living room and I was in the front living room (they are connected in shape of an L), anyway, my son let out a blood chilling scream. A scream that mad me want to run away, but as his mother I ran to his defense. I went in and his eyes were full of tears, his hands shaking begging me to pick him up. I felt something there, not something bad so to say, but a presence. About 4 hours later my husband called me to tell me my SIL father passed away.
There have been other instances where my son will pass by a room and scream, where before he has passed by many times no problem - and will pass by again tomorrow with no problem.
I sense something every time I go to comfort him. I never tell him anything about a ghost, nothing, I just say "it's ok honey".
Tonight my husband and I were upstairs and my son went downstairs to get a toy I guess (?) -- I heard him scream and by the thumps coming up the stairs I knew he was in a hurry he was yelling "mom! mom!" I ran over to the top of the stairs as he came up the last 3. I could feel something downstairs.
Now when I say 'feel' something, the same feeling you get when an animal makes eye contact with you, you 'know' they're looking at you.
I again hugged him, his little heart was beating hard, told him it was ok. He went in the bedroom with Dad and I heard him tell dad "Dad, ghost downstairs" "ghost downstairs"....
Now my son is just barely learning to talk so it took my husband a couple of times, but since I stay home with my son I knew exactly what he was saying.
We read books that have Halloween ghosts, but they are happy fun ghosts who throw a party at the end of the story - nothing to be afraid of. We have also watched cartoons with ghosts, but it's either Super WHY or Clifford.

So I feel my son can see something, what do I do?
Announce that whatever it is, it is scaring my son, he doesn't understand, and please leave?
Again, I don't think what ever it is, is bad - but I don't know, I can't see it, only sense it, but it's easier as an adult to ignore. Please help, thank you.

27-04-2014, 04:52 AM
Yes you should tell it you want it to leave as it's upsetting your son, also try to do a cleansing, and imagine a protective bubble surrounding your son, Very young children are open to seeing Spirits, but I'd be concerned that it's frightening him.

27-04-2014, 12:29 PM
Do you have any older children?..I say this because sometimes unknown to us, the parent, they will scare the children.

Not saying your child is not seeing a ghost, but if it is making him scream, then it may not be a good presence. I watched as my nephew interacted with his recently deceased grandfather. I watched as the 2 of them played a little game..grandpa acting like he was taking his car and my nephew (also 2yrs) laughing telling him to give it back. (I see spirits when they are around)

desert rat
27-04-2014, 03:19 PM
Tell him that some people stay around for a while after death just to say good by to thoes they loved . Tell him to tell the ghost that he loves him and so does the rest of the family , but its time to go to the light .

28-04-2014, 07:17 AM
loved48 no, he is my only child. I'm pretty sure he hasn't came in contact with this kind of fear, it's really chilling when he screams. I know a lot of young children have 'night terrors' of fears, but this is during the day and when he is happy playing. I'm not for sure if it is a family member or not, I don't see ghosts - I can only feel a difference in the room, I don't really like it, but I feel it's confused... Or not meaning to scare him. Though the fact that it is scaring him - this last time was the fourth or fith time and the last two times he says "ghost" without us even asking "what's wrong".
Desert rat, I don't think my son could grasp that conversation yet :/ I just try to tell him it's ok, that I'm here and nothing can hurt him.
**and I'm just thinking of this now, so forgive me - but when he was 3 months I decided I wanted to stay home with him so I took a nanny position to watch a little girl. I'd take my some over to their house. Long story short - I had a horrible creepy feeling in their office. To the point where I avoided that whole side of the house. The little girls room was on that side of the house parallel to the office. Sometimes in the mornings when she'd sleep in I'd hear her on the baby monitor talking to someone, but it was really creepy to me - not cute pretend talking, she was talking to someone ( pretend talking is when the child speaks out both parts of the conversation ) in a very 'matter of fact' kind of way. I'd always go in and get her out of the room as fast as I could. One day I passed by the office (the door was open) and I saw a woman with long dark hair looking at me - I thought it was the girls mom at first but the. Knew it wasn't because their house alarm beeps every time any door to the outside was opened, and there wee no beeps that morning. Knowing I didn't want to leave it unconfirmed, I walked back and nothing was there, not even a dark area where my mind could have imagined it as a woman. I bought a year pass to the zoo and took the kids there as much as possible for as long as possible just so I wouldn't have to be in the house. ----- so, do you think this thing followed me or my son?? I'm kinda worried now. I spoke with my cousin about it and she felt the 'lady' attached herself to the little girl, -- do you think my son is seeing something similar?
I will do the protective bubble -- how do I do a cleansing?

28-04-2014, 08:04 AM
Zbysmile, It's possible but unlikely that the spirit followed you or your son from the little girls house. As for cleansing, if you google it, you'll find several things that you can do, there's also a lot of information on the subject you may find useful.

desert rat
28-04-2014, 01:46 PM
On clearing , first talk to them , let them know there dead and its time to move on , to the light ,the astral garden , ect. You can fill your self with white light . You can do a smudging . I may create a post with smudging links , in the links sec of this forum . On white light I have a circulation of white light / middle pillar post , I will post the kink when I find it .
p.s. I created a smudging post in the links sec. of this forum and hear is a link to my post on the circulation of white light , its part of a golden dawn ritual and more info can be found on this in books and on the net .

28-04-2014, 05:39 PM
Thank you, that makes me feel better. I will do what you guys recommend :)

Phoenix Rising
28-04-2014, 09:48 PM
Zbysmile, Do you have clergy that will come and bless your house? Sometimes seeing this is very helpful for a child when you explain to them that the Divine is watching over the house so bad things can not enter. If you are not religious, the smudging should do the same trick. I read on the board somewhere and I wished I could remember the name of the poster to give them credit for this. Is get a plastic spray bottle, fill it with water and tell them to spray it at the ghost and tell it to go away. They also said should you wish to you may even put Holy Water in the bottle. I liked this advice so much, I stored it in my head for my grandchildren if this should arise in them.

desert rat
29-04-2014, 01:57 AM
If you believe that this is a person you knew in life then I would say talk to them even if you dont see them . Tell them you know there ok and its time to move on .

29-04-2014, 02:30 AM
Oh oh I hope your little guy will get over it.

Sometimes there are places that are like portals and there's nothing you can do about it, spirits will come and go as they please. All you can do is create very loving energy. Do all the things you can think of - light candles, say prayers, play uplifting music, think positive, sending positive vibrations everywhere... and physically cleaning house too - getting rid of any old furniture that might have entities attached to them.

By expressing positive energy, you will attract only positive energy and the negative ones will want to leave. You can sing to your little guy, or as was mentioned put a protective bubble of white or golden light around him, and pray he be protected.

He's too young to really understand the difference between embodied and not so embodied souls. Maybe show him picture books about angels? Bring him to church (or whatever you use like that) so he can experience positive spirits in those places and see the difference...and so he learns some little self-comfort tools he can use, at his level of understanding.

Good luck!

p.s. I was also thinking - also doing grounding exercises... get him to play games that don't involve the mind, restrict TV and other screen games, so he gets more fully grounded in the body and out in nature because he's so young, he needs to be integrated into the physical world. Just some ideas for you...