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01-04-2014, 02:36 AM
Hey there friends. I searched out these forums and made this account specifically to address this, so if anyone can spare the time to hear out my story and offer advice or information, Id greatly appreciate it.
Theres alot of information to cover, but I guess I should start with the fact that I just recently got into trying to live a more spiritual life. Over the past year Ive been trying to regain better balance over my life and happiness, and just delve into things wherever I can. A good friend of mine who we'll refer to as 'A' for short is somewhat of a gifted psychic, or at least says she is. I have no reason to doubt her at least. She has incredibly vivid dreams, and regularly communes with her familiar, which is where she gets most of her information. (This is how I understand it at least).
Its important to note that she has been dealing with all types of entities from childhood, many not the friendliest. I, in contrast, never have had any major experiences.
However, a few months ago, through her own experiences and a few tarot readings, we came to the conclusion that I have at least 12 spirits that have taken an interest in me, some of which have apparently been around awhile.
Now- from here on out, much of our information is theory, as we have no real way of knowing these things.
What we can tell is that roughly half of them are negative entities, with the other half being positive or neutral.
We also know that at least one of the negative entities is strongly against me knowing anything it doesnt want me to.
Many of these things havent been very active towards us, not talking or appearing directly; weve been getting information purely through A's familiar and tarot readings.
The most active of these beings is a trickster like figure. A says that since we took notice to him (he was the first we noticed before realizing the others were there as well), hes been following her as well as me. To school, her house, everywhere. Originally he shrouded himself from her view (she described it as something of a fuzzy grey wall?), but since hes taken to appearing as a very tall, muscular sillhouette with horns. We dont think this is his actual form, but just something hes taken a liking to?
He doesnt seem to be causing any direct harm, though. He just kind of stands around and watches us. He doesnt like to associate with the other 5 'bad' entities as far as we can tell.
Of the other 5, it appears there are 2 "leaders" so to speak, with the other 3 being 1.) the 'wall' whos main goal is to keep me ignorant of them, 2.) A justice-obsessed 'reaper' type figure, and 3.) A strange animal looking spirit whos been asleep everytime weve seen them. A says it looks like a mix of a fox and dragon, and that worries her because animal looking spirits are more powerful and dangerous than humanoids.

The point of all this being; Im honestly really scared and not sure what to do. What even are you supposed to do in a situation like this? We dont know why these spirits have taken interest in me, what their motivations are, or what to do about it. If anybody can offer information, advice, or cares enough to sit through me explaining things in greater detail, I would really really appreciate it.

Ps- I guess its worth noting that A has started to associate each of the 12 entities with an astrological sign? I didnt really agree with that at first, but I guess it makes sense that each have their own traits that can be attributed.
Again, if anyone can offer any help, thank you in advance.

desert rat
01-04-2014, 02:32 PM
If these critters are just there and not really doing much , I dont see why you would be afrade of them . If you want them gone you can use a banning method like white light or the L.B.R..P. , ect.

01-04-2014, 03:02 PM
Welcome to sf. I would sage ur home do self protection call on ur guides to protect u also negative beings feed of ur fear so I would not give them that power over u. Ask aamichael to protect u if ur scared...Love&Light♥♥♥

desert rat
02-04-2014, 01:08 AM
Using sage is called smudging , info on this method can be found on the web . What you are seeing could be real beings , or human generated thought forms .

03-04-2014, 07:13 PM
i my self just got done with a cleansing of my home. One was odd looking. It had a head but it was short like a small dog or cat and it seemed to have really skinny arms and legs with small hands and the other took a cat forme but then took one another which I could not make it out. It was animal in nature very primal. I wasn't scard per say just worried because they or at least one was on one my managers at work and caused him to be sick.

So I would suggest smudging with sage. Very simple and can get it at any health food store or some where that may self that stuff. And as said, you can find directions on how to use it. Though it differs from person to person. Using holy water also helps after or before the smudging. I like to use it after to creat a 'wall' in a cents that only good can come in.
Praying is also good even if your not big on religion. It dose help. Geting some crystals that help protect you and your home from negative energies and entities is a good step to take to. There's a lot to help with this. But the top one I sugest is to suround your self with white light and protection. This protects you from them, like a space suit to astronot. And I sugest this especially if your friend at tracks them. Once your open, your open. The worst you can do is play dumb thinking that cents your not sensitive they won't come or hurt you. They will, and the best is to get stronger and keep up with that strangth.
I hope this helps, it's no fun having that but for me at the end of these things I would feel stronger. Don't be afraid, fear feeds them and not animal like spirits are that strong. They only wish for you to believe so.
And the last thing I can say is for you to start talking to your guide or angel. Because only they know you best and not some spirit that your friend talks to. I don't know if I'm over reacting, but I feel a red flag some where in there.

08-04-2014, 02:53 AM
the mind is a powerful thing. Are you 100% sure that the perception of these things are in fact real? Many people with an interest in the supernatural will take what you say as fact and give standard advice... but the most dangerous component in the situation is you. If it is real, can you prove it? If it cannot, then who is to say you are not being led into entertaining beliefs? do you have a strong desire to believe that its real? Just saying,...... people here will reinforce their reality for you if they are real or not.

10-04-2014, 01:29 AM
Just thinking they might be stuck in our physical realm.
If A is trying to show a astroligical sign this might be important.
Other realms are very different from earth realm and we fear what is different.
Anything that isnt like us shouldnt be casted off as bad straight away they might need help its just you they picked up on if they are stranded here.

10-04-2014, 05:15 AM
Hello and welcome Batty, You've gotten some good advice here already, sorry I can't help.