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11-11-2013, 11:50 PM
I don't think this is really a ghost or haunting story but it is weird so thought i would share :)

When i was a teen ,one of my sisters and i used to work part time at an old opp shop ( second hand shop ) The place was actually a huge old house turned into an opp shop by a lady (Mrs Laurence ) who owned the house ...My sis and i used to pretty much help out ( the pay was **** ) on a sat morn and sometimes in the holidays...Sometimes we worked with this lady but most of the time she wasn't there as she was getting pretty old ....Anyway just a quick lay out of the place first as it is quite important ....You would walk in through a front door and the first room pretty much contained the front counter plus a lots of boxes and shelves of old books magazines etc ...Then you walked through another door and you could either go right which led to one room that was full of clothes or you could walk straight ahead down a long corridor which had 2 doors to the left and 2 to the right ..One of the ones on the left led to what would have been prob the living room of the house it was pretty big and in this room there was a massive array of second hand toys,bikes ,kids books etc.... On the door of this room there was one of those ( sorry don't know what they are called ) beaded kind of curtain things that you had to walk through to get in this room,i have no idea why that was there but it was ..Now the layout was pretty straight forward and not a place one would easily get lost in .....Anyway many times when people would come in, most of them mums with kids ,the kids would go straight to this room to check out all the toys while the mums browsed at everything else ....Now i don't know how many time over the few years while working there , my sis and i had mums, who after browsing for a while would go to look for their kids in this room ,only to not be able to find it ...I can remember many times saying to them ,"go straight down the corridor and take a left through the door with the beaded curtain "only to get the usual response of "yes that's the one i went into" ....So we would have to take them down the corridor ourselves and show them the way ...I can remember many puzzled mums who said " but that's the door i went through before and this wasn't the toy room ,it was different " .....Anyway over the years i never really thought much of it ...I don't really believe in hauntings and it wasn't until i had a recent convo with my sis that i really began to think about it a bit more ...Could these ladies have seen a glimps of the past or experienced some kind of timewarp ? ,i'm not sure what to think as my sis and i never experienced anything other than seeing this room as the toy room ......

Sorry should have been glimpse of the past :)

12-11-2013, 02:19 AM
It does sound like a time warp of some kind. There have been documented stories of such things happening,

desert rat
12-11-2013, 02:47 PM
It does sound like it could of been a portal to another place or time . There are stories of pilots needing to land and finding an old small landing field that is not on there map . They find buildings that are out of time and no one is there , Later they can never find the field .

12-11-2013, 03:57 PM
I've heard of Einstein's time-space continuum ...
To get Mrs. Laurence started in a conversation ask the history of the house?
She might fill an areas you're curious about ...
Do you recall if there was a picture or mirror or wardrobe closet (like the one in the story of Narnia) anywhere in the room?
Let us know what you find out ...

12-11-2013, 07:22 PM
Sadly Mrs Laurence past away many years ago but she does have family who still live in the town ,my mum knows them well ...The house is no longer an opp shop but is now rented out ...My mum did say there have been many families who have rented this house over the years,no one seems to stay long,kind of makes you wonder why ....Would love to sit down with some of the family and ask them about this but how do you start that convo without sounding a little crazy lol .......Livingkarma now that you mention it, no there wasn't a wardrobe in this room but there was huge floor to ceiling cupboards on one wall that were always locked ,possibly a passage to Narnia lol ,ya never know :)......Over the years i have told a few of my friends about this and they all said why did you not ask Mrs L or say something at the time but to be honest i never really thought that much about it ...I just thought these mums were just being typical mums ..My mum had four of us kids and she was forever loosing things, forgetting things so i guess i just thought these mums were the same ...It wasn't until years later when my Sis and i started talking about it that we realised we both had experienced the same thing and both started thinking that yes it was something kind of weird .

13-11-2013, 02:11 AM
You might also want to check with the library or city planning office (can't remember what its called) to see what you can dig up on the house ...
Are their any family members you could talk to?
I'd be curious to know what was kept in thoe cupboards ... :wink:

I do know what you mean, I could just slap myself upside the head coming up w/questions I could've asked prior to the person dying! Eeeeeesh!
But now it seems you might be headed into a quest to solve the mystery ...
Yes, no?
Sounds like fun! ...

13-11-2013, 03:33 AM
Very interesting story! I agree with LivingKarma that this might head into a quest to solve a mystery! Would really love to hear of any findings you get so keep us posted!

Ladybugskiss :icon_flower: