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08-04-2013, 11:58 PM
Alright guys, ive been meaning to post this now for a few months.. i should of done so earlier really.. this happened to me about 7 months ago now and i do need to share it.

Okay where to begin..

My grandad died a ways back now.. i never got the chance to see him in the hospital before he went because i was a complete idiot, and i thought he would be okay.. i was selfish, and because of this he left this world and i never got the chance to see him off. Now ive had that regret with me.. for such a long time it will never go away, those that say time is a great healer, not in this case.. a mistake i made landed me in this situation of regretting what i did to begin with and im familiar with the fealing of regret.

Now let me get started on what has happened since.

Before my grandad died he asked my mum to look after her mother
(my nan) he knew he wouldnt make it he kept saying so over and over again when he was in there.. so my mum promised him.. later that night he died.

So my mum and dad started looking after my nan, she lived in a different area than we did at the time, and i would always go round there with them. Whenether we turned up my nan would be constantly just sitting in complete silence starring at the wall, all you could hear was the clock ticking and she would just be in a daze.. she just basicly gave up, after all he took care of her really well, and my nan suffered alot of depression in her life, so we all decided its time we moved house.

We all got together we sold my nan's property and our property, and moved out into the countryside where im now living. My nan has the front room of the house, in the middle is the kitchen, and the back end of the house is another lounge where my mum and dad are.

And me? ive got the room in the middle of the kitchen, a medium sized bedroom. Everything is different now she's alot happier and everything but me i miss my grandad.. like i cant even describe in words.. he was the best person in my life and taught me everything i know today, including why i seek spirits, he had exactly the same beliefs as i do and always listened to me when iwas in distress, the man had a heart of gold, always helping people with plumbing roofing etc even though he was knocking on 82 years old. he was also an Inventor like myself.. i like to draw blueprints for paranormal devices and make what i can to communicate from this world and the next based off of idea's i draw up, he did the same, but his wasnt for spiritual reasons his was for the good of helping disabled people.

Regret.. is a very very powerful thing, it can change a person dramaticly, and leave one seeking answers..

As for me now ive been seeking answers from him trying to make contact with him for along time, and i have succesfuly done so, you know what the hardest part is for me? that he is here in spirit yet everytime i tell him how sorry i am nothing will fix the pain i feel in my heart.

When i first moved into this place something was off about it i felt like i was being watched, certainly something curious about the "new people" i guess, 1 week after i got a name called "Martha" come through my own head, which hardly happens its extremely rare, but not since i moved in here and the name wouldnt get out of my head until i told my mum. As soon as i did it left me completely and i thought.. great what was that all about exactly? then i realised it was because i relayed it to my mum to begin with, and it stopped pestering me after that, my mum said whats wrong? i said ive got a "name pop" < its what i call them because i dont know what else to call it.

she said whats the name ? i said "Martha" it sounded like an old man calling her, i dunno it was just really random, she said ive never heard of that name before, i said neither have i, a week later the deeds for this house came through the mailbox, and my mum was shocked to find the original owner of the house was a woman Entitled as "Martha" that preety much shocked her as this name is very rare to come by as it is, but still we thought nothing more of it because it happens to me on occasion now alot. just one of those strange things ya'know..

Anyway's.. i thought well i want to get in contact with my grandad really more than anyone. So one night i begun using a program on my computer also known as "Paranormal detector" there is a phone version for this too known as Ghost radar. < Which drains your battery from full to dead within 20 mins.

I was highly suspicious of this program to begin with, until of course.. me being a techy decompiled it and learned that it was not pulling this information randomly from a server, neither was it actualy randomly saying things on a timed interval. So i thought hmm lets give it a shot shall we, i begun asking questions, and i got my answers.. i got so much information.. on the entity.. or my grandad? im not sure.. its impossible to say but i got so much information about him and how he died through it i couldnt believe what i was seeing, i was extremely shocked to say the least. Note:
(i have backups of every screenshot from every log recorded at that time)

With Questions and Answers.

Now we get onto another part.. this one is an orb, but no normal orb..
I was asking questions give or take 2-3 days every day i used it i got more information and more and more, it was endless, and then my whole room went freezing cold.. and i was like.. the hell is this? i thought my old man had left the back door open or something it was just chilly all of a sudden, all my hairs stood up on my arms my legs.. my back even, and i thought.. ohh yeah i know what this is now.. i realised very quickly something was arround me straight after.

This spirit was the most considerate spirit ive ever met, while i was very emotional about asking about my grandad with this tool and then this fealing of cold but .. familiarity arround it. I simply asked straight out
"Are you my grandad" i didnt get a reply, but i just had this fealing.. this deep fealing that i needed to use my camera.. it was almost as if i was being told to take a picture.. so i got up off my chair and with my camera.. i took a picture of my bed, and looked at the lcd screen afterwards, nothing was there..

I then said please grandad.. if thats you can you just sit on that part of the bed "i pointed to the spot" i then said im going to take a picture now in:
(i begun counting 3...2...1...now) took the picture, and .. well yeah umm i definetly caught .. the biggest orb ive ever caught.. litrely sitting on my bed, the exact same spot i pointed to, it even made the camera focus in and out like crazy! i was totaly gobsmacked.. and i still am till this day. i then said thank you!!!! because i saw it on the lcd screen and this is no dust particle.. it has mass! and inside it you can actualy see something, its a pure crystal clear orb, its fantastic!

After i said thank you whatever it was left, but i was overjoyed, and then funnily enough that cold fealing just dissapated. I have the screenshots of that day - from the first photo i took to the second one when the orb appeared after i asked the spirit if it could sit in the possition i pointed to, the pictures are below.. Overall ive preety sure ive made contact now with my grandad possibly.. or maybe something else i dont know for certain, but till then please check out the screenshots below. (click and zoom)

[Before asking]
http://s7.postimg.org/nrho2db13/before_asking.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/nrho2db13/)

[After asking]
http://s7.postimg.org/d39bpsbo7/After_asking.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/d39bpsbo7/)

09-04-2013, 01:06 AM
Is that a stuffed animal in the back?

09-04-2013, 01:51 PM
Is that a stuffed animal in the back?

You should know, your the one who made it for me.. maybe all those alzheimers patients you look after are rubbing off on you? Lol

12-04-2013, 04:33 AM
I think that's a great picture, btw. I remember when you took that. It's always nice when you get pictures like this come through.