View Full Version : Why do I keep being awakened during the night?

24-09-2012, 03:31 PM
For my entire life, I have been an astoundingly deep sleeper. I have slept soundly with extraordinarily loud noises taking place around me. I would never awaken once after having fallen asleep, even if my bladder were on the verge of exploding.

All of this changed about a month ago, as I have become increasingly spiritual and my connectedness to the beyond has improved. I pray as I am falling asleep each night and request that communication take place as I sleep. For the past month or so, I have awakened without reason at random times between 1 and 5AM, which I understand is when spirits are most active.

I have poor dream recall, but am always aware that much work has been done with me as I slept and that I learned much through the dreams that I unfortunately could not remember. After one such awakening a few weeks ago, I felt - for no reason - perhaps the happiest I had ever been in my entire life. Last night, I awoke in such a fashion several times. One thing that I noticed is that I attempted to connect with the beyond through prayer a second time, while trying to fall back asleep. In response, I received immediate communication in return. Perhaps that is the point?

25-09-2012, 05:58 AM
Yep, a number of books have been authored by spirit in those hours.

Happy for you, that yours are pleasant experiences-dreams.

I'd love more night experiences like that......joyful ones

19-10-2012, 02:37 PM
i have lso experienced this but after adopting my celestite it stopped. i dont want to halt sspiritual communication, but i do lik my sleep. is there something i can do to ensure i dont backtrack?

22-10-2012, 06:23 PM
hi rag doll ,,, i had this problem about 2 yrs ago and it can still happen now if i dont put my foot down ,,,,, for a few weeks i was so exhausted as spirit was trying to get my attention during my sleep hours ,,, even when stuff wasnt happening i was waiting for it to happen ,,,which i believe only encourages spirit to be active ,,by this i dont mean i ever saw spirit /ghosts i mean by bed shaking ,,cold air blowing on my feet and knowing spirit was there right in my space/face aura ,, i asked for protection and was grounding myself properly and said out aloud in my bedroom that the nite time dark hrs sleep time etc was mine . and that they are welcome to visit me at other times during the day and i will try and communicate with them ,,, but to leave me alone in my bedroom etc ,,,, this did work thank goodness,, and sometimes like last nite for example they will give a bit ov a nudge and try to get my attention ,,last nite was a vibarating/buzzing sounds and feeling ov a kind ov a electric shock feeling with the pain on my bottom ov all strange places lol,,, it made me jump and i was very surprised but to me its all part ov my development and training to become a medium and connecting with spirit ,,,, love to hear other explanations or oppinions on this ,,,so im saying be firm and ploitly say ey up matey nows not the rifgt time ,,, love lite and rainbows

22-10-2012, 06:24 PM