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17-05-2012, 04:00 PM
I am really sorry if this thread seems crude it is certainly not my intention so please bear with me. I posted a thread entitled ĎI am seeking advice on my experience last nightí within the Astral Projection section asking questions about a whole host of experiences that happened to me for the first time.

The section I would like to explore further here is the following, and I quote:
I disturbed from my sleep and feeling aroused I decided to masturbate. After finishing I once again closed my eyes and started to rest hoping to fall fully asleep again.
I found myself in a strange state that was very unusual and more oddly I felt a weight on my pelvis and shoulders that was as real as I have ever felt, this quickly turned into a feeling of a woman having sex with me with her hands firmly on my shoulders, but as quick as I identified the action it was over and I was again back in a state I have never felt before but this time it was stronger, the only way I can explain it was it felt as if I was in-between sleep and a full consciousness.
A very kind member said the following:
Okay, not long after you had laid down to go to sleep, you entered the mind awake/body asleep state (self-explanatory). It seems that you were in your etheric body but were not aware of it. This allowed an entity (a woman as you claim) to mess around with you. Perhaps what attracted it, was your recent release of sexual energy.
Has anyone else experienced something like this? I didnít feel abused or even raped as I have read on some other various forums, but I obviously didnít have control and because of this it has been remarked that this entity was possibly negative, and it is this that intrigues me rightly or wrongly.

Can expelling sexual energy really attract entities, and of those are they always negative? How can these beings seek consent if this is how we are judging their actions? The theories of Aleister Crowley and Thelema give me some concept of this, but I would really like to know how common or uncommon this part of my experience is? and what if any are the dangers of these encounters.

Thank you.