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05-04-2012, 10:05 PM
Yesterday, my cousin introduced me to a phone application called Ghost Radar. It supposedly senses changes in the quantum flux that could mean an entity is present, and it also gives you words that are being said (not sure how that works -- I got bored while reading the explanations). Anyway, I was very skeptical at first, but my cousin and I turned it on on both of our phones just for fun and I was surprised by the results.

A lot of what was being said seemed to be irrelevant, but a lot of other things made sense when we took some time to figure out what they could mean, and some things proved to be relevant later on.

Some examples:

The word "coat" was repeated a few times. It later turned out that my sister had lost a very pretty coat she just recently bought.

"Milk" was said, and I was later asked to buy milk on the way home.

"Bushes" was repeated, and when my cousin's husband returned home, he admitted that he had pulled out two bushes that day.

At my cousin's house it said, "bank," and later again at home, "important" and "bank." Today I had to go to the bank because I lost my debit card and needed to get a new one and withdraw money.

I also had a fun mini-conversation with it later when I got home. (It was silly, but the whole experience brought out the kid in me -- it's like a OUJIA board for the techno savvy, LOL). I asked about a certain celebrity crush I have, what it could tell me about him. It said "television" and "kind". Then I asked if he'd like me if we knew each other, and it said, "probably." Then it told me "hold" and "pet." (One of my parrots was near me at the time).

Today I asked some more profound stuff and gained some insight by interpreting random words.

Are spirits really communicating with us through programs like Ghost Radar? I can't answer that, but I figure that like any method of reading, if it can give you positive insight and help you stretch your intuitive muscles, then it's useful. Of course, as always, it's probably a good idea to call for protection and not get too hung up on whatever information comes through.

I hope some of you will check it out and share your results!

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