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24-07-2011, 02:42 PM
I am going for my drivers license road test on Tuesday. I am feeling quite confident about it at the moment. Every doubt i have i try not to dwell on it and try to quickly come back to all the positives.
I am a good, safe driver my worry was mostly about the car i have to drive on the day as i can't take my own as it's just not good enough so i will be taking a car that i have only driven once and it was a quick drive at night. It is my Aunty's brand new car which has the blinkers on the left hand side instead of the right which is pretty easy to get used to. I am just curious to know the feel of the car because every car handles differently which i suppose is making me just a little bit nervous but i'm sure i will have at least an hour or more of driving that car right before i take the test.
I keep telling myself that i have driven so many different cars so there for i will be fine :)
I am visualizing the instructor telling me i have passed. I'm feeling the feeling that i may feel when she says it (i might cry happy tears lol.)
Tuesday morning i am going to make sure i don't look daggy because a photo will be taken once i pass.
I think i had a bit of a feeling at the start of the year about July which i have just thought of a few days ago and it's July!! If i failed i wouldn't be able to get another appointment until August so it seems to make perfect sense that i will get it in July.
I think it's all the stories i hear about people's nerves getting them on the day. So many people have told me i will do fine in the test and i need to learn to focus on those thoughts. Also to pretend i am in the car by myself because i'd be so much more aware when driving solo.

I have used the law of attraction before with great results considering what i was asking for but i haven't used it to get something like on a specific day like this.

Any tips would be so very much appreciated :)

27-07-2011, 05:50 AM
The law of attraction is the energy of gravity generated by the human heart. The clearer your heart, the stronger this energy will be thus you will attract certain people and trigger events.
Some words of humble advice: dont get too caught up in small details, it can drive you mad. Once youve set your mind on a goal, the universe will act and it will use its power to draw that goal towards you, big or small. Small ones are easily attainable, while big goals are slow because they implicate big changes, ones you might not be ready to accept... the universe gives you time to reconsider your thoughts. The law is applicable to specific objects, as mundane thoughts attract mundane objects.


27-07-2011, 07:49 AM
You need not visualize beating the driving test.

On the day, pray (or whatever makes you comfortable) for calmness, balance and confidence so that your nerves don't end up getting the better half of you. You'll do fine.

28-07-2011, 01:43 PM
I think it came down to instincts. I really wanted to take my uncle's car and i should have listened to that little feeling i had deep down.
I got to the testing place and i couldn't go for the test because of the car! The person couldn't see the speed meter because it's been built with a bit of a cover over it. One of the very few models of brand new cars that have been built like that.
Should have listened to that little feeling i had but i passed it off as me being silly or something. I'm only just beginning to learn to have more faith in myself and trust myself but obviously i haven't quite got the hang of it yet. Damn!
I was so devastated on the day but it's the past now, i've learned a bit more. Better luck for me in 3 weeks time when i have my next appointment in my uncle's car!!!

29-07-2011, 02:18 AM
good old gut instinct is right everytime. We need to trust it. :)

Good luck


30-07-2011, 09:53 PM
Don't focus on what you want, but that of that you already have....