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27-01-2019, 10:19 PM
ever been to japan suicide forest known as sea of trees? aparently you can go hiking and people come out alive, so it's not all fear based like the rumers suggest yeah and i think there are guides that will do walks and tours. i was interested to see abit more of what happens here. i sure i read that some japan spiritualist's feel those spirits that died in the forest did not cross over to the light but remain like lost souls wondering the forest and there's probably some haunted stories that people have reported. it's not like its dangerous or anything as people do visit and leave all ok. how do you feel at here? i do think if someone got lost and lost their life out there, that may explain the 'sad' feeling in the air and with the forest's quietness it would add to that eerie feeling. there's alot of history to this place ill have to read up abit more later.

desert rat
31-01-2019, 01:05 AM
I have not been to any place like that . It would be interesting to look for audio and video for ghosts . Bound to be a few troubled souls there .

06-02-2019, 08:15 PM
when watching videos from different people who have explored the area, part of me feels there's more to discover, something the locals know and will not tell you. i noticed at related videos it was coming up with hora forest, that place is very interesting with a circular area where nothing grows and it's where people seem to take photos of ufo's. its interesting forest's like these seem to be a hotspot for spirit activity and e.t ufo activity. i find it very fascinating.

09-02-2019, 07:55 AM
If a lot of people commit suicide in the place then surely there must be something going on, no doubt. Spirits can become earth bound..
Depending on your sensitivities you may observe something. Perhaps you should go there and give us an update, lol.:smile:

09-02-2019, 12:02 PM
i think ill give it a miss lol you can watch videos on youtube of this. some people bike ride or hike/walk through it and some do paranormal style investigations, not sure id stay there when it's dark you'd easily get lost lol maybe one day if I ever went on holiday but not likely but it sure is interesting.

09-02-2019, 12:19 PM
I only heard of it from that ruckus caused by a certain youtuber, but it sounds like people go there to end their lives and I guess their souls would be unhappy and bound to the land. I wonder if shamans or other such priests ever go to help them move on and find the peace they are looking for.