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15-01-2019, 02:41 PM
Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has input on something that happened to me today. This type of thing has happened to me in the past but not in plain sight like today. Today I was sitting at my desk doing my hair I turned to look for something and set down my curling iron and comb. When I turned back around to finish my hair the comb was gone absolutely gone I searched everywhere and I mean everywhere. During this time I did not get up and go anywhere and not one other person/pet anything was in the room. Happened in a matter of seconds. I tried not to have a panic attack because I thought I was losing my mind. :icon_eek:

Little Creek77
15-01-2019, 05:13 PM
That does happen, even to me. Check all around including the floor. If you did not find it, check your clothes and towels. The paranormal works in strange ways.

17-01-2019, 10:07 PM

Ask for it back, at times this happens and it is taken by someone that is what we see as a playful entity or spirit. Often in asking for it back we come to find it returned the next day.

I have so many stories like this happen to me, that its the norm now.


desert rat
31-01-2019, 01:11 AM
I had a cell phone end up in a place I would never of put it . I have a post on it hear a few months back . Nice thing about a phone is you can call it and find it .

31-01-2019, 05:02 PM
It could be drug related. When you consume drugs, things can dissapear :)

desert rat
03-02-2019, 04:46 PM
It could be drug related. When you consume drugs, things can dissapear :)
I guess drug use is all wayse a possability , but not my first thoughts . For the sake of arguement we will assume the op of this thread does not use drugs , or have some living with them that might pawn things of value for drug money , ect. I was not using drugs when my cell phone got moved to a shelf , other than caffine in my iced tea .