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04-02-2017, 04:10 PM

My eldest Son is very much like me open to those that are in the spirit world. Yesterday he had his wisdom teeth taken out. He wore to the appointment his army jacket. An original issue that was used in the Vietnam War. We found it in a second hand store. We collect military items so that their history and service is not forgotten.

He was coming out of the med's and asked for his jacket back. It seems he was "telling stories" the Dentist and assistant said. He came out saying he was in a battle and a Sargent was barking orders at them. He said that the soldier that owned the jacket was there with him for the whole procedure. He liked that my Son had his jacket as he respected and appreciated it.

He was not suppose to remember a thing from the procedure but recalls it all. The only part he does not remember is getting to the car and home. He does not remember acting like a zombie and giving his Step Dad a huge hug. The rest he fully recalls.

I told the Dentist that the jacket was original and that his story would have been a real event. That this would have been something that my Son would have felt as being quite real. She said that made sense as he did seem to wince and say that being shot really hurt. She though he meant the needle going in.

Interesting experience for him. Was told he would come home and sleep the day away. Hmmmm not the case he came home wanted my lap top and went on line, was up til bedtime fully alert. I have to think that having someone with him that he could see and talk to kept him from having the side effects come in that are there. Kept that conscious part of the brain active.


14-02-2017, 11:42 AM
Gosh that's really interesting, thanks for sharing!