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  1. Four encounters with four different entities
  2. Timer went off that no one set.
  3. Do spirits not like my fan?
  4. port holes
  5. ghosts
  6. spirits in photos
  7. My Experience with Shadow People
  8. Gnome/Elf type Shadow People
  9. Haunted hotel ?
  10. Think I saw my first clear apparition last night
  11. A Friend ?
  12. ghost hunting and cast them away
  14. casting out demons
  15. Oh dear, I think my new house might be haunted
  16. How to make sure your house isnt haunted before you buy it
  17. Communication via phone :)
  18. Does it bother you knowing that a ghost might be watching you ?
  19. Friendly ghosts
  20. Scratches
  21. my wife can feel really bad smell some times and hears clicking sounds at night
  22. She saw something....
  23. Story of haunted house from my childhood .
  24. Weird things happening to me
  25. Brother's house
  26. What Is The Difference Between A Ghost & A Spirit?
  27. Glimps of the past ?
  28. My K2 meter goes off when it's on my body
  29. What's going on in my friend's apartment?
  30. use of a cross
  31. Janitor/Day Porter
  32. Can Any One Explain What Is Happening In My Life?
  33. How do you describe what a ghost actually is?
  34. why do you believe you really see spirits maybe you just imagine it?
  35. Spiritual/ghost house
  36. Floating Mist
  37. Frustrated over TV shows of ghost hunting
  38. Orbs
  39. after death communication
  40. My bathroom
  41. if anyone can tell me what i am i would appreciate it
  42. is this a real orbs
  43. aura pictures
  44. Should I be scared?
  45. Triggered paranormal activity?
  46. Think I'm a magnet for ghosts?
  47. Something/Someone is in my place
  48. I feel as if I am being watched
  49. Incident with my infant son and dogs!!
  50. ghost holding your body
  51. Haunted Painting
  52. Funny that you say that...
  53. Shadow man...
  54. Satanic talk in sleep?
  55. Ghost?
  56. Local Ghost Hunts
  57. Gifted?
  58. Ghost/spirits peeking in windows at night
  59. Was this a demon or was it all in my head?
  60. Prague
  61. My Mom's Spirit
  62. ghost voices.
  63. Ghost tour photos- orbs?
  64. thought i saw something.
  65. Woke up suddenly
  66. When do you see ghosts ?
  67. US constitution center. Orb?
  68. Ghost following my cousin
  69. Spirit messing with computer?
  70. Old Pub in Britain Catches Spirit on Camera
  71. My beloved rabbit Pixie
  72. Is this Spirit? If so, now what??
  73. Anyone know what this is?
  74. A cute story
  75. Smelling things
  76. Paranormal stalker?
  77. hearing my mom's voice
  78. Stuck in a very unusual situation; need advice.
  79. spirits in my friends daughters house! PLZ HELP
  80. spirit touching question
  81. Is it my imagination or something more?
  82. Video of my bunnies
  83. Bathroom fun
  84. Can Anyone Help Me???
  85. shadow people
  86. Interesting Cat
  87. Loud sounds
  88. Advice/help...?
  89. Strange creature.
  90. Brown Mountain Lights
  91. White Orb Experience(s)
  92. I think my 2yr old sees ghosts? Help plz
  93. how to interact with them?
  94. Hearing thoughts that aren't yours
  95. Can you literally have sex with a ghost?
  96. Hearing things and nightmares
  97. Story of my House
  98. What to do when you're afraid?
  99. What makes me attract the ghosts?
  100. Lingering Spirit Energy
  101. Some help/advice needed
  102. Guy in closet.
  103. Thoughts on a Cross
  104. Orb
  105. Ghost falling in love with me?
  106. Epileptic Seizures or Demonic Possesion?
  107. An evil spirit attacked me and stole my life force, please help!
  108. Haunted Auto Shop
  109. Void Spaces
  110. white cloud shaped people
  111. Can spirits hurt you?
  112. I Need Help Figuring This Out
  113. Burn Mark Appeared from 'nowhere'
  114. Funny Thing Happened In the Shower.....
  115. Caught in Time
  116. Can my daughter have the sixth sense?
  117. Visitation Dream: did I talk to them or have dream amnesia???
  118. The Medical center .
  119. Possible negative spirit attacking when I meditate?
  120. My sons imaginary friend,one friendly one not so.
  121. My Ghost Story - Great-Grandma Says Hi
  122. My Ghost Story - Great-Grandma Comes Back!
  123. black cat vision today (yeah, cliched, I know!)
  124. Touched but what by??
  125. Stories Paranormal Experiences
  126. The Shadow Thing?
  127. Strange House
  128. Negative entity causing fatigue??
  129. Help with identifying types of Ghosts!
  130. My Leather Loveseat and a Visitor
  131. Haunted/enchanted apartments?
  132. Can spirit send you songs?
  133. Black at the center of my Aura, possible demon?
  134. I'm Not Quite Sure How to React?
  135. Can spirits wreek havoc in your life?
  136. In a Haunted Apartment - what should we do?
  137. Haunted Dolls???
  138. The Ghost Radar Classic app: Does it validate experiences?
  139. Living with spirits
  140. Can anyone see anything in my baby picture?
  141. Haunted Objects Cursed Objects
  142. im just going to post this and pray that someone will understand.
  143. This May Sound Crazy
  144. Hello . **Please help Me, I'm Haunted!!!**
  145. Grandma's funeral
  146. Have you seen Ghosts or spirits that look like this?
  147. Nature and Animal Ghost Communictations
  148. Protect yourself against unwanted entities
  149. Unexplained sounds and sightings
  150. Messages?
  151. Fairly certain I have a ghost
  152. need help with negitive ghost
  153. War of Change
  154. Ghost Cat
  155. Spirit attachment
  156. Shadow ghosts
  157. Neg Energies/Attachments
  158. One Of My Favorite Cases
  159. Cursed Phone?
  160. I think I saw a spirit last night
  161. Little girl visiting me. Need help!
  162. somebody who has passed, doesn't let me be
  163. Ghosts, apparitions and spiritual manifestations.
  164. okay ai back now
  165. How Many Children?
  166. Spirit of a deceased girl shows up in the mirror
  167. My unusual ghost experience.
  168. Celestial Being on Ouija Board
  169. cast ghosts out the room
  170. Most haunted place in America??
  171. So not sure how to go on
  172. Indicisive spirit
  173. Noises
  174. Something strange
  175. Spirits come out at halloween?
  176. E.V.P./I.T.C. using a uhf/vhf scanner .
  177. Shadow blobs
  178. seeing blue
  179. Is the tv show ghost adventures real?
  180. Can trickster spirits take on the form of departed loved ones?
  181. Protection ideas?
  182. Physical forms of protection that have worked for you.
  183. Mirrors as portals
  184. Weird drawing on my wall
  185. Automatic Writing?
  186. Ghost or am I losing it?
  187. My New House
  188. Holy cow, Did I create a thought entity?
  189. Questions about possible haunted house
  191. Ghost conversation?
  192. Question about Ghosts
  193. Possession and Jumping
  194. Help Understanding Please
  195. Did i hear a ghost?
  196. New Here... Asking about a photo I took two years back
  197. Energetic attacks
  198. Visited by a spirit - uncertain what i can do
  199. Is my mom's spirit in the house?
  200. What's going on here?
  201. Something's Knocking
  202. Spirits in my Donut shop
  203. Possible house haunted house
  204. Entity problem what can be done and what is it?
  205. obvilis x
  206. Haunted by demons? Please see photos
  207. Our haunted house
  208. 10 seconds to wake up part 1
  209. What is it?
  210. demon's name
  211. Can a negative energy jump from on person to another? Please Help
  212. Poltergeists
  213. Want to attract my Memaw's spirit again
  214. Most haunted/Deric Acora
  215. Where do animal spirits go?
  216. bad vibes from dark spirit
  217. Ed amd Lorraine Warren
  218. what is this
  219. Ghost hunters , faked videos
  220. parting ways with a spirit
  221. The thought of seeing a ghost/spirit
  222. Ghostly goings on!
  223. Demonic Haunting
  224. City Spirits
  225. Succubus problem
  226. How to tell a new house owner their home is haunted
  227. Picture with violet light
  228. old fire station haunting
  229. Removing / Casting Out a 'Negative' Entity (Actual Incident)
  230. talking to spirits
  231. Ghost Adventures Aftershocks
  232. Ghost Girl wanting to play
  233. HELP!
  234. Is my room haunted?!!
  235. Advice needed for paranormal experiences
  236. Presence or mere fitful sleep?
  237. Visitation?Attachment?How to?
  238. Free at Last
  239. How to rid self of attached being?
  240. Haunted
  241. Unwanted guest
  242. ghost adventures aftershock
  243. There is an old mirror upstairs.
  244. books being thrown off shelf!!
  245. green mist in selfie!!
  246. Orbs; Have they been debunked??
  247. Telephone Calls
  248. A Haunting TV show
  249. The Enfield Haunting
  250. Seeing Ghosts When I Was Younger