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  1. I bought a pendulum today
  2. pendulum experience
  3. Anyone have a theory?
  4. Pendulums
  5. first one of the day
  6. Conversations with my pendulum
  7. Pendulum experiment ~ conflicting answers
  8. Pendulum learning videos
  9. how many right how many wrong
  10. a challange
  11. a challange
  12. Questions NOT to ask your pendulum
  13. What I've Learned From 1st day
  14. ok
  15. body scans
  16. Does your pendulum only work for you??
  17. Do they really work?
  18. auras of crystal pendulums
  19. Long and drawn out..but interesting.
  20. interesting
  21. Subconscious in play...
  22. sand pendulum
  23. Feelings
  24. hey
  25. Making a pendulum
  26. pendulum style on-ride dream
  27. Controlling your pendulum?
  28. Article on Pendulums
  29. Pendulum tips and tricks
  30. Knowing your truth
  31. Pendulum collections
  32. how to use????
  33. Frustrated with Pendulum..
  34. One pendulum or can have more?
  35. Where to buy Pendulums Online
  36. Pendelum Charts
  37. Pendulums and Pregnancy
  38. Fruit Freshness?
  39. Pendulum Charts
  40. Husband lost his weddingring, can someone help me with the pendulum?
  41. Proper way to dispose of a pendulum?
  42. Should I get rid of my broken pendulum
  43. Getting wrong answers
  44. Pendulums and Energy
  45. Would love to begin with pendulum
  46. Can anyone help with lost blankie?
  47. Newbie saying Hi
  48. difference between a pedulum board/ chart and a ouija board please ?
  49. won't answer about love life?
  50. My first pendulum
  51. Afraid to use a pendulum
  52. Stop Influencing the Pendulum?
  53. Pendulums - Forum Newbie
  54. Which hand do you hold your pendulum with?
  55. Pendulums: bit confused?
  56. L-rods aquired
  57. First pendulum - some questions
  58. Strange Pendulum Experiences
  59. A total pendulum newbie - help please?
  60. Your Opinion: Pendulum pouches - any requirements?
  61. pendulums and cards.
  62. Newbie Dowser
  63. My pendulum and I don't seem to get along.
  64. accuracy of pendulums
  65. Past Lives & Pendulums
  66. Newbie to pendulums..?
  67. My pendulum changed his mind ....
  68. Moving a Rock by using my mind
  69. Successfully dowsed for water
  70. Having things other than your pendulum start dowsing as you hold it in your hand
  71. Can I trust my answers?
  72. Newbie using a pendulum...
  73. over thinking things?
  74. What causes a pendulum to swing ?
  75. My first pendulum!
  76. New Pendulum - Bloodstone
  77. Pendulum giving false answers
  78. Dowsing Rods Open Portals Like Ouija?
  79. Answering wrong to the correct questions and answers (help!)
  80. pendulum shopping
  81. Is this like asking the same question?
  82. Pendulum is Vibrating
  83. Pendulum materials
  84. Dedicating the pendulum to a spirit
  85. Talking to Guide through pendulum?
  86. your favorite pendulum?
  87. energy in arm?
  88. Sign confirmation ?
  89. How reliable/accurate are pendulums?
  90. Pendulum Dowsing & Relationships
  91. Beginners guide to penduluming
  92. another newbie saying hi.
  93. I am getting an opalite pendulum can anyone help me on how to use it?
  94. Checking my "Sunday Best" pendulum
  95. I have a new pendulum
  96. First time using a pendulum, help please?
  97. new to pendulum questions
  98. Having problems
  99. Question and COLD
  100. pendulum right or left hand
  101. Verifying Dowsing Answers?
  102. protecting yourself??
  103. Amethyst pendulum
  104. Blocking myself
  105. Finding things with a pendulum
  106. Cleansing and weight
  107. Why does it not answer my questions?
  108. Can anybody explain this reaction?
  109. Pendulums and Protection
  110. Used pendulum, 1st time.... Strange after affect
  111. Exactly whoooo is speaking ?
  112. Naming your pendulum
  113. Rose Quartz pendulum
  114. going in circles
  115. Help with pendulum block
  116. Alphabet and pendulum?
  117. What causes pendulums to move?
  118. Asking about pregnancy
  119. Does my pendulum need cleansing?
  120. pendulams
  121. a lot of strange things??????
  122. Using a Dowsing Pendulum to find things on a map.
  123. Energy From Pendulum
  124. energy colour
  125. Question about dowsing with pendulum
  126. No spirt guide?
  127. Quick question plus a tip
  128. Confused ?
  129. Dark entity, urgent!
  130. Cleansing my pendulum
  131. Animals
  132. Overcome while dowsing
  133. Finding Things
  134. Small movements
  135. Given a Pendulum no idea what to do with it??
  136. How accurate is dowsing for a beginner?
  137. Best way to cleanse amethyst pendulum?
  138. Diagonal movement
  139. Tigers Eye Pendulum
  140. Pendulum not working as intensely when I show it to someone else
  141. What Happens if You Don't Open and Close Session?
  142. Help figuring out what this means.
  143. Pendulum and letter board
  144. I have a childish pendulum!
  145. Using Pendulum Over Map Of Eastern Ukraine To Bring Peace
  146. does wanting make it so ?
  147. Pendulum a way of Spirit Communication?
  148. Tips on using the Pendulum
  149. Anybody with a clear quartz crystal ready to dowse some answers?
  150. pendulum energy
  151. Not working
  152. Animal Reiki
  153. If a stranger does pendulum read
  154. Best books about pendulums?
  155. Odd Pendulum Experience
  156. Pendulum questions...
  157. Removing bad habits
  158. New pendulum
  159. New to this.
  160. Body Dowsing
  161. No connection with pendulums?
  162. 100% wrong answers
  163. What kind of chart do you use, if any?
  164. how exactly do pendulums work
  165. Weird answers URGENT!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️
  166. Wearing a pendulum for passive communication
  167. Is Pendulums Dangerous or horror Please guide me
  168. can we ask qustion with pendulum from other languages
  169. What is the link between pendulums and dowsing ?
  170. Pendulum moving very fast
  171. Back into the Swing
  172. Are pendulums a crutch? How can we get too dependent on them?
  173. How to Ensure Authenticity and Accuracy?
  174. Is it okay to ask the pendulum about a test I took at school?
  175. How do you know
  176. Dark side to a ley line!
  177. Is Yes or No Enough ? or add Maybe Or don't want to answer
  178. Which type of pendulum is best for most of the questions
  179. Pendelums with attitudes
  180. Anyone got a cool 'trick'??
  181. Pendulums
  182. Reinitiating a Pendulum
  183. Dowsing clubs in West Midlands/ Shropshire area?
  184. Personalities and Pendulums
  185. Care of a pendulum
  186. Clairity with a Question
  187. Tarot cards and pendulum giving different answers
  188. Recently bonded with and then purchased my first pendulum,
  189. Spiritual attack from Pendulum. Need to say goodbye safely
  190. Schuman resonance and ascension
  191. clockwise v anticlockwise
  192. yes/no response reverses? ???
  193. Questions you should never your ask????
  194. Pendulum technique
  195. Believing the results
  196. Pendulums
  197. Are pendulums safe to use?
  198. My unique pendulum!
  199. My Pendulum
  200. my pendulum is acting cranky! !!
  201. Scrying Explained ?
  202. How do you bond with your pendulum?
  203. Any tips on finding things with a pendulum?
  204. Impressions after a 60-hour training with pendulums and radiesthesia with a master.
  205. Mermet Pendulum
  206. Deviceless Dowsing
  207. My brass made Isis pendulums don't move at all.
  208. Pendulum question from a newbie!
  209. Interesting Pendulum Results
  210. Dowsing - what am I missing?
  211. I've done something that's made me question myself
  212. Printable charts
  213. Pendulum Bonding Question
  214. Pendulums as a Gift
  215. Round 2
  216. Questions about Pendulum Dowsing
  217. Pendulums- Fear-Questions
  218. Pendulum Dowsing Rod Photo Thread
  219. Dowsing Experiments Rod From Branch
  220. Pendalum not working?
  221. Best homemade pendulum ever????
  222. Communicating with loved one using pendulum
  223. Started Pendulum a Few Days Ago...
  224. Pendulum Not Working
  225. Ouija- Found at a Thrift Store
  226. Pendulums - Newbie
  227. My First Experience on Pendulum | It's more than telekinesis, explanations, thoughts
  228. new method for pendulums
  230. False answers on fact questions
  231. Whenever I grab anything with a pendant...
  232. Making my own pendulum mats; asking for suggestions
  233. Lobsang Rampa about Pendulums
  234. My pendulums stopped moving.
  235. Divining rod direction question
  236. birthday present
  237. I need help for dowsing some answers please
  238. what makes a pendulum go in a circle?
  239. Dowsing for ley lines
  240. Pendulum
  241. A little lesson about pendulums
  242. Pendulum Grids
  243. Pendulum working in some cases only
  244. Consecrating pendulums
  245. Pendulum Power Differs Depending on Location?
  246. Pendulum or pendulums...
  247. Pendulum Accuracy
  248. Choosing which of your pendulums to use
  249. 🙃🙂 PENDULUM CHART 🙃🙂
  250. Am I safe? What do I do now?