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  1. Color Healing VS Aura Cleansing
  2. Crystal Aura's. *Over-consuming energies*
  3. High Heart Chakra
  4. Seeing the Aura/Energies Around Objects
  5. Simple Aura exercise to help you learn, and chart
  6. Spiritual Massage
  7. Attempting to see my aura but seeing different things?
  8. Balancing Chakras
  9. Article - The Energy Body
  10. Vibration
  11. Reasons why people dont have, or seem to have, auras
  12. What do auras look like?
  13. 3rd Eye Vibrations during med., then nothing
  14. Feeling Animal Auras
  15. Chord Cutting
  16. I'm going to go do a chakra clearing
  17. is this a proper aura cleansing?
  18. :o I Saw An Aura :o :o :o
  19. Heart Chakra Colour Meditation
  20. How to protect your energy from others?
  21. What is a Chakra?
  22. What could have I saw?
  23. strange auras
  24. chakra colored light cleansing visualization/meditation
  25. GR8 Aura and chakra meditation on UTUBE
  26. What does yellow mean?
  27. seeing constant or passing energy everywhere (What it might be)
  28. Chakra toning for health
  29. chakras
  30. Feeling you're an Observer and not Part-Of...
  31. Colours whever i look!
  32. Grounding??
  33. Doreen Virtues chakra CD with book
  34. Why do I feel tired after a chakra clearing
  35. Third eye visions at night...
  36. Working with the throat chakra
  37. Did I do it?
  38. Chakras and health
  39. Your New Chakra System
  40. Red dots coming off me help!!!
  41. Spirtual Cleansing?
  42. Horizontal line across heart chakra
  43. Aura from an old photo
  44. how to stop absorbing other people's energy?
  45. Benefit or purpose ?
  46. Aura Clarification
  47. how to strengthen your aura?
  48. Is this called 'energy work"?
  49. How do you protect yourself from entity attachments?
  50. Pulsing oscillating aura
  51. My photo
  52. don't read if sensitive...
  53. Third eye and seventh chakra tickling??
  54. How has opening your third eye affected your life?
  55. Seeing my Aura
  56. Really painful third eye -Astral Growing Pains?
  57. Nagging for Aura Readings
  58. Do you see my violet aura in my photos?
  59. What is the natural colour of your Aura?
  60. How do you clear your Chakras?
  61. Was this an Aura, or just a trick of the eyes?
  62. Interesting concept with auras.
  63. strange thing
  64. Have any of you opened your crown chakra? Need guidance
  65. The effect of alcohol on the aura
  66. Third Eye Without the Heart, and vice versa
  67. strange auras update
  68. Throat Chakra blockage
  69. Seeing Auras and intermittent extropia?
  70. purple
  71. Breaking the veil
  72. Interesting Aura Behaviour
  73. Reading Energy through Technology
  74. How can I discover my aura and perceive others?
  75. can children see auras?
  76. Does anyone have a good chart for Aura color meanings?
  77. Heart Chakra--I feel sad...what do I do?
  78. Am I seeing auras or just seeing double
  79. Kundalini Rising
  80. what do sparkles of gold mean?
  81. Can wearing chakra colours can heal us?
  82. Meaning of an Opal Aura?
  83. Tutorial on Auras
  84. Music for chakras
  85. Energy question about taking a bath?
  86. Music and the Chakras
  87. A blocked root...
  88. what forcefully closes the chackras?
  89. Constant tingling in crown
  90. I don't know much about chakras.... :/
  91. Opening Third Eye Experience?
  92. Chakras opening?
  93. Spiritual Music Video..
  94. Where can I find people who feel energy?/ can you feel energy?
  95. shaking
  96. Problems with visualising
  97. Chakras and Life Circumstances
  98. Journeying into the body
  99. Auras &Chakras
  100. Feeling cold or warm ?
  101. Kundalini support
  102. Aura photography
  103. white glow outline
  104. How to strengthen the aura?
  105. Seeing through closed eyes (possibly 3rd eye development)
  106. Exercises to open your third eye?
  107. Can't etheric cords sometimes be a good thing?
  108. interesting..I have a question!
  109. Is there a certain age at which chakras develope?
  110. Thymus Chakra or Etheric Heart
  111. Pictures from the third eye
  112. Occasional Gentle throb in the Brow Chakra.
  113. chakras experminentation
  114. I have a question?
  115. taste,
  116. amanda jayne
  117. Sensations in chakras
  118. Childhood Abuse and the Chakra System
  119. Nose chakra?
  120. Aura Basics and Why!
  121. Chakra reading?
  122. What is this chakra?
  123. How do you balance the heart chakra?
  124. Magenta Chakra
  125. Chakra meds and heightened senses
  126. Aura shortly before passing?
  127. Dominant Orange Chakra?
  128. You and the Etheric Sun
  129. Pulse in the third eye
  130. Can someone see Aura through images?
  131. blue dots
  132. how do you keep the third eye chakra balanced?
  133. Did I see Aura?
  134. how to shield your energy?
  135. Yellow Aura
  136. Dreaming of fire after chakra meditation
  137. What are my chakras and how do I clean them?
  138. People find my negative energy repulsive
  139. Felt chakra spinning during sleep paralysis- PLEASE help of you know about chakras!
  140. Orange strobing in the brow centre
  141. can only see green?
  142. Wearing the color of your aura?
  143. hear ticking as chakra spins
  144. New to chakra meditation, looking for suggestions and sharing my experience thusfar
  145. Throbbing Sensation On My Brow Chakra
  146. Do you know your chakra colour or see others
  147. Chakra overactive or underactive?
  148. my son can see aruas
  149. Purple Aura
  150. Saw my aura for the first time - I need help
  151. What does this mean?
  152. Chakra tattoo
  153. advice
  154. Chakra Healing
  155. transpersonal chakra symbols
  156. Chakras and dreams
  157. What colour do you see? - Experiment
  158. Colorless aura?
  159. Cleansing your aura
  160. Heart chakra problem
  161. Strange Auras?
  162. Third Eye Chakra
  163. Controlling/containing/maintaining my energy?
  164. Development
  165. electrical occurrences w/ hands at night
  166. Leaking energy from the right side of my body?
  167. Pink aura
  168. Third eye opening?
  169. Solar plexus
  170. Silver and Gold Auras
  171. what is your meditation technique?
  172. Chakra Questions
  173. Do stones really open chakras?
  174. Was i seeing an aura?
  175. Repairing Aura
  176. Sore Throat
  177. 3:22:11 Moon Auras and the pyramids
  178. Need Advanced Chakra Answers
  179. best methods to ground your energy
  180. How come I can only see this guys aura and no one else?
  181. Question about our other senses
  182. Sacral Chakra, help please
  183. Spleen Chakra
  184. How effective is opening chakras for healing?
  185. A request for any skilled clairvoyants
  186. Wht do you think of my idea for opening my chakras.
  187. Heart Chakra opening
  188. Is "opening" really the best term to use for chakra work?
  189. Higher heart
  190. To anyone that can see auras..
  191. Fiery aura
  192. How an Aura look like?
  193. Food & Clothing colors ---> Chakras
  194. Aura colours
  195. Learning to see Aura's?
  196. Opening Chakra's and keep them clean?
  197. thorough cleansing and sealing of aura :)
  198. a bit of an issue when I do a yogaset designed for a specific chakra.
  199. weird aura, i think.
  200. heart chakra problem!
  201. Aura
  202. Ra on tingling sensations/crystalline chakras
  203. What do you guys see through your third eye?
  204. Biblical Revelation and Chakra's
  205. third eye flashes
  206. How do I know if my chakras......
  207. kinda reiki kinda not
  208. How do you see auras?
  209. What is AURA
  210. Golden light raises vibration
  211. How do I find out......
  212. Sun Aura
  213. seeing colors, energy and roses?
  215. during opening my chakras i seen something
  216. Can someone explain this?
  217. Hi, I'm new but have a question..
  218. Rudraksha Beads
  219. Healing someone else's chakra's?
  220. What do Auras look like to you? A picture thread.
  221. Am I seeing Aura's?
  222. Opening the hand chakras help
  223. Spinning Chakras
  224. Throat Chakra
  225. Pink?
  226. What Chakra(s) Do You Feel Affect You Most?
  227. Color of One's Ray
  228. Simple Chakra Exercises and Nourishing
  229. Chakra Cleansing
  230. fixing chakra blockage
  231. Auras in pictures
  232. I need help please
  233. Crown chakra tingling...
  234. Can someone tell me what this means
  235. Indigo Children... ?
  236. How your chakra is
  237. kundalini awakening/soulmate meeting
  238. Chakra Meditation
  239. Storms and chakras
  240. Can you explain these to me?
  241. Tattoo Question
  242. Chakra confusion
  243. Visualising an inner glow in others
  244. Seeing the aura
  245. Third eye opened/opening expanding (idea)
  246. My aura, with red overlay
  247. (im new here) Supposed unusual aura/traits
  248. The Crown Is The Destination Not a Chakra to Open
  249. Pink
  250. Golden "spark" of light?