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Old 18-09-2006, 07:18 PM
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On being an Empath

Wasn't sure whether to put this here or not, as it's not neccessarliy classed as mediumship, but here goes anyway, lol:-

Empaths are people who's sensitivity is much greater than that of the average Joe or Josie.

Empaths are people who:-

Often get confused between their own feelings and other peoples,

Can look at a person and tell what they are feeling and experiencing,

Often have difficulty being in crowded places like shopping centres or pubs,

Attract energy vampires to them (people who drain your energy) and

Can sometimes feel natural and man-made disasters before they happen.

If you are an Empath, you probably struggle with many aspects of daily life. One of the major problems with Empaths is that they have a tendancy to take on other people's emotions and issues as though they were their own. When you feel other people's feelings, you often don't realise that the emotions are coming from outside of yourself. They all tend to feel as though they are your emotions which can be very confusing and often overwhelming. After a while of accumulating emotions both yours and others, you can get very sick. To move beyond these difficulties, some new Life Skills need to be introduced and implemented.

There are a number of ways to counteract the problems of being an Empath. Many of them have to do with defining and clarifying who you are and what you believe. The first and most important action to take is to get focused on your thoughts and beliefs. As you come to a much clearer, more conscious awareness about who you are and what you believe compared to what others believe, you will widen the gap between yourself and other's emotions. Even if you do take on anothers feelings, it will be easier to recognise them as not belonging to you. Once the recognition is made, you can easily let go of the other persons 'stuff'.

Another set of activities that is very important in clearing up the empathic difficulties, is that of cleansing and protecting your energy field. There are many, many ways in which to do this, I will offer just a few.

For cleansing the energy field, I recommend with every shower that you take, you imagine that the water is super powerful, sparkling, cleansing energy that flushes all over and through your body, easily washing away any build up of negative energy. At the same time whilst having the shower, in your mind, call out to Archangel Michael (the defender and protector) to come and use his powerful sword to swipe through any and all cords all over your body, that are draining your energy. These two activities will easily release great amounts of negative energy.

For protecting the energy, I recommend that every morning you call upon Archangel Michael and ask him to wrap his wings around you, sealing and protecting you from any and all negative energy throughout the day. I also suggest that using your imagination, you surround yourself with a beautiful sparkly mirrorball, that instantly reflects all negative energy away from you.

Simply by performing these four exercises daily and working on defining who you are and what you believe, you can make a real difference to your experiences in this life. After a while of doing that, you can even start to open up to the gifts of being an empath, such as having a greater level of insight into people's behaviour and their intentions. Being an Empath truly is a wonderful gift and you can experience it as such with a bit of healing work.
Old 18-09-2006, 07:22 PM
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Bit more on being an empath.....(taken from www.crystalinks.com)

The word "empathy" derives from the Greek words "empatheia" meaning "passion" and "pathein" meaning "to experience, suffer".

According to Miriam-Webster's on-line dictionary - "Empathy is the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner."

As humans - our empathic skill are always turned on - as with all things - we just need to be open to receive the messages. It's like a radio - it may be playing - but are you listening?

If you are a healer or psychic - you are always adjusting your frequency - like an antenna - just as an empath does - to help others.

Not all empaths are sympathic. Empaths feel emotions of others - but do not have to feel sympathy for them. Empaths - for the most part - are compassionate though - with a desire to heal and help others.

One can be an empath from childhood. They are called natural empaths who inherit this ability allowing them to experience in higher frequency of awareness. Some people develop their empathic abilities later in life when they are more aware.

Most are right brained in the sense of using the creative intuitive side of the brain - people who use higher frequencies to connect.

Strong empaths must learn how to discern their own emotions from someone else's.

There are degrees of empathic abilities which vary from empath to empath.

Empaths are always sensitive people.

Empaths not only pick of others emotions - they can project emotions as well - that will get picked up by those on the same frequency.

Some people in metaphysics believe that people with light eyes are more empathic. This is not true.

We all have certain degrees of empathic abilities. By this I mean - we all have the ability to adjust our emotional bodies with that of someone we are close to - especially if there is a love connection. This does not have to be a romantic connection. When you live with someone - or just love them - you can align your emotional body with theirs and feel their pain. The pain can be physical or emotional.

Being empathic means become one with someone or something else. You can connect with plants, animals, just about anything including the universe itself. It is almost a form of remote viewing. You can read emotions and thoughts through vibrational frequency.

Being able to empathize with people often helps you deal with them. You know what to say and do to keep balanced.

Physical Empathy...

One can take on the pain of another - especially in the case of twins - their frequencies are often linked.

When I am reading someone and I want to scan for health issues - I telepathically - or empathically - connect my body with theirs. I feel what they feel. If I find myself coughing - that person either has allergies or smokes - cigarettes or other. I quickly sense where I have pain in my body and go there to see what the problem is.

Emotional Empathy

Most empaths are more attuned to emotions than thoughts. To be an emotional empath is to experience the emotions of others - the positive and negative - pain and suffering and as well as love and compassion.

We become emotional empaths when we watch a film or TV show. This is a vicarious way of experiencing the emotions we came here to explore - but are not part of our personal experience.

We return to soap operas - TV series such as the latest series of reality shows - as part of being emotional empaths. Positive people will hope for a postitve outcome of the storyline. For negative people it will be the opposite.

Most of us can turn our empathic abilities on and off as we tape in to the frequencies. But for others - they seem to have no control over what they experience.

Those in control - embrace the subject - and those not in control feel a loss of power and hate it.

Under stress - awareness is heightene as well as empathic abilities.. It is best to pause - and go back to the emotions you experienced before the negative ones surfaced - then detach.

If you have empathic gifts - you also want to understand and control what is happening for you - to manage your empathic abilities and not become overwhelmed.

Being an empath is a soul decision.

We often believe that entities who come from higher realms have great empathic abilities. This is due to their higher frequency of thought. They are telepathic and usually have no oral language as they are not physical. Everything is telepathic and empathic for them.

People use their empathic abilities when in other paranormal acitivites such as ghost hunting.

The TV series Star Trek had an episode called, 'The Empath' about an alien woman with empathic abilities. The lesson in that program was about overcoming one's fears. Fears paralyze us - the loss of control - which creates more fear.

To increase empathic abilities - you most open the 'right side' of your brain - moving the logical mind aside. Begin with something creative - art - listening to music - meditation - yoga - writing for pleasure - being in nature or in the water - etc.

Practice your empathic abilities when you are with someone either by being in the same proximity - or by gently touching their hand.

You can try this by remote viewing by seeing the person in your mind then becoming one with their emotional body.

If you are reading this file - you have empathic abilities.
Old 18-09-2006, 09:24 PM
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Thankyou Jaycee!

for taking the time to explain, It made alot of sense to me!

best wishes

Old 19-09-2006, 06:38 AM
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Hi Jaycee,

You have just described me, only I didn't know what I was. Thanks for this very useful information, now I know who I am. Although its hard sometimes being this way, feeling everything. The affects it has on me is sometimes overwhelming and causes me much grief. But the upside to it is being able to help others with what I feel which is great.
Old 19-09-2006, 09:58 AM
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Oh you're very welcome developing1 and imageimaginer....nice to see some fellow empaths around here!

Here's another excellent article on empathy (if you're like me, you always want as much info as you can get, hehe):


I have found, through my development circle, that my abilities extend to psychometry, as it's also a 'feely' kind of thing. We had to take hold of a crystal that another person had been holding in their hand whilst meditating earlier that evening, and see what impressions we could pick up from it. As soon as I picked up my partner's crystal, I got an overwhelmingly tense stomach, and the word 'worry' in my mind. Turned out to be very true, she was really worrying about something!

Trouble was, I ended up being unable to shake the tense tummy for about a week, until I was talking to my friend about it, and she suggested an excersize to see if I'd got an 'energy cord' attached to my solar plexus chakra. Lo and behold, I had - and as soon as I'd cut it (thru visualisation) I felt better, and after a few hours the tightness had totally disappeared!
Old 19-09-2006, 03:27 PM
Mother Goose Mother Goose is offline
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What a wonder thread, Jaycee!!

Earlier this year I was told by a dear friend that I'm an empath. I never saw myself that way until he insisted that I was just like him in that respect.

When he told me that I remembered being a volunteer at a health clinic when I was a teen. Whenever I saw someone with an injury I'd usually get this sharp pain through my corresponding body part. I thought I was just imagining things...that I was just 'loony.' I'd spend the whole day wincing because there were too many people around me who were hurt. I sit back and laugh at myself about that now, but back then I didn't have anyone to tell me that what I was feeling was real...that I was an empath. I mentioned it to my mom, but she just laughed and told me I was silly.

I'm still learning to separate my feelings from those around me...but it is really hard with my dh. His bipolar mood swings can really get to me if I'm not careful.
Old 21-09-2006, 10:21 AM
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Thanks Jaycee ! I think what your describing is symtoms of what it is to be a star seed ....and thats all of us here are !

Old 21-09-2006, 08:34 PM
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Thanks for articles those were good to read. I am that type as well and was born in that way. Maybe we all lightworkers are as mikron says.
But for me it was one of the biggest lessons to learn to separate my feeling from other people's feelings.

But have to tell that it is also a blessing as it is a tool to help but it also gives advantage in daily life. It is great tool helping others around once one learns to master the own energies first. When I feel for example someone around is for example stressed or angry or something, it comes to my energyfield but that is good as now the energyfields are mix with this person, I can do healing to my own energyfield cleansing the emotion but as our energyfield are connected that moment, I do it to the other person as well. It is like when someone is angry, I concentrate on feeling love and spreading that into his/her energyfield as well, while creating that around myself. It is a way also to spread light around as otherwise according to universal laws we need to have a permission to heal someone but I do not need a permission to clean my own energies.

However for everyone who is this way sensitive I do strongly recommend some studies of energyhealing to make sure you know how to cleanse own energyfield properly.

And one thing i have noticed is that I was born emotionally sensitive to others feelings but was not telepathic but when evolving, seems that the telepathic sensitivity follows. I am not fully telepathic but get the thoughts also and it is a new challenge to keep to mouth shut and not to react on the stuff othes have not said aloud but thought. Funny this life sometimes

Lots of love
Old 21-09-2006, 10:47 PM
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i have to assume that all are born with this to some extent, as we are all spiritual beings, conductors of energy (an energy that is not confined within flesh and bone). thus, if we are flowing energy we would not also be "receptors". does it not stand to reason that each of us conduct and recieve energy flows (emotions of the brain are energy impuilses)??
but, i do believe some are atune to this, or sensitive (due to either spiritual traits or, very possibly, biological traits).
i do not experience this, persay, but i can empathize, as i "feel" and "interpret" the energy (or aura) of people very clearly (usually).
Old 22-10-2006, 05:56 AM
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This is a really cool thread. It's a shame I have come to it so late. I am pleased to have this explained so clearly. This is most certainly me - though I always thought it was a bad thing - taking on others emotions. I always felt so assaulted by it. I must confess I feel ashamed - because I now realise I have this ability and others are attracted to it so I have spent a large part of my life sending out negative 'vibes' to keep people away and to keep their emotions away. I guess I have to learn what to do with this now - to make it a positive thing rather than a burden.

I'm going to have to think about this.
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