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Old 22-12-2015, 09:19 PM
Thegolem Thegolem is offline
Join Date: Jun 2015
Posts: 33
Gnostics, Father of Truth, and Vision's of Jesus and Lucifer

I prayed to the Father of Truth
after I finished the prayer I heard a whisper which told me: "Return a gift to Jesus Christ, and you will be blessed"
Does anybody have any clue what that could possibly mean?

I prayed to Mary Ward (I don't remember exactly what the prayer was) but after I finished I heard Mary tell me: "Be more Responsible"

I prayed to Sophia reading The Creed of the Holy Spirit i heard a women tell me: "I appreciate that you worship me but never do it again and worship what i bestowed upon you" *then i hear this static noise as if she got cut off in mid sentence* and the same voice tells me: "You must summon Satan in order to protect the planet".

I've had multiple visions

Back in 2012, I created a short acrostic poem, I was alone in my own atmosphere in my apartment, I thought of the word
You non-existing to the mind (or pre-existing) in a world placed with individuals, my mind starts picturing
indigenous drawings as one dimensional but the figure still owns a personality, so I begin thinking of this
one individual figure interacting and communicating with other figures of different personalities, I begin to
think of Acrostic poems and thought to myself (while witnessing this "gathering") that YOU broke down into three
larger words, I pondered it for a moment and concluded with Your Own Universe. My mind instantly activated,
like the worlds most powerful monitor, powering on, I felt empty minded and tranquil, as I starred directly at a projection of 3 violet
stars side by side in a space seemingly light-years away and concentrated on a position. It lasted for moments I couldn't tic.
I thought I was going to be stuck not seeing again, or I was missing this my whole life (I thought others also had this happen) and
shrunk as I became very aware with a feeling of remorse that it would never return.

I had a moment where I was thinking in my room one day June 2014, I was trying to convince myself I could
find a method to learn about becoming an empower to gain love and support from people to blackmail a higher society
for a cure to aids (assuming there is one) I stoop up and paced (like Sylvester the Cat) thinking even harder, then
my body just stopped, I felt this 'Lift' in the back of my head and time felt slower, as I stood there, that moment
I felt some unknown Source (like a tunnel) go through my left brain hemisphere, and in an low, old, ghastly voice, that spoke in a
feint whisper say "1888". I questioned it afterword's and researched the date later.

in June 2014 I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep so I thought,
to myself what I'd like to study more into, I began to ponder and figured learning more Philosophy would be
appealing, I wondered if I lived in New York just to talk to a wide range of people what I might learn about their
Philosophy. I began to feel my body lift as if my particles we're being sucked up toward a hazy blue background,
As my body felt like it was flying a pink blob formed in the center of the hazy blue background I rose to the
top of the clouds where a pink figure slightly transparent was standing on top of the clouds with his head slightly
cocked down. I felt like i was hovering on the clouds staring at the hazy blue background, clouds, and the pink figure on top of them I opened my eyes after
it disappeared.

I was driving with my friends one night in the summer of July 2014 and while I was driving I had this instant,
purple flash like a highlighting my vision for not even a second, which formed into a purple flame in front of my
sight, (like I was following it) it looked like a purple flamethrower attached to nothing so the tip of the flame
faced me, It moved in a linear pattern obstructing my vision only slightly but i could focus on driving and
my surroundings, I felt an euphoric energy through my nerves, and my blood felt like it was rushing when I
suddenly spit a freestyle over What Up Gangsta by 50 Cent, and my friends looked at me like I was doing okay
when I stopped I told them exactly what happened and we were all puzzled.

One day in August 2014 while at home I was thinking about women getting beat on by men. I started to think of
methods to handle & punish such low behaviour that would barricade them for their living life. I felt so
triumphant over my Order that I sarcastically thought a sexual innuendo of the Mona Lisa. Instantly my brain had a
pressure as if someone laid their palm on it and this skeleton appeared in front of my vision with frantic long
black hair (like a women in a well for centuries) and had flashy orange eyes like a moth in the sockets. The
skeleton looked very detailed and drawn black (though I was more focused on the prisoned feeling and the skeleton) I
started pacing in my house in a panic state thinking I'm about to get possessed or killed but I kept smiling, and even
wondered "why am I smiling?" It all felt like my brain was being stretched and nothing else happened in that
interaction, the Skelton left and I instantly pondered other art pieces and Statue of Liberty appeared increasing
my heart rate and then it switched to a statue or hallucination of myself wearing a gradate cap and I threw
it up in the sky releasing the pressure in my brain.

One day in late September 2014 I was imagining an example of a women's attraction to her highest pleasure, loving her; and sensed the
happiness in her heart for seeing blue smoke or vapor coming from her heart. I pondered about how she would be
feeling almost like I was becoming her and suddenly though "I wonder if Jesus had sex" when suddenly I felt my molecules vibrating and I sat back as I felt a
small breeze blow through my bones like I was being worshipped by somebody waving a fan next to me. In my right
eye only a light skinned man, with brown hair & goatee, shining as bright as a sun with a jolly smile, blushed cheeks,
and a round head fit face features fit perfect as a king; appeared (try to picture Jesus Christ but more Hi def). He said Hey Hey very fluently, his voice inspired me to research
the stars, I thought there was no way anybody could sound like him, he sounded like he had a feint Jewish accent,
except his tone was deep and clear, very commanding, it sounded like it surrounded me. He starts to walk, he had a
bop in every step he took, one step seemed like two it was so swift, every step he stretched his legs like a
solider, but barely or didn't swing his arms. It was as if Memory was trying to remember every muscle he moved because he moved laggy. My
body felt embraced and I asked my friend if he noticed me shaking but he couldn't see it (wasn't paying close attention
either). He traveled for awhile and ended when he was walking toward a home where 2 women stood outside beckoning
him to come inside, he walks toward the open door, as he walks past the open door the whole Millennia
faded to black, (to normal for me). I experienced the whole Millennia in 3rd person (watching him from a sideline view)
I didn't record much because I was visiting a friend and I was watching him play a league of Legends game and didn't want
to move a muscle. It went on for a whole league game, the whole place was so high-def. Like every molecule created in there had
a shining sun. When it ended I instantly wondered then began to ponder and thought about the fallen angel (I describe below)

After I had that experience with that invisible realm, and it all faded to black, I asked myself "if he was real, does
that mean?" a metallic, rose red, 2 dimensional face (silhouette engraved in lines to create a face) of a beast emerged from the black, his eyes were like stars in the sky but were RED. He soughed or grunted aggressively toned, like he was not loved as the
previous one. He disappeared and emerged for a few moments then disappeared.
(I believe that this was Lucifer)

October 12th 2014 I was driving home on the highway returning from the highlands late one evening, I started thinking to myself and pondered this thought; "I wonder if Thoth fooled everyone
wearing a mask", but then he suddenly appeared in a white flash, snarling his canine teeth with a snout.

I was sitting on my bed thinking to myself, I shut my eyes only to see my face sideways, as a grey shade, with pupils like a cat staring back at me through imagination, I concentrated on it
for a moment and I opened my eyes after it was gone. One day in October.

One day I was jogging and thinking about the Olympics, I thought about the medals, and when I thought of the color bronze my imagination gets cocooned by a bronze, egg shape bubble.
Inside this color I see my doppelganger also running toward me down a narrow path surrounded by trees reading a thick encyclopedia in his right hand *very aware*, he was dressed like a fancy
Magician, blue cloak to his knees, and fancy pants both with silver stripes (or circles) , the apparel looked highly fashioned. He shut the book while he was running, and when he looked up
he picked up speed and ran towards me (through me) and disappeared. It was all in my head but I was also jogging on the side of the road when it happened.

Sometime in the summer of 2014 I was with some friends and they were telling jokes, as I thought of a joke I went into a deep ponder and this red transparent figure appeared, a transparent red board appeared behind the figure and a formula appeared inside the board. (I can't remember the formula and couldn't write it as I was outside)

In September 2014 I was at work thinking of a story in my head "I was an admirable aboard a Navy ship to go fight the Kraken" suddenly an alien shaped like the brain slugs on Futurama but without antennas and had short tentacles, it had one eye as well and it was bouncing in my mind as a black shadow and it told me in a raspy voice "See You In 16 Years" which falls on 2030...Could this be what the Gnostics we're warning us about?
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Old 02-06-2016, 02:33 AM
kimmie kimmie is offline
Deactivated Account
Join Date: May 2016
Posts: 76
Return the gift to Jesus means something silver. It is something you can connect with or a clip a big silver clip so the speak. It means we give to less attention to Jesus and God that God can't give attention back. Silver belongs to gemini of connection and contacts and communication etc.. So no Silver no connection to communicat cause God can not give anything back. So we lose connection with God this way because we pay not enough attention to God.
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Old 16-07-2016, 06:27 AM
magdna magdna is offline
Join Date: Jan 2016
Posts: 86
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"I prayed to the Father of Truth
after I finished the prayer I heard a whisper which told me: "Return a gift to Jesus Christ, and you will be blessed"
Does anybody have any clue what that could possibly mean?"

Well.. it ain't silver. I mean...

I would assume .. you need to let go ..

Find empathy .. feed the hungry .. quit judging and start to make a difference..

STOP immediately .. using The Christ for your own attention.

Hey, it is this world .. you need to be a super hero .. make yourself USEFUL.
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Old 23-12-2016, 12:02 AM
shivatar shivatar is offline
Join Date: Jun 2016
Location: Olympia, Washington
Posts: 1,797
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I see a mind scrambling to make meaning out of things that have no meaning.

To me this means you are avoiding something. What you are avoiding that could be wrecking so much havoc in your thoughts only you can say.
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Old 03-06-2017, 12:59 AM
Phoenix777 Phoenix777 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2017
Posts: 46
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Some of this is a little of random experience, few things I'm not very sure of. However your experience with what you saw that you thought as Jesus or Lucifer. (personal gnosis) In my experience the two figures are the same thing.
Those "high def" moments that you described was your vision crossing and witnessing higher dimensions. I imagine you have noticed a difference between sight here and the other side. The characteristics you listed can vary in similar ways but the presence and voice are common traits of others experience with him. Usually a deep voice with resonance.

Lu gives a very kingly presence, and sometimes it might be intense to witness him fully. Humans usually see a shorter window when crossing into an experience like that. I have seen as well and he was accompanied by a white environment his surrounding was vibrant, bright, and with much more ethereal presence than a dimension like normal in the 3rd, which is the here and now. These moments are followed by vivid intensity. Later I discovered that this experience is 5th dimension or farther (or so i believe). You stated you thought of things like karma and domestic violence and things like that. Lu is very much a force of karma and it seems like your thoughts were heard. Usually this entity drops in out of random, gives insight,courage,wisdom what have you, usually because they are looking for something. Sometimes it's not always clear and if you ask a direct question you may not get an answer, you may be shown. Sometimes his response plays itself out later.

You explained a darker figure one that seemed it know no love. There are other figures that could be confused with the name or the general impression that people think are associated with the names. I might shed light on the fact that there is a very personal side of this entity that has attained many scars through lifetimes beyond and earthly. A side that holds a hard weight to bear. However your experience and the who depends as figures can mask or disguise. A figure named Samael (among other names) is common of having similar sharp characteristics but in the more "Black" sense not in color of skin but essence and hair usually.

I'm not promoting anything this is my gnosis/belief to be true as I can get it. Sometimes people have reactions to names, sometimes things may look one way but be another entirely. The figure Lucifer is usually a very misunderstood concept. With what others said, sometimes there's a time for analyzing and listening to how you react to some visions. Sometimes you need to stop and do life here and see where things are leading you. Too much worry in the fine details causes a regress. One thing is for certain he never drops by for no reason.
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Old 03-06-2017, 03:05 AM
Golden Eagle Golden Eagle is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
Posts: 534
You ARE the gift to RETURN~! Simply CHOOSE to REMEMBER the SOURCE of your own EXISTENCE (hint: not body or mind.... the Consciousness behind those)

Then you are most certainly Blessed ~ !

See: A Course In Miracles (original text)

I would skip trying to understand the rest of all that ....... take you 20 years or more! And it is not required ..... only a sincere Heart is required , if you have that ..... the rest does not even matter at all.

Follow your Heart ....it already knows the way home.
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