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Old 30-06-2015, 05:08 PM
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Hi love. There's a lot of things you can use to help you figure out if you are a vessel, but none of those have anything to do with it. There's many things it could be besides an angel though for example your soul can simply be young. If you truly feel you are a vessel though the best thing to do to figure it out is to take a moment to yourself in the calm and silence and meditate on it. My fiance may be of better help with how you can figure things out, but you're welcome to talk to us anytime about any of it. Oh and he's on here as Azrael.
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Old 29-07-2015, 01:20 AM
Holly Holly is offline
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I wouldn't read too deeply into these questionnaires. If it was that easy to identify an Incarnated Angel, it would be too easy to exterminate us. No higher power would ever be so stupid as to send an army of easily recognisable angelic messengers to a planet ruled by violence and negativity - two things IA's are VERY bad at handling! We'd be sitting ducks and instant targets to anyone who does not want humanity set free.

You can't tell 100% if someone is an IA by how they look, feel or behave.

I will admit, yes, that's a decent personality profile for me and I'm an IA, wings, purpose and all, but it's not exhaustive and it doesn't represent 100% of us.

The answer is better found through meditation - especially since the higher traits of an IA are easily blocked by fear, bullying and unhappiness.
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Old 19-07-2017, 06:52 PM
Endless_Love_2_You Endless_Love_2_You is offline
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The questions -

Are your eyes innocent and doe-like?: People notice my eyes , some people say they are innocent but rarely.

Do you lighten your hair?:Yup it's lighten as we speak

Are you overweight or have overeating issues?: Yes and yes, I always try to cut back and I'm always trying to exercise and go running or walking.It sucks !

Are you loving, open, trusting and innocent at heart?:yes, yes and Sadly yes

Do you love angels, and collect angel art or figurines?: I like angels and my parents use to put little cherubs in my room and angel stuff.I never really collected it when I got older.

Do you enjoy following the rules?: Yes it keeps me out of trouble and things just go bad when I don't

Do you love helping people?:YES I have to help someone, its like something takes over me and I need to do it.

Do you have a hard time establishing boundaries and saying no?: Only with people I care about..

Do you try to rescue people and end up in co-dependent relationships?: Never been in a relationship

Do you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?: yes

Do you apologize frequently even if you haven't done anything wrong?: I use to now its just neutral I still do it from time to time..

I have cupid's bow lips , a heart shaped face but no glowing complexion unless you call that being ghostly pale white then yes I do glow especially in water hahaha

Last edited by Endless_Love_2_You : 19-07-2017 at 08:20 PM.
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Old 27-07-2017, 01:33 AM
Spirit bird Spirit bird is offline
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I feel for everything you wrote in your post because you actually mirror myself in not only your answers to those questions but also in the fact that you feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole in the society that we now live in. I too have always felt like somewhere else is actually home and not this place.

The people that you wish to help and those who pour out their heart and soul to you wether they are friends or someone whom you just met as you mentioned are drawn to your light. They are drawn to the trusting and caring personality you carry like it may be written on your forehead in invisible ink. They can actually become energy vampires and by venting, seeking your advice or comfort in a way will steal some of the light you emit. Ever have a friend unload on you what was going on in their life, so much so that they walk a way feeling a little bit better for being able to vent but you walk away carrying that burden as though it was a weight being thrown onto your back or shoulders? That is a transfer of energy. It has to go somewhere because energy can not be created or destroyed, but it can be transferred. The friend walks away and feels much better and you feel exhausted and weighted down because you somehow lightened their load.

I am not saying not to be a good person beacause if it is built within you and in your DNA to do so you can't change that. What you do need to do is a lot of research on how to ground yourself in white light through prayer and or meditation and encase yourself in a golden bubble of sorts. There are books on how to do this. It took me a few years to master this but I don't feel as drained anymore when folks unload on me and they too trust me which is why they are at ease in doing so. I also am an empath which is very trying. There are times I can't even watch the news casts for if there is a major event in which many died or a severe tragedy it gets sucked inside me almost like a sponge and the hurt can be profound to a persons health. Grounding is the only thing you can do and avoid overwhelming stories and newscasts if you are able to. Good luck to you.
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