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Old 07-04-2015, 12:10 AM
Smile it's just me
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One last visit before they cross over

I've heard stories of people that KNOW someone will die...they sense it, feel it, have deep emotional connections through a thought of them or memory...I get visits from them in my dreams if you can call them dreams...

Here are a few of them...

An elderly hand, reaches out to me from the darkness...I take it in mine and hear a familiar voice calling my name and saying..."I knew you would come." I wake with the knowledge of who it is and that they were ready to move on...I haven't seen them in years and try to contact with no avail, finally contacting her daughter (who only looked at me as her mothers caretaker) I asked her to please let her mother know that I was trying to get in touch with her...Her reply was..."My mother is on her death bed and YOU want me to let her know that you called?!?" I simply replied back..."That's ok...she already knows."

The meadow is green and the flowers in bloom and laughter from my sister fills the air...We meet in the middle and she spins in her dress, wearing a straw hair a top her full head of hair. Smiling and laughing she was as beautiful as could be...then I stop looking at her and took note of me...I was standing! This IS profound for you see..I am wheelchair bound. Instantly I awaken and my heart is shaken for I know her time was nearing. I call my mother and did discover she had sent her the exact dress and hat she was wearing.
I took care of my sister until she breathed her last and passed in peace.

My aunt came to me, "Pray for me?" Of course, What would you like me to pray? She said, "that I might keep my leg." I said, "I will pray." I awoke to find. My aunt lost her toe, but kept her leg...Her health continued to decline...
My aunt came to me again, "Pray for me?" Of course, What would you like me to pray? She said, "That I may have a peaceful death." I said, For this I WILL pray." I awoke to a phone call saying that she had passed in her sleep.
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Old 07-04-2015, 12:22 AM
birds birds is offline
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I know someone that had a visit from someone in the middle of the night. They both knew he was dying. She didn't recognize him as her acquaintance in life. He shared though shared similar characteristics. The next morning she received a phone call that the man she had known had died at that same time that morning.

That's just one particular one I thought I'd share.
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Old 07-04-2015, 12:24 AM
Smile it's just me
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Question: Is there a name for this gift? I use to get mad at it and wonder why I had it if I couldn't change the outcome...then I heard the word's "You help them cross over"
Although I did have one vision of an event that I was able to prevent :)
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Old 10-04-2015, 02:26 AM
Smile it's just me
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I was hoping more people would share their experiences...I have had so many ever since I was very young...some filled with beautiful scenery while others dark almost black background...was wondering if others felt that the background was significant in meaning with their's ...
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Old 16-04-2015, 06:01 PM
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My friends laugh and say I am in the death business. I scoff at them, knowing in my heart each journey I take with my patients is a different one. A man reaches out for someone, or a woman tells a family member they see their husband who has been dead for years. So many times I have felt like the go between telling the spirit it is all right to pass over. I feel exhausted, yet happy for their next journey to start.
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Old 16-04-2015, 09:20 PM
Smile it's just me
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Thank you for sharing karmaqueen...I can relate...I was even called, the angel of death. But, when a soul is ready...crossing over can be a beautiful event and I am humbled for being able to be there for them as they take that last breath into new life.

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Old 19-04-2015, 12:32 PM
11oris11 11oris11 is offline
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My Dad, an attorney, believed in "proof". When he was diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer with a prognosis of 2 months to live, I wanted him to have an opportunity to express and explore what he believed about the afterlife, but sadly he believed after he died he would just cease to exist. Despite my sharing how I came to become a firm believer in reincarnation, my experiences interviewing parents whose child had died and their story of how their child communicated with them after death, what the Dalai Lama and scientists had to say about survival of consciousness, etc. Dad asked "Where is the proof?" One morning at 3:31 am, I was awakened by the spirit of my Dad who told me everything I had shared with him was absolutely right. He said he had started leaving his body on Friday (this was Monday) and as he was leaving his body, he was releasing all of the pain and suffering and being filled with****there were no words to describe what he was being filled with, so he shared that indescribable feeling with me. He said he would be leaving today, then was gone from the room. As I sat in the darkness, never having experienced this before, my logical mind said it was all in my imagination. But my intuitive heart said otherwise. I wondered how someone could start leaving their body one day, then die 3 days later, it didn't make sense to me. Later that morning, my sister called me (I was out of town) to say Dad had started vomiting blood on Friday and had died that Monday morning. As blood is considered the life of the body, Dad's statement now made sense to me. When I flew to NJ to settle Dad's estate, there were a lot of important papers we could not find, so I used my intuitive heart to connect with Dad and he guided me to find what Mom needed.
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Old 22-04-2015, 09:14 PM
Smile it's just me
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Thank you for sharing you sad and beautifully spiritual journey with your father.

During one of my NDEs I had been out of my body even before my heart had stopped, I felt no pain, yet watching my human form respond to the dying process, it looked very painful (which it WAS once I got shocked back in after the jump started me) But, that experience has helped me care for others on their ending stage here. It made me see that passing is a beautiful event for our spirit, and what reaction the body endures doesn't mean our loved ones endure the pain we see.

So sorry for the physical loss of your father, may he always embrace you with his spiritual love
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