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Old 04-11-2010, 12:02 AM
Cherub T
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my snoopy

Hi everyone, I have a pair of house bunnies, one of them (snoopy) i've had for 8 years and he was a rescue, so he is an elderly bun. He isn't doing too good, the vet says he is just getting old. He is losing weight and i know the time is near for him. I feel so alone, my husband is away for two weeks working and I understand if my bunny was in serious pain, then i'd have to take him back to the vets. I was there today, but the time wasn't right for me to let go, then i brought him home and he has been munching away at his greens and carrots. I wouldn't let him suffer longer than needed, but my instinct today was to bring him home. I have some meds for him to take that the vet thought would help.

I feel so silly as i am 30 years old and i've never lost a pet before. I have experience with loss though with losing my father at 20. I was strong for my mum and then 6 months later it really had an awful effect. Soon after my gran passed. I guess Snoopy and i both need healing here (we all do). I'm scared it brings up the feelings i had before. I'm really sensitive indeed. I pick up others emotions easily too and very much an empath. Anyway my main concern is obviously my poor bun and his wee partner, they have bonded and the loss of one has an awful effect on the other. I just felt i needed someone to talk to.

Also i feel on my spiritual path i will come across loss frequently, i just don't know how to stop crying today. sniff! x
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Old 04-11-2010, 01:05 AM
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Ah, you poor dear. Here, have a hug from a stranger.

A major part of life is dealing with loss. It's inevitable, as we age, that those near and dear to us pass on -- animal friends as well as human ones. Each loss hurts because it leaves a hole in our lives. But we need to take comfort where we can and where I take mine is in the knowledge that where they've gone is a good place. A good place where they needed to be. And a place that we will visit ourselves when our time here is done.

I can flat-out guarantee you that Snoopy isn't worried one little bit about dying. Snoopy takes each moment as it unfolds. (That's just one of the very many things we can learn from animals.)

Snoopy doesn't want you to worry either. Learn from him. And when he passes, if his "wee partner" shows signs of too-prolonged mourning (more than a couple of days) you might begin to consider whether or not there's room in your home and heart for another companion.

Try not to worry. Everything will be all right. :)
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Old 04-11-2010, 01:28 AM
Cherub T
Posts: n/a
Hi eraser, thanks for the cuddle, snoopy seems to have a half smile on his face. I just couldn't let the vet take him today. He was a rescue, so he is at least 9 years. I just can't stop this crying, I'm trying to tell myself it's snoopy that's going, but yeah it's the gap they leave. I'm sensing my dad near me too. I've been dreaming a lot recently and also about the bunnies.

Oh gosh the female that will be left (starskey) is a tricky customer indeed. I'm not sure if shed chase another away that wasn't snoopy. Lol

It's hurting so bad, I've never cried so much before. I keep trying to think of the good times. I feel so alone just now x
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Old 04-11-2010, 05:33 AM
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The fact that he is eating shows how accepting he is of death. He's not in pain either, probably thanks to the vet. Before we put our Dalmatian Dice to sleep, we took him to eat french fries. He enjoyed them. And I agree with eraser that you might want to consider getting another bunny to fill the void. Don't think of it now, but later down the road. Maybe another rescue that is about the same age as Starskey. It may be your first animal you are losing, but trust me, it doesn't matter, first or last, it is still hard. I have lost and mourned so many animals, and it is still not easy. So, know that you are not weird for your tears, and I hope you feel better, soon.
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Old 04-11-2010, 06:11 AM
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Hi Cherub,

I saw this topic after I saw your prayer request on the bottom part of the forum. You're doing the right things, waiting and watching. It sounds like you're plenty sensitive enough to know if you need to have the vet intervene. Trust yourself. You're going to do right. You've already done right. No fear.

I know not everyone knows a lot about bunnies - but I think Cherub's hesitation on adding another bunny was due to the fact that rabbit's bond together. Her pair has been bonded for 8 years. If you try to replace one of the pair, the other rabbit may not only reject the replacement, but may try to harm it. Still, it might be possible with careful maneuvering.

I'm still sending all the good energy I can for you and your bunny boy. Just remember to treat yourself kindly, too.

(As a side note - do you have any clean dandelion leaves near your property? They are loved by rabbits and are very healthy. It might even have enough beneficial properties to make him feel a little better despite his condition.)
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Old 04-11-2010, 06:39 AM
Cherub T
Posts: n/a
I'm not sure there is clean dandelion nearby, but he has some in the hay. He's not ate alot of the hay or pellets, but he's scoffed nearly a bag of greens and a few carrots. He's not done much in the way of pellets but that's prob due to the decreases hay intake.

Yeah Starskey wouldn't welcome a newbie i fear, they've bonded so much together as a couple.

The vet wanted me to put him to sleep, he said he could have two days or two weeks, but i'm glad i brought him home and that he is eating. It's sad to see him so wobbly on his feet. He is so thin too and i know there is no turning back. He is failing, but doesn't seem to be in pain (my instinct). I would not let him suffer, but i think the times not right yet.... but when is?? x x
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Old 06-11-2010, 12:41 AM
Cherub T
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rip snoopy x
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Old 07-11-2010, 10:53 PM
Xan Xan is offline
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Cherub... Losing a well-loved pet is hard... but with some time and weeping and breathing and letting go you can go on to love another.

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Old 07-11-2010, 11:07 PM
Silver Silver is offline
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Originally Posted by Cherub T
rip snoopy x

I'm so sorry to hear~ ~ ~

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Old 07-11-2010, 11:24 PM
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Me too, I'm so sorry to hear of Snoopy's passing. You and little Starsky are in my thoughts.
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