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Old 10-02-2013, 11:27 AM
hannah hannah is offline
Join Date: Nov 2012
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As the Hermeticists say, does anything actually exist outside our own mind/consciousness? We believe something exists because we can percieve it, but what if our perceptions are wrong? When we are asleep or comatose, for us the world no longer exists, but comes back into existence on waking. What if everything is an elaborate fantasy we have made for ourselves, and reality is something very different? Think of the Matrix!
It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.
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Old 10-02-2013, 03:06 PM
EyeaM EyeaM is offline
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I am rather thankfull that you brought this up.

1. Nothing really, but still everything to do with life.
2. If we are nothing but fleshy blimps, the same goes for death after this life. Both balanace eachother out.
3. Why do YOU? We do it for the same reason as you.
4. Experience oneself and letting go.
5. I do experience and interpret my body as vessel sometimes, but now I am begining to see that its just me, not something I "drive" around so to speak.
6. Yes there is. As we sometimes say God hid himself everywhere. I see murder as an action that came out of 'distorted' (I cant find a better word right now) perception of self.
7. I dont know. Maybe when the end of the road comes to an end and you just fall over that last waterfall.
8. Maybe because we are selfish?
9. Hmm. When there are rituals as such many things can happen with energies and I am no expert but it could feel like there is somone next to you in that room. But still when you die, you die.
11. I dont know...God's love I guess.
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Old 10-02-2013, 04:13 PM
Posts: n/a
Originally Posted by hannah
What if everything is an elaborate fantasy we have made for ourselves, and reality is something very different? Think of the Matrix!

Clearly "reality" is very different.... We are channeling our perceptions of what's going on around us through the narrowest of physical senses. It's been evidenced by science that were we to stretch a rope from south America (representing the most subtle of vibration) to the polar ice cap, (representing the most rarefied) as a measurement of all that they know of so far, that our perceptions, what we are able to perceive through our senses, would only encompass about an inch and a half of that rope, located somewhere around the city of Seattle on that scale. So scientifically speaking what we are currently able to perceive via "matter" is but a speck of what actually surrounds us...

That's one scale..

And then there's the reality of rules... things behave biochemically, and throughout the range of what's being called physics, in a very specific and intensely organized way. So, in a sense, while being physical, we are immersed in a strict set of rules... should the rules be slightly different then the entire structure would be different as well... so essentially what we perceive are a set of structural rules.... and those rules continue within our body when we're asleep.... our body is still there, our loved ones can still see it while we're asleep... so our "consciousness" departs but our body is still bound by those rules.

Everything we know is conditional... and yet it's "real" in the sense that our consciousness is currently bound to it... so to dismiss it would be folly, but to wed ourselves strictly to it would be folly as well... we presently live in the mist of a conundrum.... a very deep puzzle of intensely profound proportions... :^)
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Old 12-02-2013, 11:18 AM
Flowers Flowers is offline
Join Date: Jan 2013
Posts: 86
This is quite interesting, I cant get enough of it. Thanks all of you for sharing.
"You are so much more magnificent than you think" ~KL Stewart
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Old 13-02-2013, 07:18 AM
Posts: n/a
Wow thanks everyone, great stuff. I did read all of your responses fully and it's been very intriguing.
Since I have time now I'll fill in my own answers to a few LoL

1. I remember dying in this life, on more than one occasion and it wasn't scary or like books or movies make it seem like. It's really like disappearing and reappearing somewhere else. Actually it was very similar to coming out of anesthetic. Not that anesthetic is pleasant, it's not, but it's not the end of the world either LoL. Dark, peaceful, empty, and disorientating, "where am i" kind of thing. But having to come back to my body again traumatized me for some reason, probably because I came back as another soul.
I think there is a reason why most people tend not to remember these things. Also OBE's (astral travelling) encourage the process of souls leaving body. In fact, the only difference between an OBE and death is, death feels emptier and more free, and therefore sometimes disorientating because you no longer have your body.

But as far as the place we all go when we die, I've never been there. And come to think of it, I don't think I can go there, I don't even know of anyone who has. I've seen countless numbers of realms. I've seen "reception centres" and even a realm that looked like an airport terminal for people who are "crossing over". I even saw the so called "underworld" but none of those are the true death realm. It's my understanding the death realm is outside of all of these other countless number of realms, and I once heard someone say that it was so beautiful, that even if we did see it, we wouldn't even know what we were seeing and would probably forget.
I've always believed there is such place. But I don't think anyone's seen it. Haha or at least anyone alive. The spiritual realms, sure, but not the death realm.
But I didn't come from death before I was born into this body. I know many have, but I haven't. I was alive right before I incarnated here on earth, and still am alive elsewhere.

2. This question is a quote from Xavier Renegade Angel.
Lately, I feel like shedding my skin like a snake. It's why I've been pondering death so much. Because "ascension" to me, feels exactly like dying, in fact, there have been many times I've mistaken my desire to shed my old DNA for "suicide". I've been facing this deep primordial death, and it seems I am dying, in more than one way. I don't just mean this metaphorically though, because it really truly does feel like real death, and there are many times I feel like I'm lost but it is okay. My ultimate step into the last stage of ascension, in this abyss, and things are moving into something new, even my body is changing completely.

3. All I know is I grew up on a farm, and was raised around death so it has never bothered me. As a kid I was spay/neutering cats, artificially inseminating cows which Ill just say you have to wear really long shoulder length gloves for. And I spent my time playing in the forests littered with cow corpses and bones. Now I'm a Medical First Responder, gory things do not bother me. I saw a murder a few days before posting this, and it was terrible, and it got me to thinking of some important things.
I've also always had a very strong faith and can talk to spirits, so I've never mourned like other people either. So it is interesting to hear why others see things in the ways they do.

6. I remember being a serial killer in a past life. That life ended up giving me a lot of soul growth in preparation for this life. But I remember I was a very intelligent man, and at the end of my failed life, I turned myself in because I had completely gone insane and lost my intelligence, had traumatized my mind until it was nothing. In my case, it was about summoning power and taking in peoples life forces, feeling like a god, and I think that is spiritual. But it's probably the worst misuse of spirituality. It's kind of the opposite I guess is what I'm saying. But the cause for everything bad in my eyes, is a spiritual problem - or lack of. For example in AA - they say "alcoholism is a spiritual problem". But anyways, I don't see how defiling a body in this way is good at all. I don't believe anyone has the right to play god.
I disagree with the death sentence too for this reason. It is also murder in my eyes. I believe people that suffer with such darkness need to be helped, and that the government shouldn't be spreading the message to people that killing someone is okay.

I think some people put too much emphasis on the body having no soul as its residence, but that if they could see that people have hearts and souls, they wouldn't insult, hurt or ultimately kill each other. People are beautiful, inside and outside!
But unfortunately we live in a society that preaches that the only thing that matters is our bodies, we have to look good, starve ourselves, have lots of muscle, ect.
It's not surprising to me that some people take it to extremes. If we are taught from childhood that our bodies are unimportant, we are going to grow up with that thought and see others that way too.

7. It could be empathy. But it could also be similar to how phantom pain works. Have you ever heard of people who amputate their limbs, but the brain still sends signals to their limb and they truly still feel it? Pretty interesting. I've also heard of some people experiencing similar upon viewing others in pain. Maybe?
For me, it doesn't bother me. My natural instincts to help the person kick into action instead. The one thing I don't like though, for matters of my own personal childhood trauma, is seeing sharp things going into eyes.

10. I don't judge this one, doesn't bother me. I watched the most beautiful documentary once about a guy who was in love with his wife and it was his way of keeping their romance alive, his way of coping I guess with the loss.
I've studied it and found that real necrophiliacs aren't violent and not mentally ill either, they are very loving and view it as a very sacred and intimate act. Well not all, but in my opinion, there are a lot of awful things going on in the world where people are getting paid to do things they don't really want to do, they just do it for money.

But my question isn't about any of that.
It got me to wondering if maybe they are one step (or too many steps) closer to truly celebrating life. If you think about it, they are truly okay with the natural process of death. So why is it wrong?

I'm not even sure why this is even considered as wrong. If two people loved each other, why not? I think it's romantic and beautiful. I would love to have someone in my life that loved me that much, to look past the apparent ugliness of even death that everyone sees. That someone can love someone else's soul so much that they love their body even after death is pretty amazing.

This might sound weird, but in my eyes, I don't see how most funerals I've been to in this day of age are beneficial. I don't think society celebrates life, i I think society simply mourns death and makes it seem horrible. I know some cultures that have the most beautiful and fun celebrations of life! White society, not so much.

I don't believe it should be this way, I believe it is a beautiful journey into somewhere amazing and that people should embrace the beauty.

It's why I'd much more gravitate to the opposite end of the spectrum and I'd much rather invite a bunch of necros who would truly love and celebrate me to my funeral over people who are going to make it dark and depressing.

I personally, would rather someone loving me after I died, and being okay with it, over someone being afraid, and grossed out.

When I die, I don't want my body being put on display for people to be disturbed over. That would suck! The last thing I want is to gross people out or disturb them! By the way I'm sorry if this post grosses you out or disturbs you LoL
But if people really do want to see me one last time, i'd hope that they would enjoy it, not hate it, and that they wouldn't be terrified of touching me either.
I'd want them to think, " she still looks hot" LoL
But seriously though, I think maybe they are onto something.

Disrespecting it is one thing, but I'm not sure how someone wanting to have intimate relations with their lost loved one is disrespectful. It's against the law, and not sanitary, but I don't know... I don't judge people who are attracted to trees either, so I'm not going to start now.

Same for how I wish they could just leave my body in a forest somewhere to give back to the earth and wildlife, but I can't do that either because its against the law. We see dead animals everywhere in the wilderness, why should it be any different? I guess it would gross people out. Because it's not a fear of attracting wildlife they are worried about, there are scavengers and carcasses all over the wild as it is, and it really doesn't take long for the process of decay out there.
Do you think that would encourage the terrible state of the world or possibly make it better? I think it would make it better, if we were allowed to give our bodies back to nature the proper way and didn't have to be stuck in boxes or turned to ashes. I think if people saw it in nature, they wouldn't fear it so much and they would see it as a part of nature.

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Old 13-02-2013, 07:45 AM
Posts: n/a
Originally Posted by hannah
As the Hermeticists say, does anything actually exist outside our own mind/consciousness? We believe something exists because we can percieve it, but what if our perceptions are wrong? When we are asleep or comatose, for us the world no longer exists, but comes back into existence on waking. What if everything is an elaborate fantasy we have made for ourselves, and reality is something very different? Think of the Matrix!

This reminds me of my other thread, Simulation. I believe we are in illusions inside of even more illusions. I believe some of us (ET stasis walk ins) are truly simulated and are simply projecting our souls into our bodies. When I go to sleep, I wake up and carry on my other assignments in my other body.
Even those that are not alive elsewhere right now, and have come straight from death as a soul are mere projections of the soul.
I believe the universe, and all other universes, and absolutely everything that is solid, including most realms that we perceive to be "spiritual" are all completely cyclical - it happens over and over again, like a giant time loop, or many time loops.
Ultimately, the only place that is not cyclical and that is not a hologram of our and God's beautiful and amazing creations, is the death realm.
I think many people perceive all the millions of realms to be a part of the death realm, but I don't think these realms we see or astral travel to are part of it at all. I believe they are all physical, even those inter-dimensional beings. Just at different frequencies, and different layers of illusion than us. Some are much more "ascended" so they don't have to take "physical form"
Like me. My ET self - I am an ascended being. I didn't have to physically die to get here.

This reminds me of my ancient egyptian question again. I had a vision of the tree of life in maya culture - the one that has dead bodies growing off it, that which is known in pretty much every culture and creation myth and figured it's meaning truly stands for DNA, and that the older skins are coming back.
Actually this is true in terms of DNA as we restore to our natural ascended bodies, but I also resonated with this in very literal terms.
"The old skins are coming back" =
Our original ancestors are coming back. We can all give love and prana.

I knew this was happening in many ways already, but the idea of actual mummies coming back to life - I don't know about that, it's been something I've been thinking of though. I know my ET family is coming back in many forms, projections like myself, star seeds like my original soul, and some plan on coming in their own forms.
But here's the thing...
The Underworld in ancient egypt. It's a very real place - a dimension.
It's a place where the ancients trapped themselves - in our future - or our past depending on what way you look at time. They are alive. They never passed over into the death realm. They never died. That's what "immortality" was to them. They figured out how to leave their bodies and trap themselves there.
So they are coming back here, just like many other inter-dimensional beings are beginning to, as our dimension shifts into one where all can access it again.

Somehow, their coming back has a lot to do with how they mummified themselves. I just don't know how yet. I've been talking with Anubis. But last time I talked to him, I thought it would be grand to follow him down to the "underworld" and I got got distracted and forgot I was still down there for days, it was pretty depressing until I remembered I never climbed up from that place.
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