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Old 14-12-2012, 07:53 AM
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Why do spirits seek out mediums?

I know that is a question that grieving people tend to wonder often. The people in the spiritual realm I interact with on a daily basis has told me numerous times how their loved ones wondered that so I figured it's worth writing about. I've toyed with ideas for this thread for a while and figure now is as good a time as any. The energies of people around me have contributed bits and pieces to this particular thread.

Those who have transitioned want to allow their loved ones the space to move forward with their lives.
When they make a point of connecting with their living loved ones in any way, it is always out of love. Spirits have to go through a healing process just like their loved ones do. They feel like if they get too involved in their lives, it might interfere with the healing process. That is why they do a "walk-in" with me where they use my telepathic ability to communicate with them from a distance. Unless they do that, communication won't happen. They can still send signs though and the only ones who will recieve them are the ones who will notice them. Many mediums work in the same way where they recieve tidbits of info that is meant to be interpreted but my interaction with spirits is a two-way dialogue with telepathy therefore no interpretation is required. I actually don't even have to post a message for people necessarily for them to communicate with their loved ones but I enjoy doing that from time to time even if there winds up being drama, and yes there has been drama. I'm actually at the point where I'm reluctant to continue though I won't say I'll never do it again. I'm mostly just taking a break.I hear too much about how the loved ones they talk to get resentful of me because their loved ones in spirit are around me almost 24/7 so they bond with me and tend to bring me up a lot the same way someone might gush about a new friend they made. Little do they know that many of them have been around me for years without my knowledge. I didn't force them to stay here. I actually urged them to not bring me up if they can help it because I can easily anticipate their loved ones reaction to that......and I'm tired of being resented and feeling underappreciated for trying to help people. Some people have also accused me of turning their loved one against them. I never once tried to turn anyone against their loved one. When that happened for those it has happened to was based entirely on the people's attitude towards me, and not anything I did. Their loved on in spirit just got upset over their attitude just like someone might get upset when they know someone is trying to help people and getting **** they shouldn't be getting. I appreciate that they have my back and there have been times I got pretty protective over some of them too. When they mention something they want to bring up to their loved ones, there are times when I don't hesitate to say, "That is not a good idea. They will get upset." Occasionally they listen to me too. The biggest one being reincarnation. I was actually reluctant to even go there on this thread but since they have already broached the topic on their own, it couldn't hurt. They didn't quite listen there but they wish they did because just as I thought, the people they spoke to did not react well to it. I am totally blessed to be able to say I have gotten to know some of these lovely souls who have chosen to come back as my future children though I do enjoy interacting with all of them. I won't say which ones wanted to come back as my children because that isn't necessary (though I connect with each of them in at least one major way) but I will say that I discouraged them from even bringing that up to people who are in pain because when someone is grieving,even if they are spiritual and have a grasp on the evolution of the human spirit, they still tend to see that as a rejection towards them. They won't understand. They also don't understand the fact that we are here to learn and have lessons to teach one another. Sometimes after the lesson is taught, it is no longer necessary for those people to continue on the same path. Sometimes there is a lesson in their passing. People don't take that into account. I am also one of those people who would have been more than happy to allow these people to be in my children's lives if the kids gave any clues into their past lives (which is common during preschool ages but most parents chalk that up to an overactive imagination but I'll be right there with a notebook and pen) or I could tell who they are based on their personality because souls do retain some of their positive personality traits from one lifetime to the next. I figured they would find comfort in that but unfortunately they'd rather just burn bridges now. I guess it's for the best.
I'm not nor will I ever be the kind of psychic who is going to mince words and tell people what they want to hear. Like it or not, that is who I am. Some like that, some don't. Sometimes the negativity towards me got so bad that my spirit guide had to turn the telepathy I have with the living off just so I can get on my feet again emotionally. Like now.This paragraph is partially about me making a few points, and partially a frustrated rant, so please bear with me. I guess the lesson I have to learn from that is to become more thick-skinned. It's definitely a process.

Spirits can anticipate their family/friend's reactions.
These people who transitioned know the people that were in their life inside and out and they know all too well how they might react if they chose to establish contact with them directly. The first reason I mentioned is part of the reason why they don't go to them directly but it is also because they know they will either freak out, or be so desperate to hear from them that they worry they are imagining things. Imagine if you will that you are trying to say something to someone who might have earbuds in their ears with music playing loudly. Unless you more or less tap them on their shoulder or wave your arms like a loon in their face to get their attention, they won't hear a word you say. Now imagine being a spirit who is eager to connect and can't be heard? They will get frustrated and go to the person who will be a voice to them.

They work in their own time frame.
Many times when spirits transition, they are not quite ready to reconnect with those on Earth right away. Some connect quicker than others. They always operate in their own time frame and oftentimes, they'll connect in some way or another when their loved on least expects it. Many of them have to fully cross over to find peace from demons they might have battled while alive, or sometimes they might have had unhealthy attitudes they had to let go of. It's like I said. They have to go through a healing process. That might make things a bit easier for someone who just lost someone and is in total turmoil wondering, "Why haven't I heard from him or her? I need to know he/she is ok."
Also bear in mind that just because they are not on the same plane as us and don't feel physical or emotional pain the same way we do does not mean they don't struggle to heal. I actually have a few spirits around me that have committed suicide. I won't post for their individual loved ones on here just for the fact that they are not ready yet and it has to be when they are. I don't doubt that at least one is reading my threads already. They are both ashamed of the choice they made and basically have to learn to forgive themselves before they can feel ready to connect. They have told me that they haven't crossed over yet. It seems so easy to say, "Go into the light" doesn't it? I wish it worked that way but it is a choice they have to make on their own. I can tell which ones haven't crossed over because they are a bit more serious. The ones who have crossed over have found a bit more peace. They might not be completely at peace because they still feel an attachment to the lives they left behind, but they are a lot more peaceful than they were before.

Really, that is all I can think of off the top of my head. If anyone had any other questions, fire away.
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Old 16-12-2012, 01:58 PM
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Your abilities sound amazing and even a little nerving! I am very new to all this and have extreme respect for learning more. Have any of the spirits you channeled explain the "feeling" of being dead. Do they feel human? What is it they see around them? Do they see at all? Or is it all communication based on feeling?

If you have any insight for me maybe check out my latest thread and let me know. I would love some advice. ;)
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Old 16-12-2012, 03:08 PM
Vashtia Vashtia is offline
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Thank you, LadyImprezza1111, I needed to read what you had to say. My Mom passed away on October 31st, 2012. It's exactly like you said - I have wondered why I hadn't heard from her yet.

Also, I'm sorry to hear that you have gotten grief from individuals with jealousy issues. It sounds as though you do a lot of work to help people. I, for one, am grateful for your post explaining why it might take a while to know Mom is ok.

By the way, I have experienced 11:11 --- at one time, it drove me crazy. It seems like I would see it when I was going through an especially traumatic transition. It was a sign telling me it was going to be ok. Strangely enough I haven't seen it a whole lot lately.
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Old 18-12-2012, 02:06 AM
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Thanks alot for your post. I have actually honestly been dragging my heels about coming back to the forum just because I figured I wasn't getting responses to a few threads on this particular forum and I figured that was in large part because people don't really know how to respond. Comments like yours are very gratifying and it reminds me again of why all this is worth it when I tend to get discouraged. So thank you.

You would probably never believe me but I'm actually pretty new to it too. I have learned that some of these lovely people around me have been around for over 10 years. One of the ones who has been around me longer than that time was actually shocked when I heard her and responded because she didn't expect it because she has been communicating with me this whole time apparently and it has been one-sided until now. It is possible to shock a spirit and I do enjoy it from time to time. My awareness to them just opened up for me this year. That particular lady is one that I feel like I've known forever. Not literally forever but definitely a long time.

Now in response to your questions:

Have any of the spirits you channeled explain the "feeling" of being dead?
For starters, I can't say I'm familiar with the term "channel," I mean.....aside from changing channels on a TV but thats it. I actually had to go to the channeling forum to better understand what it is you are referring to and the part about relaying messages from spirits does describe me, however another description (the non-physical form) does not, which is what is mentioned in this particular thread. Yes, energies enter my body to relay messages, but I'm not in a trance state.


The spirits around me don't really explain the "feeling" of being dead. They are still more connected to the things they enjoyed/missed about life. Some of them are eager to come back just to experience life again. Some are ready to come back, other still have some healing/reflecting to do. If anything, they have taught me to not take anything for granted in life...........even the bad stuff because even the bad still reminds me that I'm alive. So in a nutshell, no, the feeling of being dead is not mentioned because it isn't something they want to acknowledge. I actually refrain from using terms liked "died" because for one thing, we undergo a physical death but the soul never dies. They also don't like being reminded of death which is why I use terms like "transition" most often than not.

Do they feel human?
Yup. Very much so. I don't know if you have seen my threads for not only the wife connecting to her husband, but also the mother connecting to her son but both ladies I wrote about in those threads made it clear they wanted to be referred to as ladies rather than spirits. Actually, I've gotten to where when I refer to the collective group of spirits around me, I'd like to refer to them as my "posse" of spirits or just "posse." They got a kick out of that. I also try to use people/person when I can too. They like to be addressed like they were in life and one thing they actually really enjoy is when I talk to them out loud the way I would if I was talking to someone who was physically here with me. You would be surprised just how much they are connected to the living. The only difference I see is that our energies are anchored to a physical body and they are not. Other than that, I see no difference. They still have personalities that are intact, great sense of humors, and they still long for the same things the living do.

What is it they see around them? Do they see at all?
They see the same things I see because they are around me almost 24/7. I actually noticed something really cool. I've been told that they sort of congregate on the end of my bed. I have a little lop-eared rabbit and when she's sitting on the floor, she will stand up on her hind legs as bunnies tend to do when they are curious about something and literally look up at the end up my bed like she is studying them. She does that to me once in a while but hardly at all anymore. I think there is a chance she might actually be able to see them. They see that too and have remarked on how adorable she is.

Or is it all communication based on feeling?
Very little of my communication with them is based on feelings. Its almost exclusively telepathy. Its only based on feelings when I'm gauging their emotions on something.
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Old 18-12-2012, 02:34 AM
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I'm really glad my thread helped.
One thing I have learned is that many times (not all, but many) the people who transitioned at a younger age sometimes come back the quickest and the older ones sometimes take a while. I do have some people around me that transitioned at a younger age and they've waited longer to connect for their own personal reasons. One of them was quiet in life and is still a quiet lil' thing now and others that still wait to connect do so for the reasons I mentioned in my thread--sometimes they just aren't quite ready. I mentioned my grandmother on probably a few previous posts. She actually sort of gets on my case because she doesn't want me to talk about her so much that it drives people crazy but what the heck! I can't help it!
She transitioned 15 years ago and there were times I can look back now and see when she was telling me something and this year was the first time I was able to respond to her and she got downright giddy from that too. Cutest thing ever!

Thanks for your compassion regarding the people with jealousy issues. Honestly, I think its something I'll have to get used to. I can put myself in those family members shoes and if it were me in their shoes, I might harbor some jealousy too.
I might not always post threads catered specifically to individuals meant to recieve a message from one person in particular. If I do, it will be pretty rare. Thats something I'd actually rather do individually through e-mail or something but I had to rely on this forum to give messages to people I would have otherwise had no way of contacting.

Yes, I do have an honest desire to help people but I have reached an understanding that my efforts will be appreciated by some (and those are the ones I need to focus on) but not always everyone. I think the biggest lesson for me to learn is to get a thicker skin.

Still, I'm glad you got just the message you needed from my thread. If one little thing I might say makes a difference to just one person, then it was 100% worth it.

Yup! Gotta love that 11:11. I see it constantly. Its a good thing. I actually find it comforting when I see it. Check out this article:

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