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Old 28-11-2012, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Belle
I was about 7 when my grandfather died, and I was away on a brownie thingy when he died. I sensed his presence on the night he died and felt desperately sad, it was all put down to homesickness and even at that age I was too self-conscious to mention what I had experienced.

I find it interesting that sometimes we can feel when someone dies. I had a similar experience when my aunt passed. I was a teenager at the time. I knew she had been sick and was in the hospital. One afternoon I was driving from school to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. Out of no where, I was suddenly filled with an overwhelming sense of sadness. I burst into tears and started sobbing aloud. It lasted a few minutes, and I remember looking at the clock and seeing it was around 3 p.m. Several hours later I called my mom to see how my aunt was doing. She told me my aunt had passed around 3 p.m. I got chills.
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Old 28-11-2012, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Tiss
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share these experiences.

After my beloved passed, I had several signs that I can relate to his presence:

a. One day I was meditating and I could meet him and have a telepathic conversation. It was wonderful. He was much younger than when he passed and he was quietly smiling. He looked happy and I noticed that our conversation was telepathic because he did not move his lips, just smiled and looked at me with love. He told me that he was so comfortable there, he moved as if that was his true place, as the owner of that place. It was a beautiful first experience not so easy to equate in the future...

b. Some time after such great experience I wanted to repeat it but my expectations were so high, and I began to have difficulties to visualise while meditating. So I requested him desperaterly to manifest in ANY way. It is long to tell, but the case is that a WiFi printer that was located in another room unexpectedly began to print a pic of us that I loved so much, but that I have not seen in many many time. I cannot find an explanation for it yet. I am not a person that could by mistake call the image from my notebook to print...

c. The third was one day...I needed to deliver a very important report the following day but I felt so tired and decided to ask for an extension. I went to bed. At 3 am the same printer that was in the neighbour room to my bedroom began to print alone... I heard the noise and I feel no fear. It served to wake me up and finish the report to deliver it on time. I cannot explain it either as no notebook was on at that early time.

d. Some plants in my garden that never have flourished [ I talk of years and years] began to do it...

e. After he passed, a robin comes almost every day to knock my window. Never had happened before.

I feel that he is protecting me, even though I miss his physical presence so much. We were deeply in love during the many years we lived together, and I am still deeply in love with him.


Tiss, this is so beautiful, comforting and heartwarming,
I am sure he does come to visit you, and as there was great love between you, he may well be helping you Spiritually as well as showing you his love and support.
Blessings to you and the Soul of your beloved
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Old 29-11-2012, 01:15 AM
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One year on Christmas we were at my grandmas house and I sat across from her playing cards, I had a strong sense that was the last time I was going to see her like that. Two days later she had a stroke, affecting half her body and her speech. She couldn't talk, or walk and was bound to a wheelchair and everyone trying to learn what she was trying to tell us. She lived for close to two years like this. She passed away after they found some type of cancer a couple months prior. A week after her passing I had a dream that my family was walking down a hospital hallway with my grandma in a wheelchair rolling herself with both arms and she kept telling me "it's okay, I love you". It was her voice that I knew before she had the stroke, I missed that voice so much. I've had two other dreams with her in them as well, both had meanings to them.
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Old 29-11-2012, 11:29 PM
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Here is a fresh experience from just last night. I found out yesterday that a previous coworker of mine passed away this week. I sent the thought out to him that I wondered if he was "okay" and if he needed help. I also told him to come during the night when I would be more open to him.

I woke during the night to a vision of myself from the back at work, but my hair was much shorter. I heard myself saying, "I miss my long hair."

Then I could feel fingers at the back of my neck. I felt my hair gathered together into a loose pony tail and then dropped against my back. I realized my boyfriend was on the other side of me and I was facing his back, so it certainly wasn't him. My arms were in front of me, so it wasn't me either.

I realized that when this gentleman knew me, my hair was short and since then I have grown it quite long. I think he was expressing surprise at how long my hair was now.
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Old 30-11-2012, 01:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Tobi
Tiss, this is so beautiful, comforting and heartwarming,
I am sure he does come to visit you, and as there was great love between you, he may well be helping you Spiritually as well as showing you his love and support.
Blessings to you and the Soul of your beloved

Thanks so much Tobi for your sweet message and for your blessings. I receive them with my heart open as they bring me much light. I wish you the best!

Thanks again!
--------------Dare to be the light of your own truth,---------------
dare to be your own standard
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Old 03-12-2012, 05:37 AM
Wandering_Star Wandering_Star is offline
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My best friend died 12 years ago this month. At the time, I believed there was no afterlife--that all the lights went out when we died and there was nothing left.

Three days after he died, I was sitting at my desk, paying bills. It was a gray, rainy day, and I felt immense sadness at his passing, as well as guilt and regret that I hadn't called him a week before, when I'd felt the sudden urge to. I finished what I was doing, then sat there for a few minutes, just looking out at the rain.

Suddenly, I sensed my friend's presence in the room with me. It was as if he was standing right behind me, only he was huge and filled the room. Then I felt what can best be described as the energetic equivalent of a warm, loving embrace from behind. It was such a powerful, intense experience, I knew it couldn't just be my imagination.

And as it happened I realized that I was experiencing my friend in an incredibly pure form--I was experiencing the essence of him, with all the heaviness and worries of earthly life burned off, so the best, wisest, most loving aspects of him were able to come right through. I was aware that he was seeing his life, and me, and our relationship with all its ups and downs with a much higher level of clarity, that he fully understood everything that had happened between us, and that I had nothing to feel sad, guilty, or regretful about.

And the two phrases that came through loud and clear were, I love you and It's all right.

The entire experience was incredibly brief--no more than 30 seconds. But it was so overwhelming and so powerful that to this day I've never forgotten the feelings I had, or the way the flood of his energy felt. In no time at all, he blew the doors off reality for me and gave me a fleeting glimpse of something so mind-blowing and beautiful I don't even have proper words for it. I still get weepy when I tell people the story face-to-face; the memory is still that intense.

It took me a long time to integrate that initial experience into my reality--it was just so much to take in all at once; I had to think on it and receive further insights before it felt comfortable and natural and didn't make my head spin. But it did immediately destroy any fear I had of death.

And over the years, I have occasionally been "pushed" to learn more, with new information showing up as I'm ready for it. I had a big surge at the end of this past summer, when I received Michael Newton's books (Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls) through an odd series of "coincidences." By now I'm attuned enough to know that it was really important that I read them immediately. As if to underscore that, one of my cats suddenly suffered a freak ailment and passed away two days after I received the books.

And I'm now using the stuff my friend taught me during that first post-death encounter, as well as everything else I've learned since, because my father's dying of cancer. We've always had an extremely difficult relationship, but now that I've been given information about soul purpose and soul agreements, and have started looking at us from that perspective, it's become easy for me to forgive him, act compassionately, and just do whatever he needs me to do--I'm no longer lugging around all the baggage we packed in this lifetime.

I haven't had another intense visit from my friend, though I have encountered him in dreams and I sometimes sense he's around, helping my guides to look after me. I still miss seeing him here, in physical form; I've yet to make another friend I was as close to as I was with him. But I know he's still out there, still exists, is helping me on my own journey as we both agreed before coming here, and that when it's my time to leave here he'll be waiting for me.
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Old 03-12-2012, 06:32 PM
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Wandering Star,
What an amazing and heartwarming story! Thanks so much for sharing this with us.
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Old 03-12-2012, 10:24 PM
Tobi Tobi is offline
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Wandering Star, this is an amazing beautiful experience, and how it changed your viewpoint profoundly.
I had a similar experience recently, with my dog whom I loved very much indeed, as a Soul, not just as a dog.
Our story is in the second link (below) "my dog's after death communications".
Blessings to you.
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Old 03-12-2012, 11:52 PM
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I once heard from a relative I didn't know I had, at least not by that name.

I was staying up late one night, working on a project. I didn't feel good physically, I had a sore throat and was achy, but my creativity was flowing and I just - couldn't - stop.

Then I heard a thought "Go to the kitchen and get some Vitamin C." I ignored it. I heard it again a few minutes later, but brushed it off again. The third time, it was a bit louder, more firm and amused "Now, listen to your Auntie. Go to the kitchen, and get some Vitamin C!"

This startled me now into awareness. I looked up at the air. "I don't have an Auntie!," I said out loud, arguing. My dad's sister never had kids and my moms an only child, so I hadn't a clue who was claiming to be my aunt. And I clearly heard the sweet rebuttal in my head "Yes you do. Aunty Birdie."

Yeah, I went and I got the Vitamin C at that, and probably went to bed not too much longer.

A few days later, I asked my Mom if I had had an "Aunty Bird". She replied, "Oh you mean Auntie Birdie" supplying the last syllable I had forgotten. "That was your grandmother's sister M****. She used to call you and your brother on the phone, and whistle like a robin for you." She died forty years ago and I don't think I ever actually met her, since she lived on the other side of USA.

And get this: she was a nurse. I don't know why she decided to drop in and say hi to me that particular night, expressing her concern for my health, but I love it that she did.
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Old 05-12-2012, 12:20 AM
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Several years ago a loved one passed on and it was tragic to me then. After a few months I had a dream one night near dawn of being in their presence, not seeing but sensing. I sat in the foreground of this dream only for a few moments that seemed like eternity. I became aware of a window behind the loved one with a very bright light from outside. Days later I received a photo from the sister of the loved one, an aunt was in it too, all sitting at a restaurant table. The photo seemed quite dark so I scanned it into my computer and lightened it to be visible. Result was the loved one sitting at table with a window in background and a very white light shining from outside! Somehow I felt it was a kind gift over the abyss of time and space, from one soul to another and I've always cherished it ever since.
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