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Old 01-05-2006, 01:13 PM
Light Mage
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In cases like that you have to wonder what is best, to have memories of your loved ones suffering, or to have memories of your loved ones having the strength and dignity to decide on this one final course of action and leave you with happy memories of them when they were well.

Of course, it has to be completely, totally, 100% voluntary and truly wanted by the person who chooses to end their own life, otherwise it's not really Euthanasia, it's coercion (sp?) which is selfish and wrong.
Old 01-05-2006, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by feohgoddess
I need to study up on this ALOT more than I have in order to have an opinion.

Feohgoddess hun, your opinion comes from the heart, knowledge comes from study and interaction, theres no right or wrong opinion just unique to the one who gives theirs
Old 03-05-2006, 10:19 AM
psychic sue
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What about suicide? I don't mean for a physical reason, I mean when someone just can't go on with life? Do you think that is OK? Does anyone think suicides are "punished" as some orthodox churches tell us? I'd like to hear views on this.

Sue x
Old 08-05-2006, 11:07 AM
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I lost my husband 2 months ago from cancer of the stomach. He suffered from various illnesses for 11 years among which was,prostrate cancer,heart problems,Osteoporus,and Diabetes (from which he had a leg amputated).
If he hadn't died so unexpectedly,I know he would have made the decision to take Euthanasia.
I quite agree with this and the pain he was in was horrendous.
Old 26-05-2006, 07:18 PM
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i wholeheartedly agree with everyone having the right to decide their death.

i watched my poor father be resuscitated after a bronchoscopy, when his heart stopped beating. the surgeons KNEW that he had inoperable cancer, and yet they resuscitated him. i find that unforgiveable.

dying is something we all do. we have no choice in this. we choose how we live, to a large extent, why not choose our own exit?

i have a permanent DO NOT REVIVE on any operative procedure notes for myself. i do not ever, EVER want to put my children or grandchildren through the torture of trying to decide what to do should there be a mishap.

it is a painful and often difficult subject to discuss, but the more that it is brought into the open, the better it will be, i feel. although i can understand those who feel that the risk of elderly relatives being 'bumped off' when they dont particularly want to go, makes it an unsavoury option.

for myself, if i should finish my days in unbearable pain, then i want the right to say ENOUGH. and i want to have those wishes honoured.

Old 28-05-2006, 11:03 PM
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I am persuaded that the operational word (pun intended!) for having the right to choose is "unbearable." Unbearable pain is something that is beneath the dignity of wo/man. I, too, have a DNR in place, and in my primary physician's office. We have discussed this. Again, discuss this with your family. Let them know that you choose to leave when the situation or condition becomes quite evidently hopeless and/or unbearable. Having experienced four NDE's I know that death is painless. At the same time, I would abide the right for anyone to disagree with this if their relgious faith means enough to them to "tough it out" to the end. It should always be a matter of choice. PaPaPaul

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Old 02-06-2006, 06:09 AM
Morluna Direvrailian
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Like Feohgoddess said, I too need to do some more research on this topic... but I feel rather strongly that it should be made legal... I do however think it is very important to create safeguards to protect against abuse of the situation... actually doing that is always difficult however.
Old 03-06-2006, 02:07 AM
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Originally Posted by psychic sue
What about suicide? I don't mean for a physical reason, I mean when someone just can't go on with life? Do you think that is OK? Does anyone think suicides are "punished" as some orthodox churches tell us? I'd like to hear views on this.

Sue x
Hi Sue -
I know the "orthodox" view is that suicides are punished - I have heard, by having to live out their days (which were planned before birth) on the etheric planes (really an upper area of the physical plane), and not be able to complete the death process until done. When my wife asked me to assist her to do this, I refused, thinking at that time that if she had learnt all that she needed to learn from the experience, her I AM Presence would withdraw her; and who was I to interfere with that? I feel differently now, although would still find difficulty in providing such assistance... Urkkk!

However, I believe that in all our decisions and actions, the most important thing is the INTENT which we had in mind. If the reason behind suiciding is the conscious intent to avoid a lesson, then I would say that we would be held in the lesson until it was absorbed (whatever experience that required). If suiciding to make things easier for someone else, it would likely not cause such an interruption of the normal course of the death process.

I don't think a blanket statement can be made that would cover all circumstances, except to say it will depend on the individual and their intents at the time... ours not to judge their actions!

I believe that in ancient times, when people lived to a ripe old age of 2000 or more, and felt they had cleared all karma they had made in that life and done all they felt they needed to do for that sojourn, they could and would intend to be free of their body - and die in their sleep. People today who have ascended to a certain level can also die simply by intent to do so; it is up to them to be aware of their motivations and the likely consequences of doing that. I guess the same could be accorded to those who are not able to will themselves to die by intent, but are finding the body too painful or incapacitated that continuing to live is simply prolonging a nightmare for everyone concerned - then I feel no blame can be attached, if indeed it is proper to attach blame in any case (I believe it is not our place to do so). The fact that relatives may be saddened to see their loved one go is simply due to a lack of understanding of the death process (and perhaps a bit of selfishness!) For death is a gateway; it is not the end; and if people really believed that, they wouldn't perhaps be so clinging. Animals in the wild know this instinctively, and, we are told, view death quite differently from humans, who usually cling to life like.. dear life!

Old 11-06-2006, 03:01 AM
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In my home state assisted suicide is legal. It has been for several years. The voters voted it in. The federal government under the current administration tried and failed to strike it down. There have been no reported instances of abuse. People, who have terminal illnesses which may become unbearably debilitating and/or painful, have been interviewed on television. They state that while they are not sure they will ever use it, it is comforting to know that it is available to them should they need it.

I personally believe that the right to die is each person's last right. No one else should deprive them of that right. Death of the physical body, after all, is not the end. The spirit is leaving one house and entering another, so to speak. The biggest gift during one's final days and hours is the gift of compassion.
Old 15-07-2006, 11:14 PM
daisy daisy is offline
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i think it should be legal, people will find a way to abuse this as they abuse everything else, but why is it acceptable to carry out abortions and 'put down' animals who don't have any say in the matter when you have people begging to die because they're in so much pain and they're refused, the living will is a good idea but should be updated every 5 years along with your normal will just in case your opinions/circumstances or beliefs change
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