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Old 12-10-2011, 11:56 PM
Roaring Thunder
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Heaven or Reincarnation?

Quick question: When we die, do we go through purgatory and then go to Heaven or do we return for yet another lifetime on Earth?

I personally would rather go through purgatory but go to Heaven afterwards than to go through no purgatory but come back here again.
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Old 13-10-2011, 12:15 AM
aero87 aero87 is offline
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Originally Posted by Roaring Thunder
Quick question: When we die, do we go through purgatory and then go to Heaven or do we return for yet another lifetime on Earth?

I personally would rather go through purgatory but go to Heaven afterwards than to go through no purgatory but come back here again.

If reincarnation is real then we go through purgatory either way in my eyes, since life on earth is like purgatory to me.
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Old 13-10-2011, 03:22 AM
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It depends on what you believe. Some people feel, when you die, you go to heaven or hell (organized religion). Others feel you usually go to purgatory (organized religion, again) which is more realistic to me as it seems rather hard to believe you could possibly go straight to hell, as it seems equally hard to believe you could go straight to heaven.

Some say what you believe, is what it will be (as in, you make your own reality). Some say there is reincarnation, but I think your soul can also choose not to reincarnate on earth again.

There are so many different opinions. Who knows what to believe!!
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Old 13-10-2011, 03:29 AM
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Neither. I think you get what you think you will get, until you stop thinking that way. IMHO, the afterlife is the realm of imagination, a place of instantaneous creation. So you may create your heaven, or your hell, or you may return to incarnation, or you may reunify with Oneness, or any combination thereof. Take your pick, and you may change your mind as often as you choose.

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Old 13-10-2011, 03:33 AM
Zagacat Zagacat is offline
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I wondered this too. I know there are other posts on this but I looked up ndref.org and read through tons of stories myself. There are tons of stories from all walks of life. Pretty amazing.
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Old 13-10-2011, 03:36 AM
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Here is the weird way I see it...we pass over in spirit, if we have connected with God on this side, we re-connect with God when we pass over. We don't reincarnate per se, but our energy imprint is recycled into our family energy stream and relived through our relatives. If we don't connect with God our energy connects in a sense to either a negative stream, if we lived such a life on this side or is not recycled... still working this out... but for me it works right now...
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Old 13-10-2011, 04:30 AM
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It's so hard to be definite on this one. There are infinite possibilities, really. But my version of it goes something like this:

We are spiritual beings, and incarnating as human is just one part of our experience. We really are so much more than just this one lifetime. We existed before and we will exist after. We exist above and below and all around this one incarnation. And when it is over, our souls will continue on. We are our souls- that is who we really are. Life here is something of a dream, in a way.
I believe in reincarnation- from my perspective, I know without a doubt that it happens. What we call "heaven" is a human interpretation of the blissful aspect of the divine. The "gates of heaven" refer to the the doorway into the divine that we experience through death, or through profound meditation or spiritual awakening. When I use the word "God" I am referring to what I call "the light". It's the source, it's the sum total of it all, it's loving and bright and beautiful and dynamic. I have seen this light; I know it is there. There are beings that operate within it, to it and from it, as messengers and guides. These beings are the angels. They are not human, and they can be very helpful. They are radiant. I have seen one of them and it was like nothing else I have ever seen.
When we die, we go through a process of spiritual transcendence of the body. We shed the body and return to our more pure form, which is the soul. In doing this, we go through a series of stages. In one or more of these stages, we process the life left behind. This is the process we call "purgatory". It is called this name because here the soul is essentially purged of its earthly life. We process and release all of our deeds, and we experience the truth about ourselves. It can be very painful, but we need to do this in order to release from the body and the lifetime. Failure to transcend through this stage can result in an earthbound state, which creates ghosts.
We can and often do go through stages of this "life review" process while we are alive. In truth, death is simply a magnification of what occurs in life. If we work on ourselves and face our truth, though it may be scary, we will do the same in death and we will pass through the stages and go straight into the light of the divine. If we run away from ourselves and fail to face our truth, it will be particularly difficult for us to in death to purge and move on.
My experience has taught me that there is a realm in which beings who shun the light of the divine tend to cluster. This realm is shut away from the light because the beings who cluster there have no wish to be near the light. There are some powerfully negative beings there, and there is a conscious effort of some sort to maintain a boundary which wards off the light. The beings in this place are often in a state of great pain and suffering. I have seen some of them, and I call them demons. There are dark entities there which do try to reach out and encourage vulnerable souls to join them. One way they do this is by taking advantage of compromised individuals and coercing them to do things that are destructive to the soul, such as suicide. Many extremely suicidal people report hearing voices telling them to kill themselves. These voices belong to the dark entities from this realm.
God is all loving, and there is always a sense of unconditional compassion and forgiveness emanating from the light for everyone- including the dark entities. The divine light is made of love, and beings who enter into this light are at once immersed in a sea of love, the most profound and glorious love we as humans could ever possibly imagine. Its vastness is almost imperceptible to us. To comprehend it our minds have to strain, and they sometimes break in the effort.
There are so many questions to be answered which touch on the realm of the soul. There are answers, but they strain the boundaries of our human consciousness. Some things we are not meant to comprehend in this life.
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Old 13-10-2011, 05:39 AM
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Neither. We do reincarnate, but not right away. We are allowed to rest between lifetimes. When we leave this physical body, we meet with friends and loved ones whom we missed, then we meet with our spirit guides and discuss the lifetime we just lived. We are our own judges and juries. We decide for ourselves what our next step will be. Our guides do not intervene with our free will, but they will help us weigh the pros and cons of our previous decisions and actions so we can decide for ourselves what is best. We then spend time in a spiritual realm that resonates with our own soul's frequency with others of like expression and continue our spiritual education until the stars are aligned astrologically perfect for us to reincarnate again and continue our studies/experiences on the physical plane. It is neither heaven nor hell, it is what we ourselves decide.
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Old 13-10-2011, 06:57 AM
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Other Options May Apply

Purgatory is part of Catholic doctrine. A ‘place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven.’ Expiating is atoning for one’s sins. This is melding reincarnation, a non-Catholic belief w/ the Catholic belief of purgatory & the Christian belief of sins.

Some consider heaven/hell a construct of organized religion. How one views the energies we call God will make a difference w/ this too.

Luckymadon gives a very good description of this transitional process as well as the tone in which this evaluation of our life here & future goals transpires.

Some have incarnated here from elsewhere to help w/ our journey. These can be those in much higher Ds like ascended masters or starpeople from different galaxies. Unless they have inadvertently created karma that needs to be resolved while here, they can return to where ever they came from. They may choose to return here even if they don't have to. (BIG secret- some things about Earth are a blast. They don't have ice cream in the higher Ds!!)

Organized religion usually presents our life here as being crummy, relieved by the gift of heaven if we are judged sufficiently worthy. Some spiritual writers who have rejected organized religion have had this idea of us being flawed filter & our existence here being crummy filter over into their work.

In a zeal to move into the much discussed 5D (1-12D) awareness they have mistakenly viewed 3D & everything in it as something horrid to be fled from ASAP. This is problematic for multiple reasons. We are here to explore the nuances of this D, learning/experiencing things that are unique to this D. As we learn that LOVE for all extends to us, right here, right now we increasingly incorporate this ✩☆JOY☆✩ into our core energies & lives, realizing that we don’t need to wait for anything to experience this. Developing empathy also fosters an appreciation for others who are here of all levels as well as the planet. http://www.spiritualforums.com/vb/sh...153#post150153
Viewing expanding our consciousness as a one way journey from 3D up is aggravated by the popular, but flawed analogy of it being a ladder. This likely a holdover from the Biblical Jacob’s ladder (to heaven) story. Our journey is one where we expand our awareness in both directions. It’s more like 1D ← 2D ← ❉3D❉ → 4D →5D than 3D to 4D to 5D. It is an expansive process where we broaden our perspective from 3D, not leaving 3D for another D.
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Old 13-10-2011, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Roaring Thunder
Quick question: 1. When we die, do we go through purgatory and then go to Heaven or 2. do we return for yet another lifetime on Earth?

I personally would rather go through purgatory but go to Heaven afterwards than to go through no purgatory but come back here again.

equally quick answers...

1. no
2. optional

After your passing you'll have the choice of achieving your stated desire - purgatory would have to be self-constructed, however, because there is no such natural state.

But on your return to the etheric you'll probably see things somewhat differently to how you see them now.
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