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Old 28-02-2018, 05:01 PM
Nitiananda Nitiananda is offline
Join Date: Feb 2018
Posts: 161
Yellowstone volcano 2017. Scientists are fleeing the US

Super Volcano in the USA: scientists are afraid, animals run away.
In the US, thousands of years later, the Yellowstone superwolk again woke up. Scientists are afraid of a global catastrophe: the eruption will be like an explosion of an atomic bomb, and the ashes that rise into the atmosphere will turn our day into night. The original video on Youtube, published by Turner Radio Network


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Old 28-02-2018, 05:13 PM
Nitiananda Nitiananda is offline
Join Date: Feb 2018
Posts: 161
Today, it is absolutely impossible to remain indifferent to the topic of global natural disasters. The events of the last four years and especially the winter-spring of 2014-2015. demonstrated the seriousness of the situation on the planet, as well as the absolute unpreparedness of humanity for such tests.

With a constant increase in the dynamics, frequency and strength of natural disasters, which already occur on the Earth several times a week, there is a complete information vacuum. In addition to reporting on the place of the event, the scale of destruction and statistics of human victims, the media does not provide us any information.

Even seeming natural in such cases, the expectations of the public to receive comments from scientists and experts with detailed explanations of what is happening on Earth remain unsatisfied.

All attempts to delve into the study of this problem encounter a blank wall of the absence of any intelligible information. Neither statements of scientists, nor reports of scientific conferences, nor the results of large-scale research in this area can not be found, they simply do not exist.

It seems that there is no problem. But allow, now only the blind man will not see what is happening and will not understand that civilization stands on the verge of a grandiose catastrophe.

The only topic that is more or less covered by the media, and then largely due to the fact that it is impossible to limit the leakage of information, since the situation is really critical - the events associated with the Yellowstone Reserve.

The topic is so rumored that even the Russian military openly participate in polemics on this matter. For example, on March 25, the newspaper Military-Industrial Courier published an article by Colonel Konstantin Sivkov, Doctor of Military Sciences, First Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, from which it became known that Russian law enforcement agencies not only closely monitor the situation around Yellowstone National Park on the territory of our overseas partners, but also included it in their strategic defensive plans.

In particular, the expert says that at present the super volcano is a guarantee of security and peace on the planet, since in the case of the United States using nuclear weapons against Russia our troops will suffice to defeat one goal so that the conflict from the military point of view is exhausted.

And this goal is Yellowstone. It is interesting that the article caused a serious response and panic in the Western media. In particular, the journalists of the British edition of the Daily Mail emphasized the scientific validity of the threat to the existence of the countries of North America and Western Europe in case Russia introduced the scenario Sivkov put into effect.

It turns out that research is underway, the state of affairs associated with natural phenomena on the planet is monitored and studied. The question arises: why does the general public know nothing about this? Why are scientists silent? Or is it the powers that be that do everything to prevent the leakage of information? If this is so, then this fact can only say that the situation is absolutely uncontrollable.

And still, one fundamental report "On the problems and consequences of global climate change on Earth" was found. Effective ways of solving these problems ", which in November 2014 published on its website the International Social Movement" ALLATRA "[1].

This scientific work is the result of the work of an international group of scientists, whose names are for obvious reasons not disclosed. It provides information on the real state of affairs on the planet (in the field of seismology, volcanology, climatology, etc.), analyzes the prospects for the development of events, reports on developments in the management of natural phenomena, which are confirmed by concrete examples.

To make sure of the truth of the information, I, as a person pragmatic and far from this subject, required comments from experts. By a lucky chance in Russia was my longtime friend, a scientist with a world name, a specialist in geophysics.

During our meeting, it turned out that he is a member of the international group of scientists ALLATRA SCIENCE and is a co-author of the above-mentioned report. We had an extremely interesting and informative conversation. With his permission I cite some excerpts from it:

- Our group was established in 1996. And for almost 20 years now we have been engaged in full-scale research in the field of geophysics and geoengineering. I'm glad that you broke away from your military theme and paid attention to our report.

In fact, the situation is quite acute. As you know, over the past two decades, there have been significant changes in the geophysical parameters of the planet, the number and diversity of anomalous phenomena, the frequency and extent of natural disasters have increased.

The spasmodic nature of the intensification of cataclysms in the atmosphere, the lithosphere, and the hydrosphere is striking. And this leads to a sharp allocation of a huge amount of additional energy, both external and internal. Since 2011, these processes have entered the active phase. Look at least the statistics of earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes over the past four years.

Natural disasters have increased significantly and very seriously gained strength. There is also an acceleration of tectonic plate movements, an increase in the rate of seismic, volcanic, solar activity, a change in the Earth's magnetic field, an increase in the drift velocity of magnetic poles, displacement of the earth's axis, a change in the planet's albedo, its orbital parameters ...

What am I telling you? The report you have already studied and the seriousness of the situation you understand yourself, so I repeat it makes no sense. Mankind has never faced such challenges. And now we are rapidly approaching the peak of events.
Tell, please, in detail, what actually happens in the territory of Yellowstone National Park? This information is now more than relevant.

- The attention of our group, which includes many outstanding scientists, specialists from different fields of science, has been attracted to the Yellowstone Park since 2000. Since 2002, we have noted the formation of new geysers, the deformation of the earth's surface, the rise of the soil temperature to the boiling point, the appearance of new cracks on the earth's surface through which volcanic gases are released.

The above observations, as well as the frequency of seismic activity, which since 2011 is constantly increasing, suggest that at this point magma with rapidity rapidly approach the surface. That is, the super-volcano wakes up.

At the same time, the US authorities, instead of seriously thinking about possible ways to prevent a future catastrophe, or at worst to resolve the issue of warning and evacuation of the population, since 2004, have toughened the regime of visiting the Yellowstone National Reserve, and information about the ongoing processes in the field was completely classified .

- What are your group's forecasts regarding the prospects for developments in this place on the globe? What to expect in the near future?

- And you still do not understand? You see that I took my family, along with my children and grandchildren, and moved from the "most democratic state in the world" ... you know where. Why do you think? Only a madman, a person who does not care about his loved ones, will remain there. Well, or fooled by consumer patterns fools, obsessed with the illusions of building their own "bright future" within the "American Dream".

- So it can already be perceived as a fact?

- The fact is that all events on Earth are cyclical. We live in the cycle of activity of the Yellowstone caldera, which is repeated every 640,000 years. It happens ... In fact, tension is mounting and humanity is in for a lot of trouble.

We have indicated everything in the report. Unfortunately, this document no longer carries the character of forecasting, now it states the reality, and set out in a soft form, so as not to frighten people.

- Recently, there has been a frightening trend of aggravation of seismic activity in Japan. Undoubtedly, it influences the awakening process of the super-volcano Ira. According to the materials stated in the report, the probability of destruction of the Japanese archipelago in the next 10 years is 70%, and within 18 years - 99%. How relevant is this information at the moment?

- Knowing that you love Japanese cars, I will answer this: if you have plans to upgrade the car, do it without delay. The situation in Japan is deplorable. You know that we restrain it artificially. But our possibilities are still limited.

Proceeding from this, stated in the report, the forecasts are at this moment a description of the inevitable events that are to occur in the foreseeable future. Unless, of course, a miracle happens and in the near future our capabilities will not significantly expand ...

- So it turns out that the report made a mistake and the situation is much more serious?

- I repeat, the information in the report is stated in a soft form. We did not pursue the goal of frightening people, we just warned society. And once again I will draw your attention, Slavik, drawing up the report, we relied solely on our own forces, which at the moment, alas, are not unlimited. Therefore let the readers make their own conclusions ... And you still do not delay with the purchase of a new Japanese car.

I heard you. Tell me, is not the US government aware of the state of affairs? Do they not realize that they are sitting on a powder keg, and in the literal sense of the word?

- The issue of the adequacy of many officials, not only American, remains open on this issue. People cling to illusory illusions, come up with some absurd excuses, get angry at "paranoid scientists" (in their understanding), and most often just brush aside "all this delirium."

That is, in fact, there is frank sabotage. Do you know when I finally decided to devote myself to work in the ALLATRA SCIENCE group? It all started with enthusiasm and volunteering. I was just curious as a scientist: young guys from all over the world united by a single noble goal - serving a society without borders.

New unexplored horizons, perspective directions in science, alternative knowledge were opened. The head was circling from overflowing joy to do something really worthwhile for all of humanity. But in 2002, there were events that demonstrated the whole deplorable situation.

We studied the stress of a septonic field in the Yellowstone Reserve. We use the term "septon field" inside the group, if you are interested in learning more about it, you can get acquainted [2] with our report on physics.

As a result of the research, we found that the caldera cavity, filled with magma and solid rocks, consists of two chambers - the upper and lower chambers. It turned out that the dimensions of the lower chamber were several times larger than the dimensions of the upper chamber known at that time. We also recorded a rapid increase in pressure in the lower chamber.

It became obvious that the super-volcano was awakening. Naturally, the first thing I did after receiving the results of our research - rushed headlong to deliver information to colleagues and friends "for great science." And then the incomprehensible events for me began to happen.

At first, they listened to me condescendingly, patting me on the shoulder, saying "everyone has his own fan, do not go insane." Then they began to publicly ridicule, and all ended with absolutely concrete threats of physical violence ... We will not go into details.

I learned the lesson from the first time, made conclusions and firmly decided to devote myself entirely to work in the ALLATRA SCIENCE group. We did not have to convince anything, we already understood the seriousness of the situation and realized that we need to act right now, tomorrow simply does not exist for us.


Fig. 1 A three-dimensional model of the underground cavity of the Yellowstone super volcano. The upper camera is marked brown. Red - the bottom one.

What did the representatives, so to speak, of the official "science" do? They, as they are wound up in such cases, have classified all information, closed access to it for the public and specialists, and stupidly sit and wait, watching what is happening.

But today, after 13 years it turned out that recently they "conducted full-scale research using advanced technologies" and "uncovered the secret": it turns out that the cavity beneath the Yellowstone caldera has two chambers!

Well, as always, their favorite song: "we have nothing to worry about ...", "it's not time to erupt ...", "do not listen to alarmists ..." and so on. And where were you 13 years old, miracle workers ?! During this time, there was so much to do. Yes, the blind and deaf madman picture is clear! Is this how you can treat such questions? After all, at stake are the lives of almost a billion people living on two continents of the Western Hemisphere! And now what are you planning to do? Hide your skins ?!

I have the impression that the US government lives in some fictitious world, populated by fairy-tale heroes. They have seen enough of their heroic sagas and now they are waiting for Santa Claus to come at the last moment and save them from the imminent death. And in the background, the American flag will flutter and play the anthem. Rave…

Since the beginning of 2014, we collectively decided to provide information on impending earthquakes. Thus, we tried to draw the attention of the authorities to the need for immediate intervention in the situation, fueling naive illusions that we will be paid attention and will be assisted. Well, or at least they will not interfere.

But we were stubbornly ignored. Each impulse, which we warned in advance, reporting the full amount of initial data: the epicenter of the future earthquake, the depth of occurrence, the magnitude - occurred exactly in accordance with the forecast we announced. A year we sent our conclusions. A year we held back the processes, not allowing the caldera to manifest itself in all "beauty." The answer was only silence.

But in January this year there was a "funny" story. We once again reported on the upcoming quite powerful earthquake, again focusing on the deplorable situation in the region. At the same time, they said that while we are holding back the situation with our own forces, we still do not need to panic, but it's time to reflect on the future.
At first everything went as usual: our message was ignored. But after the first push from the predicted series, all officials of the Obama administration with their families were urgently evacuated from the continent.

At the same time, the country was abandoned to the mercy of fate. They fled so much that even the military was not warned, for which the latter, it should be noted, were very offended by their dark-skinned president. The fugitives, however, returned very soon, but the sediment remained.
- M-yes, it would be funny if it was not so sad. Now in the world there is a serious confrontation between the United States and the Russian Federation, comparable to the Cold War. Studying information from open sources and very few sources it becomes obvious that the Yellowstone caldera has become a bargaining chip in the confrontation between the two civilizations - Western and Slavic.

The controversy is already open about the possibility of Russia striking a nuclear strike on the national park. Even exact calculations of the necessary impact force are called.

"Believe me, this does not make any sense anymore." In this situation, shooting at America is tantamount to firing a corpse - just wasting ammunition.

- That is, the state of the United States of America will cease to exist?

- First of all, territorially. It's unavoidable. At least in the Western Hemisphere. And, by the way, throw aside your habit of dividing people by nationalities, and the planet into countries. The Earth is our common home. And the trouble threatens every person living in this house, regardless of sex, nationality, religion or any other invented by people differences.

It will be a catastrophe of a global scale that will affect everyone. Do you understand? Do not forget that in North America there are 23 states, and 12 - in South America. This is the one billion people who are the first to feel the entire horror of the eruption.

- And what is the situation in the United States itself? What happens in the information space? It is impossible to hide the obvious facts. The whole continent is feverish, it's obvious.
- The most amazing thing is that nothing happens. True information as such is practically nonexistent. Those fragments that reach people are perceived as another "scarecrow." Discussing in social networks the theme of the future eruption of Yellowstone, the Americans do not understand its scale.

They look at the map and count miles from the national park to their home ... But that you understand, those who have already sold all their assets in real estate, and urgently leave not just the country, or the continent, but the hemisphere.

Remain only those who either do not have information, or do not have the opportunity to leave America, or, knowing the truth, does not believe in anything and builds selfish, and therefore utopian, plans for the future, which they do not have.

- Consciousness simply refuses to perceive such information. In other words, is the explosion of a super volcano inevitable?

"Even if I left with my family, how do you think?" And not just with the family, and so to speak, with a large family. We evacuated our grandchildren, children with wives and husbands, with their American relatives. They took all, of course, who listened to us. So everything is more than serious.

Now there is a "heated debate": will there be an eruption or not? Gentlemen, come to your senses! It's already happening! While it proceeds slowly, but it is impossible not to notice it. Since 2013, the activation of Yellowstone began, and it is constantly growing. Now the situation is at such a stage that we have turned off our laboratories, observation posts and moved out of America. So the process is launched and is developing one-vector, the events are practically irreversible.

- Do you say "practically", that is, there is still hope? Though small?

- From the point of view of science and my practical observations - the issue is resolved. Really, even if it sounds immodest, only the ALLATRA SCIENCE can pin hopes. But without any outside help, there is practically no chance at all. At least until we see them.

Our scientists continue to work tirelessly. I repeat, we are talking about the lives of the inhabitants of both the Americas, Western Europe, Oceania, Japan ... The bill of human lives is already on billions. We do our best to the best of our ability, even if we do not prevent a global catastrophe, at least minimize the consequences.

But you track the events of at least the last three or four weeks on the planet. After all, the list of disasters is almost endless. In the Philippines, struck the super-typhoon "Noole", a typhoon "Dolphin" was swept along Guam, a tropical storm "Ana" passed along the US coasts, the strongest storm in the last 60 years occurred in the north of Thailand.

Earthquakes in the past three weeks: Papua New Guinea, a series of tremors from 6 to 7.5; Mexico - 5.5-5.6; Indonesia - the force of tremors reached a magnitude of 5.9; Iran - 5. A series of serious earthquakes, which resulted in massive destruction of infrastructure and human casualties in Nepal with a magnitude of up to 8; Thailand - force of pushes 4,6; New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Pakistan.

I'm not talking about Japan, which shakes every day. Floods in the same New Zealand, China, Afghanistan, Poland. In the US, in general, a full set of climate disasters: from drought to snowfall, from an anomalous amount of tornadoes to earthquakes, information about which, however, in every possible way trying to hide.

In China, among other things, hail the size of a chicken egg fell out. And in Europe, look at what is happening: earthquakes off the coast of France, Italy, Etna volcano became active, an abnormal storm passed through Germany, which brought a hail the size of a golf ball into one land, and into other destructive tornadoes! Imagine a tornado in Germany! And the list can be continued.

Now back to the Yellowstone caldera. Judging by the dynamics of the reactions occurring in its lower chamber, and there is now a significant increase in pressure, then from the stage, let's say, "quiet insanity" to "riotousness" is left half a step. We simply can not contain all this cascade of events.

The fact is that we do not yet know what will be the final decision regarding the fate of our civilization. It does not depend on us anymore. But judging by the latest developments, the answer is disappointing
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Old 28-02-2018, 05:14 PM
Nitiananda Nitiananda is offline
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Personally, the situation is clear to me. But people will have a natural question, to which I will ask you to answer. So: the group of scientists ALLATRASCIENCE is engaged in such a serious problem - geoengineering, has greatly advanced in its studies. You have achieved concrete, and from the point of view of official science, fantastic results. Why are not you supported by international organizations, governments of states, the same United States? Why does no one know about you?

"Why does not she know?" Not only are interested parties aware of us, representatives of special services, governments of various countries, various organizations are constantly trying to contact us. But the matter, you see, is that we are not particularly interested in such meetings. At least in the format that these people are trying to impose on us.

After all, what will they want? What are the guidelines of all these organizations and services? Correctly, exclusively by the issues of enslaving people, seizing new territories, resources, spheres of influence and destroying competitors in order to strengthen their illusory power.

There is a feeling that they are going to live in this world forever. They want not just to cooperate with us, but to manage us. We are simply not interested. Our activities are aimed at protecting the interests of all mankind as a whole. We do not divide people into races, peoples, color, social status.

We all hate this worldly tinsel. That's why we prefer to work exclusively with individuals. In our ranks, people come in who suit us first of all ideologically - honest, conscientious, professionals of their business, people with pure thoughts and soul. For us, this is the defining criterion.

Yes, it's hard for us. Our possibilities are limited, but we do not give up. And we will continue our activity to the last. Our task is to save, if not all of humanity, at least the maximum possible number of people. After all, human life is the highest value in this world.

- It is striking that about half a year or a year the "windows" on climate control are actively rotating in the information space (meaning the technology of "Overton Windows" - author's comment). And smoke, as is known, does not happen without fire. Is it really a bluff and not one government in the world has technologies like those that your organization has?

"Their motives are clear to us, like a day of God." Only I authoritatively declare to you that not one government of the world has, and there will never even be a hundredth part of the knowledge and technologies that we possess. All that they can today is a childish babble, games of children in the sandbox.

Because they are led by the thirst for power, their goals to enslave and rule. Who will share knowledge with such people? It's like indulging a monkey and handing her a grenade launcher. Perhaps, this is the most appropriate allegory in this case.

By the way, what do you think, and what are the forces of this world busy when catastrophic events are rapidly approaching their apogee? They build for themselves underground city capsules with a supply of food, drinking water, autonomous life support systems.

At construction the most advanced technologies of the present are used. These cities are capable of being completely isolated from the outside world for up to 25 years. The storehouses bring stocks of elite varieties of grains of various cultures.

The calculation is made that after the end of the cataclysms survivors will be able to come to the surface and restore civilization in the shortest possible time. Ironically, the total number of people who can be accommodated in all the constructed underground cities scattered around the world is 144,000 people.

We watch all these attempts with irony, because we perfectly imagine the power of the upcoming cataclysms. I just do not envy those unfortunate people who will be in these death capsules, if we can not defend the fate of civilization, and the decision to start global catastrophes will still be made.

- Yes, in the current situation only candid fools can hope for Santa Claus, and we need only act.
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Old 28-02-2018, 07:56 PM
Lorelyen Lorelyen is offline
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Crikey that's a lot of typing. Of similar interest is the heatwave being enjoyed at the north pole. It's causing worry because of its duration and temperatures 35ºC above seasonal average (with no daylight). Temperatures are higher there than London and Paris at the mo.

Could mean people living on lowlands are in for trouble!

There's another volcano: Mt Tiedes in Tenerife. Seismic swarms building up there. It's the stuff of big tsunames if that blows.
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Old 28-02-2018, 08:07 PM
EndoftheRoad EndoftheRoad is offline
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Whew, if it was in 2017 I guess we all lucked out.
“Once you realize that the road is the goal and that you are always on the road, not to reach a goal, but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom, life ceases to be a task and becomes natural and simple, in itself an ecstasy.”
― Nisargadatta Maharaj
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Old 01-03-2018, 01:38 AM
Nitiananda Nitiananda is offline
Join Date: Feb 2018
Posts: 161
Everything would have been nothing .. Only now usually the eruption of super volcanoes led to the complete destruction of mankind.
The last time Tobago super-volcano erupted about 70 thousand years ago in Sumatra .. And this led to almost complete destruction of Neanderthals and humans.
These two species existed simultaneously. The people were thought to be on the earth about two million. After the eruption, the sky was closed by smog from ash and oil suspension, which stands out at such eruptions. And 3-4 years was nuclear winter. People could survive only lived near warm sources heat (geysers, volcanoes).
There are only 2000 thousand people left.
How many will remain now? Do you think you will have electricity in America or will oil and coal be extracted?
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Old 01-03-2018, 07:59 AM
Lorelyen Lorelyen is offline
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Humans are just another component in the culture dish. They have no control over the culture dish. Things spread, erupt, etc and new things form. Who knows whether there's some super/supra entity watching the progress of cells in that culture dish and could scrap their experiment any day?
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