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Old 27-02-2018, 11:02 AM
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Illness & Health from an Integrative Perspective

Emotional Suppression/Unhealthy Emotional Expression leading to mental illness
Basic Model -

Layers of emotional 'mechanism' - (personal/interpersonal & transpersonal)

Psychosis/Mania (breaks through the depressed state, & seeks resolution/healing/integration)
Depression - [Depressed emotional/psychological state]
Denial - Invalidation/Trivialisation - covers -
Anger - Blame - covers -
Sadness - covers -
Fear - Ignorance (lack of understanding/healing) -
(original trauma(s))

__________________________________________________ ___________

i don't personally think these areas can be properly understood without some understanding of the esoteric nature of the Self.

Leaving aside the Higher Spiritual planes/levels -

The Spiritual/Psyche/Physical -

What can be considered to be the material realms (according to certain models (of many)) -

Corresponding centres - Awareness/phenomenal level -

Atmic limit
Higher & lower impersonal Self >
Crown - Atmic (Limit of Kundalini)
Brow & Throat - Intuitive
Lower & Personal Self >
Heart Centre - Higher Mental
[Mind Bridge]
Solar Plexus - Lower Mental
Emotional - Astral
Spleen - Etheric
Physical (Body/Brain)

Spiritual Emergencies: Understanding and Treatment of Psychospiritual Crises -

Discussion of each in below link -

1. Shamanic crisis
2. Awakening of Kundalini
3. Episodes of unitive consciousness (Maslow's "peak experiences")
4. Psychological renewal through return to the center (John Perry)
5. Crisis of psychic opening
6. Past-life experiences
7. Communication with spirit guides and "channeling"
8. Near-death experiences (NDEs)
9. Close encounters with UFOs and alien abduction experiences
10. Possession states
11. Alcoholism and drug addiction


__________________________________________________ ___

Very short summation of some Theosophical ideas -

"Our essence is beyond space and time, aware of itself as a part of infinity. I'll call this Spirit

This essence puts a very small part of itself - the soul - into the world of space and time, incarnation, and so develops its consciousness through experiencing duality.
After hundreds or even thousands of incarnations, the soul is ready to merge into its spirit and continue its evolution in worlds beyond our imagination.

The soul itself creates another layer - the personality or ego - which is the vehicle of consciousness for the soul in one particular life time.

In Western culture the soul is strongly encouraged to forget its own identity, and to identify itself solely with its personality. This makes for a cheap, obedient workforce.

Spiritual emergence in this model occurs when identification with the personality/ego is broken, even for only a moment. The personality/ego has to come to terms with the realisation that there is much more to life than it had realised (made real).

Once this limited identification is broken, the ego will desire to return to its old way of life, yet usually has to concede it has a bigger purpose than it wants to know about. Consensual reality no longer works for it, so it must experiment and create a larger map of reality.

Often ego inflation occurs at this stage. The ego has a strong sense of separation, yet has had a glimpse of the immensity of the universal mind. It may then decide it is the messiah or God or a chosen saviour. As a spirit, it is indeed God, however as a soul and ego, it is still evolving to become God incarnate.

A spiritual emergence is a part of the evolutionary process when awareness shifts from ego to soul. With mindfulness, we can observe if our thoughts, emotions and actions arise from our ego - that strong sense of a separate me - or from the soul.

Eventually, the ego has had enough of suffering, and is ready to accept it is a part of a much greater being than it believed itself to be, and to be grateful for that."


The etheric body, ether-body, æther body, a name given by neo-Theosophy to a vital body or subtle body propounded in esoteric philosophies as the first or lowest layer in the "human energy field" or aura. It is said to be in immediate contact with the physical body, to sustain it and connect it with "higher" bodies.

The English term "etheric" in this context seems to derive from the Theosophical writings of Madame Blavatsky, but its use was formalised by C.W. Leadbeater and Annie Besant due to the elimination of Hindu terminology from the system of seven planes and bodies. (Adyar School of Theosophy).

The term gained some general popularity after the 1914-18 war, Dr.Walter John Kilner having adopted it for a layer of the "human atmosphere" which, as he claimed in a popular book, could be rendered visible to the naked eye by means of certain exercises.

The classical element Aether of Platonic and Aristotlean physics continued in Victorian scientific proposals of a Luminiferous ether as well as the cognate chemical substance ether. According to Theosophists and Alice Bailey the etheric body inhabits an etheric plane which corresponds to the four higher subplanes of the physical plane. The intended reference is therefore to some extremely rarefied matter, analogous in usage to the word "spirit" (originally "breath"). In selecting it as the term for a clearly defined concept in an Indian-derived metaphysical system, the Theosophists aligned it with ideas such as the prana-maya-kosha (sheath made of prana, subtle breath or life-force) of Vedantic thought.

In popular use it is often confounded with the related concept of the astral body as for example in the term astral projection - the early Theosophists had called it the "astral double". Others prefer to speak of the "lower and higher astral".

__________________________________________________ __

The human being that lives on Earth and through understanding finishes the existence of his/her ego, opens his/her consciousness, which becomes diffused into the universe and in this way reaches the level of Great Understanding. After that, the human consciousness arranges all accumulated information into the level of Cognition that is completed by Enlightenment. After this process the human being turns into an energetic being and leaves the physical universe. He/she enters the higher luminary world of positive energies where the being continues to develop and learns to create increasingly higher and higher positive energies. The final stage is the conscious creation of the highest energy – the Absolute and becoming the part of it.

The Three Simultaneously True Levels of Nondual Reality
(one Absolutely True, the other two “relatively true”)

3 - Conventional level
2 - Psychic-Soul level


__________________________________________________ ________________

Multi-Dimensional Beings

"All beings are multi-dimensional, including humans. Our problem is that we have forgotten our multi-dimensional nature and have been disconnected from much of ourselves. The variety of beings out there which you will become aware of through awakening your Third Eye and spiritual transformation is truly amazing. From nature spirits to angels to Extraterrestrials to huge beings maintaining the dimensions to the tiny beings in particles, there are beings everywhere. An explanation of the infinite variety of beings in existence is beyond the scope of any book as it is truly infinite. By awakening your spiritual senses you will inevitably become aware of many different beings and you will be able to communicate directly with them. The communication used is telepathic although sometimes you may actually hear words. Generally telepathy involves the transmission of feelings which the receiver can then put into words much like a translation. There will always be information lost in translation just like when trying to explain to someone an experience you have had. Can they ever really know how you felt by your description alone? Can you know the taste of a piece of fruit by a description? You may get some idea but you can never know until you taste it. Indeed even with friends, loved ones and others here on Earth, telepathic communication could rid the World of so many misunderstandings."

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Old 27-02-2018, 11:13 AM
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Join Date: Jan 2014
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The 7 Primary Levels of Energy of Our Reality with Integration of Other Systems

The following table integrates other systems with this map of reality based on 7 primary levels of energy.


Experiential Gradients -


Metaphysics Intro -

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Old 27-02-2018, 11:42 AM
Shivani Devi Shivani Devi is offline
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  Shivani Devi's Avatar

I really needed to read this right now and it explains a LOT.

I've been going through some pretty weird stuff lately, trying to reconcile traumatic abuse as a child with a full spiritual awakening:


It is difficult because the trauma and incest caused absolute and total detachment, to the point of self-realisation (without any 'self' that was being realised).

I have no actual notion of 'self' whatsoever, and yet in the attempts at healing a disease I have called "conversion disorder" (functional neurological disorder) I was sent off to a psychiatrist, who said that because I had 'detached' so totally from my emotions, they were now manifesting physically as psychosomatic symptoms.

I've been advised to attend 'self-improvement' classes, but I don't know what this 'self' is that needs 'improving' and when anybody says "I am that" or "you are that" I cannot relate to an "I" which is anything and yet, I see and feel God as being all there is...so trying to converse spiritually is very difficult for me.

The only emotions I can feel is love for a divine source and irritability at hypocrisy and only because I have difficulty reconciling opposing conundrums of human behaviour in my mind and I get confused about intent and meaning because I like to understand things logically and progressively.

I have also raised kundalini to the crown (unintentionally) and that exacerbated all these underlying conditions into a full-blown spiritual emergency...I have visited the 'spiritual emergence' webpage many times before, but I'm still looking for a psychologist/psychiatrist who understands what kundalini actually IS so they can help me...you think I can find one? nope.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to express feelings I know I should have, but all I feel is numbness when I remember all that happened to me...like it happened to 'somebody else' and I try to feel compassion or empathy for that 'somebody else' because my brain says this is what 'normal people DO" but I can't express emotions that I don't feel, even though I know I have them...somewhere in there.

It's like somebody has to find a 'way in' to get me to open up and all techniques and clinical procedures others are using 'does not apply' in my case and they have to re-write the textbooks just for me...because I doubt they have tried to psychologically treat a totally awakened being before...who just happens to have a body that is 'going to hell' and it's something that only a soul retrieval from a shaman can fix.

Meanwhile, it's like I'm always on the 'outside looking in'...it's like I cannot relate to others, my surroundings, my environment because I cannot relate to a concept of personal existence within it...or even outside/apart from it, for that matter and so I am truly stuck in some kind of existential 'limbo' which is somewhere between life and death and yet, is neither.

Your information has been very helpful and given me a lot to consider...it is also very synchronous, having popped up at the exact time I needed it, with the universe saying "here we go, read this".
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Old 27-02-2018, 11:50 AM
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Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 813
Originally Posted by Shivani Devi
Your information has been very helpful and given me a lot to consider...it is also very synchronous, having popped up at the exact time I needed it, with the universe saying "here, read this".

Thank you - i'm very glad that it was all some kind of help.

There are things that i can also identify with in what you have written.

i have also been battling my own dilemma - i have discussed some of it here -


A past 17 years in addiction / alcoholism (now over 16 years T-Total, although i still battle with tobacco, coffee & internet addiction, & neuroleptic / anti-psychotic medication dependency). & a diagnosis of severe schizophrenia, with a 38 year history to it all.

i have worked with highly competent alternative / spiritual healers for 16 years & am highly trained as one. It hasn't resolved things for me, although there has been progress.
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Old 11-04-2018, 10:05 AM
1Eris 1Eris is offline
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This is what I do on the side for free with friends and family. As a psych grad with relevant work experience and continuous postgrad study I integrate the following for whole self help:

Locus of control
Life coaching
Nuero linguistic therapy
Reiki and spiritual healing

I would like to explore shamanism further and see if that will help. Many friends have asked for help and found nlp very hard initially. Those that kept working with me have had amazing results in their professional and personal life but the ones that wanted a quick fix and weren’t prepared for the impact it had on them soon dropped out. We’re still very good friends - if they’re meant to develop they will either come back for help or find their own way in their own time. I don’t take it personally and we still have very in-depth discussions with lots of laughter over a bottle of wine.
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