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Old 20-02-2018, 10:47 PM
Nitiananda Nitiananda is offline
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Samadi-door to liberation and enlightenment

What is Samadi?
Samadi's explanation is difficult for me. For help, I turned to the explanatory dictionary and there found the following definition of the word: "Concentration on a certain thing, in which there are completely no other thoughts; full concentration on any business ". I thought: "This word must have a Buddhist origin, but there is something wrong with these definitions." Indeed, Samadi is a state acquired through the concentration of consciousness. Then what exactly is Samadi? In short, this merging of the subject and the object. "Subject" refers to himself, and "object" - to another person or object. "To merge" means, at the expense of a strong spiritual concentration, to dissolve in an object, to become one with it.
For example, you concentrate on a tree and look closely at it. If you continue to concentrate spiritually for at least thirty minutes (that is, if you have already reached such a stage), you can dissolve in the tree, become one with it. Moreover, due to the fact that you become one with the tree, you can learn everything about the tree. This is Samadi. If you concentrate on the soul of a person, you can become one with his soul and learn his thoughts and feelings. If you focus on God, you can merge with God.
There are two kinds of Samadis - external and internal. External Samadi is a connection with external objects, the internal is concentration on internal objects and merging with them. Internal objects are chakras, the soul, internal organs and so on. It can also be said that the final stage of the inner Samadi is a merger with the True Ego.
Training entry in Samadi should start with an external method - so did I, - because on external objects it is easier to concentrate. After mastering it, you go to the inner objects. If you continue training, you will be able to reach the next stage - a state called "A View of True and Complete Knowledge".
And now I want to tell you about Samadi, achieved by me. It is associated with the six yogis I mentioned earlier. The Samadi step is very important and covers five of the six yogas. Later I discovered that the school of Tibetan esoteric Buddhism Kagyu adheres to the same view as I did, but in those days I walked along this path unconsciously.
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Old 21-02-2018, 07:57 AM
Shivani Devi Shivani Devi is offline
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The word/term "Samadhi" derives etymologically from the Sanskrit "Sama" meaning "the same" or "undifferentiated" and Adhi which can be taken to mean "understanding" so Samadhi means "undifferentiated understanding" as opposed to a differentiated or dualist perception of that which we simply identify with as being "the reality we understand".

There are three different "Samadhis" (that I am aware of). The first is called Savikalpa Samadhi and that is the definition of the term you outline in your post above. Savikalpa Samadhi means "Attributed Samadhi" or that which requires a 'subject' an 'object' and a 'merging' so that the undifferentiated Self, which exists as the "ego I" still remains present. You can become 'one with the tree' and yet, there is still "you" and there is still "tree" and there is still the 'becoming' or the 'merging' in that after 'being a tree' you return to 'being a person who had the experience of 'being a tree'.

Savikalpa Samadhi is what happens when kundalini Shakti reaches the Ajna Chakra, but has not proceeded all the way to the Sahasrara...blocked in the path by the Rudra Granthi, which still gives the spiritual sadhaka the perception of "Self" vs "Other" and the duality enabling that 'merging' to take place.

The second type of Samadhi is called Nirvikalpa Samadhi or "Un-attributed Samadhi" and it's what happens when neither Self/I NOR the tree actually exists, so there's nothing to 'merge into' or 'become one with' as it is already the case and the adherent just has not realised it. Nirvikalpa Samadhi is when the Rudra Granthi knot is broken/untied...kundalini Shakti reaches Sahasrara and the world of name and form (namam and rupam) completely vanishes...it disintegrates INTO the experience, even though there's no actual 'experience-er' OF it and so there is no 'knowledge' and nothing to 'know' because the workings of the mind and mental sheath becomes transcended into 'no mind' and it's also where the lines between Hinduism and Buddhism are thus drawn in the sand with a big, pointy stick.

The third type of Samadhi is called Sahaja Samadhi and it basically means the ability to remain in Nirvikalpa Samadhi effortlessly and only this can lead one to Moksh. To climb the tree is the easy part (even after realising one IS the tree) but to remain there is difficult...and thus starts the whole 'after-enlightenment enlightenment' when the mountain exists...then it doesn't exist...and then it does again.

Om Namah Shivaya
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