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Old 20-02-2018, 09:51 PM
Nitiananda Nitiananda is offline
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Jnana yoga-yoga saviors

The process of analysis is completed by Jnana Yoga. At this stage, man is no longer subject to the influence of his own karma. Then, of course, he can come up with a question: what is the distinction between me and others? And in order to overcome the distinction between himself and others, he passes to the Mahayana yoga, based on the Four Great Immeasurable Soul States. From that moment Salvation begins in the true sense of the word. Today I told you about Kundalini Yoga and warned you against some dangers. In Kundalini Yoga, a person can automatically enter the Astral or Causal world by raising energy. But the Reach, in spite of his Achievement, has a desire to die when he loses energy. However, in a few days or weeks, he will certainly be able to return to his previous condition, if he does not waste any more energy.
And I also said that if a person automatically enters the Astral or Causal worlds, he can not get a good astral or causal experience without having as a basis commitment and merit and not practicing the practice of Truth. I also mentioned the possibility of mental confusion. Therefore, those of you who have started the Kundalini Yoga process should consider the importance of adherence, the Merit and Practice of Truth.
Let's return to the topic of today's lecture. Let us think about why it is necessary to achieve perfection in Jnana yoga, based on Impartiality.
At times, saviors should practice such dangerous techniques as Shaktipat and Shaktipra yoga. These techniques are designed to take on the bad thoughts and bad karma of others and give them good karma.
If the Raja of Yoga who has attained practicing this kind of technique, then he must be extremely cautious, otherwise he will lose the level he has attained and return to his original state of ordinary man. As for the Kundalini Yoga, he will also have energy losses and he will feel a lack of vital energy. Consequently, his spiritual level can also go down, but for some time he can return to his former state.
And what happens to the Jnana Yoga who has attained? In Jnana yoga, the distinction between oneself and others disappears and a person can calmly analyze his state. This is a very important point. Therefore, even if he assumes the karma of others, he can coolly analyze his state and the received karma in order to get rid of it.
This is how a person can maintain the spiritual level that he has achieved, even if he will give Shaktipat, although he still does not avoid wasting energy.
All six yogas, beginning with Raja Yoga and ending with the Ultimate Liberation, are needed by the savior. Therefore, they all enter the spiritual practice of the Mahayana.
Therefore, if a man achieves Jenya Yoga, then he, at least, does not have problems during the practice of ShaktiPata or ShaktiPra Yoga.
The next problem is how to achieve Jnana Yoga. For this, two conditions are necessary.
Firstly, to realize the World of Phenomena, the Astral World and the Causal World through the achievement of Kundalini Yoga and to understand that all connections in this world are Maya (illusion).
But this is not the only condition. We need one more condition. What is it? This is the Formula. In the Formula, we are directly initiated by the guru himself. And, relying on this formula, a person must observe phenomena on the basis of pure wisdom. If a person fulfills these two conditions, he will certainly attain Jnana Yoga.
It is important to take into account that it is pointless to know the Formula, if a person can not use it. There is so-called inspiration. However, often inspiration is just your own thoughts, coming from your subconscious. They can not be relied upon.
But the inspiration of a person who has acquired impartiality through the achievement of Kundalini Yoga, unerring inspiration. Unmistakable inspiration contributes to the good use of the Formula.
Suppose you have a problem. You try to solve it with the help of the Formula, but you can not solve it until the end. Then, if you possess impartiality, inspiration will come to you. And at the expense of this additional information, you suddenly suddenly resolve the questions that have confused you.
But if you do not possess impartiality, you will allow false information to enter your confused mind. As a result, you can not get rid of confusing thoughts, although this results from your karma. That is why it is necessary to achieve Kundalini Yoga. The practice period in a secluded place for the K and Sh was extremely short-lived. On the contrary, a long period of practice in solitude has been established for Mr., Mrs. M. and Mrs. Ya., Since I would like them to practice as long as possible. I want them to repeat the processes of Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Jnana Yoga as long as possible and get their own experience. I have already prepared holy names for them, since they have already fulfilled the last demand necessary to achieve Liberation.
Now, having perfected the impartiality in oneself, a person with clarity is aware of everything that is contained in this World of Phenomena. And when he realizes that his sufferings are born of a distinction between himself and others or his selfish ideas, he goes on to Mahayana yoga. After completing the Mahayana yoga, he becomes a person with a high Merit or a person with a great Merit. He accumulates a huge amount of Merit and thanks to him becomes ruler in the Astral world. Having accumulated a huge amount of Merit in the Astral World, he enters the Mahayana. This is Mahayana Buddhism. This is the Mahayana yoga.
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