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Old 20-02-2018, 09:26 PM
Nitiananda Nitiananda is offline
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Raja Yoga-Yoga of Willpower

I will begin with Raja Yoga, the first yoga in which you must achieve perfection after completing the process of the Four Steps and the Four Consequences. To achieve Raja Yoga, first of all, "non-violence" is required. "Non-violence" means that you must love all living beings.
Buddha Sakyamuni also preached "non-violence". In late Buddhism, the commandment of "nonviolence" was replaced by the commandment "Do not kill," since the previous commandment was shown to people too harsh. As you can understand, "nonviolence" includes the "do not kill" commandment. I will use the phrase "do not kill", since it is more familiar to you. Why not kill? For the reason that murder is engendered by anger. And anger is generated by such work of consciousness, when a distinction is made between itself and others. For example, when a person thinks: "I want to be happy, even if I have to destroy others."
In television programs, you can see advertising for insect control. I myself saw one such advertisement, but I am convinced that there are many other types of advertising that call people across the country to kill insects. This idea is generated by the consciousness of superiority: "People should know better how to handle small insects," and anger: "It's time to end these worthless creatures."
But to think so is a delusion. In the structure of the Universe, the World of Men is also very low. He is the fourth from below. Would it be good, if the inhabitants of the higher worlds, say, the Heaven of the World of Passion, say: "It's time to end these worthless creatures"? If such an idea of ​​superiority and anger so far from the Truth has settled in the minds of people, it means that we are not in a holy stream, but in a devilish stream.
All living beings have the right to life, because, living, they wash their karma. This applies not only to people, but also to insects, cats, and dogs. All of them have True Ego. They have the True Ego in order to finally enter the world of Absolute Freedom, Happiness and Joy, no matter how much time it takes to reincarnate.
So, we can say that all living beings are equal. If you understand this fact, you can love all living beings or be friendly to all living beings.
Let's talk about the second key to attaining Raja Yoga, namely, observance of the commandment "Do not steal," as well as the need to observe the "give-away" commandment.
Let me explain this. If you are seized by greed or stealing things from other people, then you, of course, cause others anguish. Moreover, in the end you will become attached to this material world of rough measurement. And this is understandable, because in a world of rough measurement, everything that you steal is material.
Being engaged in spiritual practice, a person goes to the Astral and Causal worlds, having renounced the crude dimension. However, you will move in the directly opposite direction, if theft rivets you to a world of rough measurement. You can not get the experience of other worlds. That's why you need to observe the commandment "Do not be greedy, do not steal."
In fact, the commandment "Do not be greedy, do not steal" is a passive method. On the other hand, the active method is "sacrifice".
The commandment "Do not commit adultery" is also important. Its meaning is that you should not waste sexual energy, because the Law of the stages of the Emergence of the Twelve Conditions taught by the Buddha of Sakyamuni is the process of Kundalini Yoga. The same applies to Raja yoga, since willpower, the basis of Raja Yoga, weakens if a person squanders sexual energy.
Sexual energy is vital energy. Spending vital energy on Shaktipat, the Raja of Yoga who has attained can easily lose his state of Achievement, because the amount of life energy is less than the energy of Kundalini.
In other words, unlike the attained Kundalini of yoga, the Raja of Yoga who has attained can not conduct Shaktipat. When he squanders vital energy (sexual energy), his willpower weakens and the protective layer around him breaks down. Control over the senses, or, if you use a professional term, Pratyahara, is disrupted. And he again becomes an ordinary man. That is why in Raja Yoga one should not waste energy.
In Raja yoga it is especially important to observe the commandment "Do not lie." There are different kinds of lies. For example, it is believed that "not doing what is intended" refers to the category of passive lies. Some people deliberately lie this is an active lie. From active lies it is fairly easy to get rid of, it is more difficult to get rid of passive lies.
You probably think that it is not a bad thing to say a small passive lie, since it will not harm others. You, however, practice it for three months and ten days, that is, a hundred days. Then your will power will be strengthened and you will find that you have made significant progress in spiritual practice.
Now I will explain to you why you should not lie. First of all, the will obeys the commands of the True Ego. Suppose that the True Ego gave the order to engage in spiritual practice. The will obeys this command. She gives a promise: "Today I will be engaged in spiritual practice."
But if the will is weak, it strives for comfort and postpones fulfillment of the promise, saying: "Let's do it tomorrow, because today I'm tired," or: "We'll postpone it for the day after tomorrow". In other words, the will does not work, even if the True Ego gives the order. The will is amused by something else. The situation will be further aggravated if such a state persists. Then Liberation, of course, will be postponed for an indefinite period, and maybe, in general, will not be achieved.
Now you understand why we should not even say passive lies?
As for active lies, it is inadmissible, because causing people harm or bringing misfortune means accumulating bad karma, which will create huge obstacles on the way to Liberation.
I warn those who attained Raja Yoga: "You do not have to waste energy."
Those who have attained Raja Yoga, I give the following two councils: accumulate more energy and strengthen willpower. Otherwise, he will not be able to go to the second process in the "Mahayana yogas" of Kundalini yoga.
The drawback of Raja Yoga is that the waste of energy negates the level that you have reached. That is why guru Raja Yoga usually conducts Shaktipat only to high-level disciples. After all, when energy is exchanged with people who are far advanced in spiritual practice, the energy losses are small.
Drinking alcohol is also strictly prohibited in Raja yoga, since a drinking person can not control his will. Raja yoga is always based on will power.
I believe that the most important of all that I have said is the commandment "not to say a passive lie". First of all, you need to "carry out what you have planned, or what you promised."
I recently implemented ninety-eight percent of what was planned, but in my words, apparently, there were two percent of lies, as I'm too busy. The implementation of the plans is delayed by one two weeks.
So, for example, I promised believers that a branch in K. would open in early September. Since the treaty will enter into force only on October 15, this means that my willpower has weakened for 45 days. Implementation of the plan for the construction of another branch is also delayed, as land prices are too high.
Why do I tell you this and why should I fulfill what I promised? I try to do what I promised. But, since I spend Shaktipat, it is possible that my will power is weakened. At present, the consequences of Shaktipat make themselves felt. Therefore, I try my best to improve my current state.
Until now, I have spoken about the commandments from the category of "Yama", prohibitions. But I am sure that you know about "Niyama" , recommendations. These include three types of Sacrifice.
The First Kind of Sacrifice Donation of money and things. There are three ways to donate money and things. The way that brings the greatest amount of Merit, donating to the Stream of Truth. Thanks to such donations, you will certainly meet with the Truth in your future life. Practitioners of Truth, of course, are engaged in activities for salvation. Therefore, they will help you overcome the difficulties that arise.
The next way to donate to the poor. By "poor people" here are not meant people who can not get their food, because they do not work. It's about people who can not get their food, even if they work, or about people who can not feed themselves because of unemployment. If you make big donations to this kind of people, then someone will certainly come to help you. Or someone will give you economic help in the next life when you encounter difficulties.
There is also a third, bringing not too many Merit, a way of donating. These are donations for social needs, for example, schools, public institutions or charitable organizations. Some believe that making donations to charitable organizations is effective. But in reality this is not the case, since the management of the organization will use the money you have at your discretion.
So, the first type of Sacrifice is the Sacrifice of money and things. The second type is the Sacrifice of Sedation. The best way to sacrifice comfort is to listen to the suffering of others and bring peace to people when you are immensely suffering. Thanks to such a Merit, somebody will certainly be near you and listen to your complaints when you really suffer.
Listen to the suffering of others and bring peace to people when you yourself are happy, not so great Merit. I'm not saying that you should not do this. I just want to say that you must continue the practice of Sacrificial Sacrifice when you are suffering.
The third type of Sacrifice is the Sacrifice of the Law. A good way of Sacrificing the Law is through the direct transmission of Truth. But since you have not yet reached Liberation, it is possible that you will give false information by introducing your own understanding of Truth. Therefore, the best way is to let people read books about Truth, such as "Initiation," the Path to Liberation, "and others. Or you can let people listen to tapes with conversations about Truth. All this is the basis of the Sacrifice of the Law. Sacrificing the Fa is the best Merit.
If you accumulate Merit due to donations and observe the commandments mentioned by me, you will undoubtedly quickly advance in spiritual practice and attain Raja yoga.
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