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Old 19-02-2018, 02:48 PM
Nitiananda Nitiananda is offline
Join Date: Feb 2018
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Kundalini Yoga. Yoga of energy.

the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga, also called Yoga of energy, are the same as in Raja - the observance of the Commandments and the practice of Dayaniya. But the main focus here is on working with the subtle spiritual energy of a person, her awakening and the circulation of this energy within the body. Yoga is Bhakti (Religious service to God or the great saint) and Karma Yoga,
The main advantage of Kundalini Yoga in comparison with Raja Yoga is the great stability of achievement. Raja Yoga has one drawback. For example, if a person communicates with non-practitioners, spends energy and is not engaged in spiritual practice, his will, the basis of Raja-yoga, can be broken. And if he loses his will, he will become an ordinary person. Therefore, he will be forced to engage in spiritual practice from the very beginning.
With Kundalini Yoga, the situation is different. Suppose that the Saint who attained Kundalini Yoga has spent Ethical energy to help others in their spiritual practice. In many cases, he may be prompted to commit suicide in order to get rid of suffering and go to high worlds. However, those who have achieved Kundalini Yoga will re-enter their former state after some time. This is the advantage of Kundalini Yoga. But if the energy that has attained Raja Yoga loses, then it will really fall into a deplorable state.
Another advantage of Kundalini Yoga is the wider spectrum of supernatural abilities and the obtaining of a more concrete experience of the Astral and Causal worlds.


It is difficult to awaken the Kundalini, and it is rare for anyone to wake up completely by itself. This requires practice, consisting, in the main, in the purification of the channels of Ida and Pingala. Clearing these two channels means eliminating the karma that is accumulated in them. And this purification of fine channels leads to certain phenomena that manifest themselves on the physical body. This process is called baptism by fire and water. Echoes of it were preserved in Christianity too, since the conversion into faith initially was baptism accompanied by the transfer of subtle energy from the spiritual mentor, which led to the purification of the main energy channels and the awakening of the Kundalini.
The cleansing of the Ida channel is called baptism by water. The name is due to the fact that during the rise of energy on it you can feel a strong chill for a long time, become passive and listless, your head will not think at all. All the symptoms will look like colds. This is how the energy moves in the Astral body, which is caused by the magnetic field of the Moon.
Purification of the Pingala channel is called baptism by fire. The name is due to the fact that during the rise of energy on it you can feel a strong fever, inflammation can begin or temporary impairment of vision may occur. This is how the energy moves in the Astral body, which is caused by the magnetic field of the Sun.
Remember that lethargy or intense fever, which seemingly, without reason, start to take possession of you during this purification, are energies. And your task is to first sublimate them to the highest quality, that is, lift them along the channels to the very top, and then move these two energies to the central channel. Then, at the base of the Sushumna channel, there will be a stress energy that rises like Kundalini.
So the baptism of fire and water is the preparatory stage for the awakening of the Kundalini. And if you are practicing yoga or any other techniques that purify the body and mind, you should know that it can happen. Baptism by fire and water turns your body into a divine. After it you can forget about illnesses and become energetic. Do not use medications to slow or eliminate the manifestation of such symptoms. You really can temporarily block Nadia, but you can not stop the movement of astral energy, and then after a while awakening will still happen, but it will be more painful. Of course, there are ways to mitigate too rapid a rise in energy, but more on this later. First we will consider the process of awakening the energy itself.


The awakening of Kundalini occurs in three stages. The first stage is the awakening of the Kundalini of heat, the second stage is the awakening of the Kundalini of vibrations and, finally, the third stage - the awakening of the Kundalini of Light, which fully corresponds to the Structure of the Universe described earlier. The awakening of the Kundalini of heat usually occurs as a result of achieving a relative purity of the physical body, the awakening of the Kundalini of vibrations - as a consequence of the relative purity of the Astral World, and the awakening of the Kundalini of Light - as a consequence of the relative purity of the world of primary information - the Causal World. Physically, this awakening is perceived as a strong fever, shaking of the spine and a flash of light, respectively. And throughout the three stages, the chakras will be cleared, you will hear different sounds from the Anahata chakra and see the light. However, it is not necessary that all three stages will be clearly separated from each other. Some have a full awakening in one moment, and some, delighted with flashes of light, just vaguely remember the waking of lower dimensions.
The fact that you are already able to see flashes of light means that Kundalini has reached the Ajna chakra. But it must be led even higher - to the Sahasrara-chakra. Then the Brahmarandra, the Gate of Immortality, will unfold. After that, you will begin to see the radiant Ball of Will and the shining Ball of Wisdom. From now on, you begin to receive the experience of the Astral World.
Mediocre practitioners are usually satisfied with this level and begin to enjoy the images of this world. But this can not be stopped. The next step here is the accumulation of energy in the Sahasrara-chakra. This leads to the opening of the Sahasrara chakra and the fall of energy from it along the middle channel of your body. Many can not achieve this on their own, it succeeds only after they receive a considerable amount of energy from the Holy Guru. So, the rise of the Kundalini occurs along Sushumna Nadi in the spine, and the fall of her - along the middle channel. This phenomenon is called Tsandali. The fall of energy clears the chakras from the accumulated karma in them. It is extremely pleasant and looks like cool water jets pouring from the top of the head. Compare Tsandali can, perhaps, except that with sexual ecstasy, but even more mild, strong and much longer.
Downstairs, the energy starts to rise again. During this ascent, she in turn destroys the Five Elements that form the human body: the Element of the Earth, the Water Element, the Fire Element, the Element of the Wind, and finally Element of the Space
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Old 20-02-2018, 08:39 PM
Nitiananda Nitiananda is offline
Join Date: Feb 2018
Posts: 161
Having completed the process of cultivation in Raja Yoga, one goes on to Kundalini Yoga. Those who have switched to this process are very energetic. They also have a strong will.
In Kundalini yoga, it is energy that is important. In other words, it is important how you can save vital energy.
Usually, those who have started the spiritual practice of Kundalini Yoga, have a strong sexual desire. This sexual desire is equivalent to the desire to live. The person begins to raise the energy of the "desire to live" until it breaks through the Sahasrara chakra located on the vertex. Achieving Kundalini Yoga is a state in which energy reaches the Causal world, and then the Mahayana.
If a person then continues to expand the energy channels, he attains perfection in Kundalini Yoga. In this period, a state is reached when he does not feel any lack of energy at all. Simultaneously, energy stimulates the brain, which creates a special type of brain brain genius.
Then comes the Jnana Yoga process. At this stage, a person begins to analyze all phenomena, being in a state where sexual desire is overcome. The victor in the Truth of Sakyamuni attained Enlightenment by means of a comprehensive analysis of this universe and thereby achieved Liberation.
Today I mainly explained Raja yoga. Tomorrow I'm going to give a detailed explanation of Kundalini Yoga. And the day after tomorrow we will talk again about Jnana yoga.

As I said, you need to attain perfection in the seven yogas. It is very difficult to do this, since you have to regenerate more than 1000 times. In order to immediately go through all the processes, Tantra Yoga was invented.
It is quite natural that practicing Tantra yoga, you can overtax, because you must immediately open the energy channels located in the human body, namely, Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, and immediately raise energy. Any mistake here can become fatal. However, although Tantra Yoga causes overwork, this is the only way to reach the final stage of true Liberation, the highest Liberation, provided that everything is done right.
This practice is practiced in such schools of Tibetan Buddhism as the Nyingma Pa and Kagyu pa. I allow this kind of practice to be practiced only by those who can withstand the practice of Tantra, because on this path there are the dangers mentioned and overwork. Many of the faithful laity practiced tantric practice without permission and failed. You must be careful not to be like them.
With loss of energy, different yogas lead to different states
Today I will tell you about the second stage of Kundalini Yoga, the achievement of which may require 1000 lives. Kundalini yoga is based on vital energy. Remember, please, about what I told you yesterday about Raja Yoga. Raja Yoga has one drawback. For example, if a person spends Shaktipat, spends energy and does not practice spiritual practice, his will, the basis of Raja yoga, can be broken. And if he loses his will, he will become an ordinary person. Therefore, he will have to engage in spiritual practice from the very beginning.
With Kundalini Yoga, the situation is different. Suppose that the Kundalini of Yoga who has attained the end of his life has spent energy on Shaktipates and Shaktipra yoga. In many cases, he may be prompted to commit suicide. K and S reached Liberation in Kundalini Yoga. If they spend energy on special initiations or Shaktipat, they will feel a lack of energy and will be embraced by the urge to commit suicide.
However, the Yogis who have attained Kundalini will re-enter their former state after some time. This is the advantage of Kundalini Yoga.
But if the energy loses the unattained, then it really can die. Practicing Kundalini yoga, we should not waste sexual energy also because we need to protect ourselves from energy leaks.
Having attained Kundalini Yoga, a person goes on to the next Jnana Yoga process. I will only briefly explain its essence, as we will speak about it tomorrow.
If one attains perfection in Jnana Yoga, he can destroy karma by properly analyzing one's own state, even if he has taken on the karma of others. That is why he can return to his former state, even if he gave Shaktipat or engaged in Shaktipra yoga.
He can do this because, due to his perfection in Kundalini Yoga, his losses are insignificant. The only problem for him is the karma that clogs the energy channels. Having destroyed this karma, he can return to his former state. Therefore, I take it for granted that K and Sh must go on to the next Jnana Yoga process.
Let me explain in detail Kundalini Yoga, the main theme of today's lecture.
First of all, think about what it takes to achieve Kundalini Yoga. Firstly, "adherence to the guru", although it is necessary in all yogis. But for Kundalini Yoga, commitment is especially important, along with "Merit" and "practice of Truth."
Why is it necessary to have commitment, merit and practice the Truth?
Kundalini yoga can automatically transfer a person to the Astral or Causal world, even if he did not concentrate. If the energy rises, he will go to these worlds. But what happens if he does not have commitment or Merit? He will be in the Devil's state.
There are various astral worlds: dirty and beautiful, awful and pleasant. In the Causal world, there are also different worlds: dirty and beautiful, terrible and pleasant. If we fly into these worlds without commitment or Merit, we will immediately lose our peace of mind, because we will constantly go to a terrible world.
To fly to good and high worlds, you need to have merit or commitment and practice the Truth. Clear?
So, the keys to achieving Kundalini Yoga are this: can a person perfectly visualize the image of the guru (in my case, my image) or not, can he accumulate the Merit or not, whether he relies on the teachings of Truth or not. Moreover, if you are seeking to reach the Mahayana, you must practice after the Kundalini Yoga of Jnana Yoga to be able to analyze your own state.
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Old 21-02-2018, 01:40 AM
Shivani Devi Shivani Devi is offline
Join Date: Nov 2015
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Nowhere did I read about how the descending Grace of Shiva attracts the Power of Shakti towards it.

At least, that's how it happened in my individual case...I was doing Shiva Manasa Puja one day (about 2 years ago)...just minding my own devotional business when..."KAPOW"....I wasn't even trying to 'raise Kundalini' but that didn't matter to Her!

Of course, there was still a blockage in Shushumna at Vishuddhi and the Vishnu Granth (due to massive childhood trauma) and so, I got the full 'upload' of energy via my Pingala Nadi and I still suffer with many neurological maladies due to this and need constant sensory 'grounding' back into Muladhara...however, it has been two years since it first happened...it also circulates through the nadis on a regular basis and the 'fires of Hell' has nothing ON it...eggs can be fried on my back.

I did a LOT of spiritual practice between the ages of 15 and 30...stopped for 20 years...restarted 5 years ago...and whatever I had read about kundalini previously did NOT relate to the experience of it whatsoever!

I'm now learning to just SURRENDER to all the Kundalini symptoms and let "Ma" have her way with me...all the while, seeking more 'cooling Grace' from the Soma of Lord Chandrashekhara and practicing Nadi Shodhana, Sheethali Pranayama, Nauli Kriya and Khechari Mudra after the fact to balance it all out.

Om Namah Shivaya
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Old 21-02-2018, 04:00 AM
Shivani Devi Shivani Devi is offline
Join Date: Nov 2015
Posts: 8,063
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It is indeed fortuitous that you have inspired me to finally put some credit on my wi-fi modem instead of running to the library twice a week. lol

I have been watching some lectures on this subject given by Igor Kufayev (who I can see, in his eyes, has 'been there, done that') and I'm beginning to recognise this now...those who are also 'like me' in that whole spiritual aspect.


Raja Yoga is based upon a set of observances...you are correct, but it is the 'modern way' now, to totally forget the first two precepts...those of Yama and Niyama...the very foundations of spiritual practice...citing they are 'not needed' and jump straight into Asana and Pranayama...and even forgoing Pratyahara to quieten the mind and the chatter of ego in relation to external stimuli. If they weren't required, I feel that Patanjali would not have mentioned then at all.

The purpose of sadhana...of spiritual practice is not to 'attain' or 'reach' a spiritual state, but it's so that the whole body and mind can cope with the energy...with the whole 'pressure' and demands placed upon the central nervous system once that state has been reached...and those who reach that state without...or without doing the FULL sadhana will only have to do it later anyway...if they haven't 'gone insane' or 'committed suicide' by then, just to keep everything from totally overwhelming the psyche...to keep it all in 'balance' and yet, only Shakti knows what that 'balance' IS, so it's a 'catch 22'. I have learned that this is where 'trust' comes into play...and if you are meant to die...you will die...simple.

Igor said that 'full awareness of Consciousness' or Samadhi is a very powerful baby to carry to term and many will miscarry it".

Also, I discovered the reason WHY they say that one must not have any 'attachments' and be personally ambivalent towards 'material life' and that's because AFTER Samadhi is reached - nobody wants to have anything to do anymore...not even those closest to you...the ones you love and they will become 'possessed by evil' saying stuff like; "it's meditation/God or ME...choose!" and if you haven't detached, you'll give up your sadhana to be at the behest and mercy of the selfish desires of those around you...but if you have detached, you can say "I've chosen my path...goodbye...maybe I'll see you next life (if I am to be reborn for that purpose)" and THEN, your 'loved ones' will tell everybody that you have been 'brainwashed by a cult' when THEY are the ones who have been 'brainwashed' by the biggest 'cult' there IS...Maya.

So, enlightenment is very isolating due to the wholly subjective nature of personal experience...and in that, you learn the trials and the secret of Ganesha....basically, you come into this world alone...go out the same way...so it's pretty stupid to believe you are not also alone whilst the corporeal body exists within the limited perception of space, time and matter...in fact, my energy is so strong now, that people, in general are totally intimidated and terrified of/by me and I don't know if that's a 'good thing' or a 'bad thing' or it doesn't even matter because what is "good" and "bad" are still within the realms of dvaita...duality and I can fully see, understand and appreciate that.

I really did not travel to any 'astral worlds'....I was doing trataka on a picture of Lord Shiva...then, there was no picture, no room, no house, no street/world, no 'me' and all was this incredible feeling of love, overshadowed by Jyotir Deepam...the Mahaprana...effulgence of Atman through the anandamaya kosha directly.

I'll reply to a few more of your threads now, but any association with Yoga is still an association through the ego and the ego will say "I AM GOD" until such times as "GOD IS EVERYTHING" is experientially realised. This is the breach of Rudra Granthi at Makara Point...between the Ajna and Bindu Chakras.

Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya
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Old 05-08-2018, 12:28 PM
dianamadalina dianamadalina is offline
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Interesting. I've never heard of Kundalini traveling up and and down only down and up
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