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Old 14-01-2018, 09:21 PM
Dee47 Dee47 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2013
Posts: 429
From "words" to Channeling

I've got lots to say (as always). the challenge will be to organize. And maybe to spell. Okay. I'm going to get started.

Some years ago I started getting what I came to call "words." Right before falling asleep or just after waking up, I would hear words, usually in my own voice, but they weren't words I was thinking. It scared me at first--I thought I was losing my mind.

Then some time after that, my son died, and that led me on a spiritual journey that has changed everything. I came to understand that the words I was hearing might be from my spirit guides (a new concept back then) or that I might be telepathically picking up on things from others or from the spirit world. For many years I've held the "words" experiences at arms length. How did I know the words weren't coming from a dark spirit? How did I know what to trust?

The words were pretty fascinating, and I enjoyed them, while also not letting them upset me. For instance, yesterday I got the phrase "naked fool," and I just shrugged it off. It seemed sarcastic or judgmental or both, and I didn't like the feel of it. So I just ignored it. I must say, though, that very little of what I've gotten has been like that. Even so, I've been careful with what I've gotten.

One of the questions I have for you is: are the words I've gotten "channeling'? And if so, what does that mean?

I haven't assumed that the words I've gotten are from guides.

One phrase I got once was "B-52." I got several other words or phrases over a period of time and just wrote them all down. They didn't mean anything to me. Later, when talking to my sister that day or even a few days later--I don't remember now (it has been several years)--I found out that my brother had been thinking about having the air force fly a B-52 in honor of our father, who had recently died. When I talked to my sister, I didn't say, "ah ha!" because I didn't remember the B-52, because it was just a phrase in a long line of others. But when I reviewed that list later, and saw B-52, I saw the connection. I believe my father was letting us know that he was aware my brother was thinking of him. It was pretty cool.

To Channeling? After a long period of healthy eating (a few years) and slow weight loss, I've suddenly reverted to old behavior and can't seem to get unstuck. After looking for help a few other ways, I decided to try to ask my guides for help.

A few nights I prayed intensely before sleep. One night I finally wrote questions out and asked my guides to answer them. "What is a good first step to reducing processed sugar from my daily diet" was one question. Another was "is there advice you can give me to help reduce my daily processed sugar amount?" I got two "hits": "in search of a meal" and "just leave the rest." I didn't think the responses were very helpful, but I did think they were related to my question. "words" were always random and unrelated to what I was thinking about." The B-52 experience above had nothing at all to do with what I was thinking about at the time.

Yesterday, I tried thinking directly to my guides, asking them to talk to me, and after "naked fool," I got "we might get some mischief." That phrase really cracked me up. I laughed out loud. My mood, which has been pretty low, rose. The guides and I are exchanging and interacting.

Then today, two instances of even better give-and-take interaction. I was thinking about a story I had read and making a judgment about one of the characters. My guide pointed out something I had missed. And s/he was right! The guide's response was helpful. The other instance wasn't as clear. I was thinking about doing something and the guide said I shouldn't. It doesn't hurt to listen to the guide in this instance, so I will. In both cases, it was very clear to me that I wasn't hearing my own thoughts. These responses really were from outside of my thinking at the time. When I heard "words," I knew they weren't from me because they weren't related at all to what I was thinking. Now I can tell they aren't from me...but I'm not really sure how I can tell. In the instance of the story, the guide's response was a surprise. So it wasn't what I was thinking,, though it was related to the subject I was thinking about. I am afraid of asking yes/no questions because I'm not sure that I could tell the difference between my own ego and my guide.

I am still trying to figure out when the guide is helping me and when there is "some mischief." I imagine the mischief might be a passing interfering spirit?

Now that there is give and take, am I channeling?

So far I do not feel that I have gotten much help with my problem of "mainlining sugar," as a friend of mine describes the huge quantities of sugar I eat. I don't know why. Can any of you use your psychic powers to offer advice that will nudge me in the right direction? Maybe it's just that I enjoy eating sugar so much that advice won't do any good? I dunno. I have asked that the desire for sugar be removed, but so far it's still here.

Maybe this thread belongs elsewhere? I wasn't really sure when I started, what exactly I was going to say. But please feel free to move this, moderator, if it needs to be moved.

I would love responses to this thread. Some possibilities, but don't feel constrained by these suggestions:

how do you differentiate between the kinds of psychic experiences I am relating
What is your own physic experience(s) like?
why am I not getting help from my guides with my eating issues?
where else might I search for help with my eating problems?
if you've ever channeled, how do you know when you hit "mischief" and how can you avoid it?
how far do you trust your guides?
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Old 20-01-2018, 02:06 PM
Nameless Nameless is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Over the Rainbow
Posts: 2,718
That's a long question LOL :)

After all the years I have been involved in channeling (my daughters started first into this great unknown, then I, who had never been psychic or so I thought at the time - now I know everyone is, it's just how much we allow that we are -) it is a journey, and it is an individual journey.

What helped me the most was to get into the vibration of others channeling.

A book that helped me a lot (and my daughter) was Opening to Channel, by Sanaya Roman. It explains pretty much everything you would ever want to know about channeling, and how you can get to that space, and who you can inadvertantly invite into that space, but it is a lovely book, and I highly recommend it if you are wanting to go in that direction. A lot of people who channel got there start from reading that book.

So, yes, you can pick up things on your "channel" because we are all "receivers". It is just inherent in our make up. We are all psychic. You can be as psychic as you want. It is just the same as learning to ride a bike. How much time and effort do you want to put into it is the question. And of course some people haven't closed themselves off to it as much as others, which is why it might seem easy for them than for someone else who shut down all that stuff early on (which is most of my generation LOL). But you can learn to open it back up.

I say whatever feels right to you, go with that. You have instincts, sounds like you are using them.

I love how the guides send us random thoughts. A lot of times there are funny ones.

From my personal experience, I would practice first on how to raise your vibration. It is a process, and if you want to channel, and you don't want to channel a lower vibration thought, then you probably need to raise your vibration, so that when you do get a random thought, you will be vibrating in a place you can hear a better answer.

Abraham calls it the receiving mode. We are all in the receiving mode, each day at every moment. I have learned this last year that we are really not the thinkers of the thoughts, we are the receivers of the thoughts. It made me feel sort of lost at first, when I started to believe this, then more empowered as I realized that I am in charge of what vibration I am receiving, and they can't do that work for me, but if I am in a great mood, if I have raised my vibration for the morning and am flying high (and I have a few ways I do that) and I ask for help from the Universe, I get the help, and in a way that I can't mistake that the help is coming from them. It usually makes me smile. Some of the answers are subtle, and I think I thought this great idea up, then I remember I asked for help, and its a fun thing, to be thanking an invisible person for the idea that fits that situation.

If you don't ask, they can't help you. That's #1.

When you ask, you are in a different vibration than when you receive the answer. One is an asking vibration, and one is an allowing vibration. So there will be a delay in time from the question and the answer. Your job, if you have one, and really the only one you need to focus on, is to Get Happy. And then the answers flow in a fun and exciting way.

So here's some help from the Universe for your specific questions. Some are audios from Abraham that occurred to me while I was reading your post. Some are channelings I have received that might answer one of the questions.

Really, when I really wanted to learn to channel, and I was immersed in how to learn to channel, and was reading Seth (a great teacher - I highly recommend his book, Seth Speaks, by Jane Roberts - he opened up pathways in my head while I was reading his book, as did Orin while I was reading Sanaya's book), and being in that space of wanting to learn how to channel, while I was writing in my journal (which for some inexplicable reason I had started writing in again after a 30 year hiatis, FYI - LOL) I got the words: Relax and Breathe

So, I relaxed and breathed, and the words just started to flow. They were, at first, one word then another word, very slow start so I couldn't mistake them and it was easy to write down. Then another word, then a phrase, then about halfway through they really speeded up and I was having a hard time keeping up and they slowed down again. I didn't get the gist of anything that was being said in that head space, I was just allowing the words to flow. After they were done, the energy of that was just gone, and I knew they were done. I read it back later, and it blew my mind.

So there is no procedure you have to learn to be able to channel. You can just relax and breathe. My caveat is, what "disc" do you want to be receiving from? Also one thing to keep in mind, it maybe not another lower level being you are receiving from, just where you are vibrating. An answer will be a lot different depending on which "disc" you are on. The vibrations have to match up. You can't hear a vibration on the High Flying Disc of Joy and Appreciation (which is where all our passed over relatives live BTW) if you are on the disc of sorrow or just boredom.

Another awesome book is Abraham's - Ask and it is Given, by Jerry & Esther Hicks. It has some awesome processes on how to raise your vibration.

But it is all an inside joy, and how much time and effort are you willing to spend to feel better? As Abraham says, we know, it is so hard to hear the answer, when the answer is always the same - Get Happy. That's their bottom line answer for everything :)

So here are some links I promised. You are the receiver, so you get to choose which feels better and is more helpful. Many blessings on this wonderful part of your journey. It is an exciting and joyful one, and the most fun you can ever have with your clothes on :)

I am going to post them in another post, so this post doesn't get lost.
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Old 20-01-2018, 02:41 PM
Nameless Nameless is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Over the Rainbow
Posts: 2,718
Your questions:
1. how do you differentiate between the kinds of psychic experiences I am relating

I think I answered that one already, FYI, but here is a channeling I received for someone else, and the answer is at the bottom re: who we can contact if we are not careful. And the answerer might take you by surprise. I am not surprised by much anymore


2. What is your own physic experience(s) like?

That could be a book. Actually I have one written, just haven't put it all together yet. The short answer is, my life :). Examine yours, and see if you haven't gotten some help along the way that you didn't know you were getting. A lot of times, it is just impulses. Here, here's the book to read, or this website to click on while you were on another one, or here's a video you might like, while you were watching another one, or turn right here, when you had intended to turn left, and then you meet a person that is awesome, or you do something you wouldn't have done had you not turned right, etc etc.

3. why am I not getting help from my guides with my eating issues?.

When you ask, the answer is immediate. So you have been given the answer, now your job is to find it LOL. It can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, and it can be an immediate thought of what to do in that next moment, and when you do that thing, then another thing occurs to you to do, and you follow along on their trail of rabbits...oh, that was my trail - sorry LOL....breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs.

Here is an answer I got for someone else on the topic of eating. It helps me a lot too, I have a love for ice cream :)


4. where else might I search for help with my eating problems?
Go to you tube and type in Abraham Hicks eating problems and see what pops up. They have an audio for just about any question you can think up.

5. if you've ever channeled, how do you know when you hit "mischief" and how can you avoid it? - See answer #1

6. how far do you trust your guides?
Oh, about as far as I can throw them LOL. Sorry, that popped into my head when I read that, and I had to laugh

Use your gut feelings, your intuition. It can be your best friend.

Here's some Abraham's I love to post, that relate to your questions:

How YOU can channel Abraham. One of my favorites! FYI, if you don't know "who" Abraham is, Esther Hicks has been channeling them well over 30 years, and they are awesome, can't say enough about how they have changed my life. Esther channels Abraham in front of crowds of people, so sometimes you hear laughter in the background, just FYI, there are real people in the room too.
This is an audio clip that some random person put to music and video - Esther didn't post this, but allows people to post clips that are under 15 minutes.


Here is another awesome one. Actually, I would listen to this first. Get Happy.


And here are some, just for the Fun of it!!


So, that's a lot of homework (could take a few years). Hope you found some of your answers.

Love and Peace
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Old 20-01-2018, 04:36 PM
Dee47 Dee47 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2013
Posts: 429
Thank you,, thank you, thank you for your generosity. I am flipping circles right now. Well, I'm lying in bed, but I swear,, i am also flipping circles.

this is so cool. I just thought of the book, Opening Channels yesterday. I bought it some time ago..years ago?--but had no idea if it was meant for me. Once I got it, I think I read a paragraph, then set it aside, feeling unsure. I JUST thought of it again yesterday and wondered if it would help, but I dismissed it.

Last night, while channeling, I also wondered, "should I be raising my vibrations?" Again, just what YOU said!

And sometimes, as last night, I get sentences but only parts of them. Such as, I will get a phrase that says, "What you need to do is..." and then I don't get the answer. After reading what you wrote, I understand why that happens. It makes perfect sense. And understanding is making me giddy. I'm not at the right vibration to HEAR the answer.

I love that you said when I ask a question I get an immediate answer, but I may not hear it. Yes, yes, yes.

This all makes so much sense. Thank you for shining the light. After my son died I started down this spiritual path that has been so awesome. When I first learned about what happens after death, and about life after death I just kept saying,, "This makes so much sense." It was like all kinds of puzzle pieces clicking into place. And that's happening again, now, with your posts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I think I have something that has 'abraham" in it...have to see if I can find it. I had tried to read it a few years ago and didn't really understand it.

So my ability to "receive" IS better when I'm reading something that makes me happy. Thanks for answering that question, and for clarifying that it's HAPPINESS that makes the difference. What a gift this day is already.

Thanks. Have I said that yet?
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Old 20-01-2018, 05:02 PM
Dee47 Dee47 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2013
Posts: 429
Oh. It's not the Abraham book I have, it's Michael: the basic teachings
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Old 20-01-2018, 05:11 PM
Dee47 Dee47 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2013
Posts: 429
Nope. Amazon tells me I have an Abraham book. I'll keep looking.

By the way, I LOVE homework.
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Old 21-01-2018, 12:13 AM
Nameless Nameless is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Over the Rainbow
Posts: 2,718
You are most welcome. I love sharing Abraham and Seth and whoever.

Here is Abraham in the flesh, so to speak. Most you tube of Abraham are audio clips, so if you haven't seem "them" before, here is Esther before a crowd.

2 of my favorites - Gay Rights (and remember this was channeled quite a few years back in the US, and now you can get married in all 50 states).


Weird is the New Normal - and aren't we all weird??? One of my first lessons with channeling was I had to come to grips with the "being crazy." Well, if channeling means I am crazy, who am I to say any different? So I embraced the crazy, and here I am.


I had written you a long post, but lost it with a keystroke. I guess it wasn't meant to be. Have fun with your homework and don't take it too seriously. The other side likes to say we all try too hard
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Old 21-01-2018, 12:22 AM
Dee47 Dee47 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2013
Posts: 429
I almost told you this last time, when you talked about posting before you lost it. I used to lose stuff, too, but there are easy ways to get it back.

If you press crtl z, that does one thing. And crtl y does another. Try it on a practice page. Then write it down somewhere.

Another thing I do is highlight and copy before I post so that if it disappears while posting, I just have to paste it somewhere. To copy it is crtl c (for copy). To paste it is crtl v. Again, try it on a practice sheet somewhere. I often have a word document open to paste it onto if I need to. Then I can copy it again and paste it onto a thread if I need to.

These instructions are for a PC. I think something similar exists for a mac, but it's not exactly t he same.

I've begun reading Opening to Channel--just a few pages in so far but I am loving it. I must not have been ready for it before.
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Old 21-01-2018, 12:54 AM
Nameless Nameless is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Over the Rainbow
Posts: 2,718
Thank you - I will try that. I am trying that. what does control z do? OMG, it disappeared! That must have been what I hit to make it disappear. And control Y brought it back! Thank you, thank you. I have used the copy and paste, but I usually use it right before I hit post, but this time, it disappeared before I was done, darn it. But thank you thank you. I don't have anywhere to put it, but now I have this thread to remember it by, although that might not help if I've already lost it...

I first time I started Opening to Channel, it freaked me out and I put it down like it was witchcraft or something. Totally wasn't ready for it. Didn't pick it up for about a year, so I totally get it.

Oh, FYI, orindaben.com. Go to free on the website / then Orin's mediation room. They have free 5 minute downloads of some awesome meditations. I especially enjoy the Solar Light. I listened to that a lot when I was first starting out, and the energy transmission is incredible and feels so loving.
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Old 21-01-2018, 03:26 AM
Dee47 Dee47 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2013
Posts: 429
it's so fun throwing thank yous around. I'm glad I'm able to elicit some too. Ha ha. I've so much enjoyed your posts. There are some amazing people on this forum.
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