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Old 28-01-2018, 10:44 PM
Lorelyen Lorelyen is offline
Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: UK
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Originally Posted by Universal.Vibe
Wizard of OZ? Cuz the lion in that was a coward.
(New theory though perhaps all signs can have two sides?)

A-hah, no. OZ probably refers to the earliest magazine issues appearing Australia. It was an alternative culture rag that turned to the less restrictive London (although still got into lots of trouble). They were very interesting times.

About Leos it says that the Sun expects nothing unnatural from the planets. They rotate around their Sun. LOL I suppose Leos do like to be centres of attention. Not me though. I'm a very low profile, dull Leo.
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Old 29-01-2018, 10:43 AM
Universal.Vibe Universal.Vibe is offline
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For a Leo maybe
Somebody once said:
Change the way you think, You change your entire world.
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Old 29-01-2018, 01:18 PM
angelic star angelic star is offline
Join Date: Oct 2016
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All signs have capacity to be immoral, I don't think it's one particular sign as such. But they are all likely to 'cheat' differently.
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Old 18-02-2018, 08:36 AM
earth2bella earth2bella is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Posts: 283
I am a Leo and also I am literally nothing you have described. Have you taken into account all of the other signs that possess us and make us who we are? I do not like to be the center of attention �� and I am also not a cheater �� please do not group us from a newspaper horoscope
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Old 18-02-2018, 10:46 AM
FairyCrystal FairyCrystal is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
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Originally Posted by moonincancer
Am a Sagi and my partner is a Leo. He is loyal. But most of my friends are Leos and they are charmers as well as being attention seeking.. I have known Leos who are incapable of any loyalty or fidelity. So it does vary.
What I have found common among all the Leos I have known is that they put their work above any relationship. They are workaholics and that does cast a shadow over their relationships. And yes the ego is enormous:) though they can be fun to be with.
Workaholic? Wow... My last partner seemed to be that way. Up to a point he didn't have a choice concerning a study that kept him busy next to a busy job, but I did begin to wonder if it was just him.
If they tend to be workaholics, I guess the latter was the case.
And come to think of it... I had a girl friend Leo, she was a workaholic too. Not for the work, but she craved the status. She needed that like air to breath. And she got it in the end as well. To me she seemed rather ruthless in the way she went about getting it. It was as if no matter the cost to her children or partners she had to obtain that.
And with my partner I also noticed early on that -in spite of his incredibly loving and caring nature- much always evolved around him. He was quite balanced and empowered, but that tendency was still there, mostly with subtle things so it took a while for me to notice it.
But to be honest, I think what he wanted or needed -maybe even without knowing it- was to please and give. I think that balances this natural tendency to have things evolve around them?
But I was too overwhelmed at times, so I allowed things to happen too often. It were truly small things, he was quite mature and didn't have major ego ** issues (anymore). I do think, however, that if I'd not wavered we possibly could still be together. I think a Leo might truly need someone strong next to him who doesn't give in to their every whim so they find a healthier balance, get out of their focus on themselves. Because if there's one thing I do know is that he did want to give and please and provide.
But this probably only works out when Leo has matured enough.
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Old 18-02-2018, 02:36 PM
Light lady Light lady is offline
Join Date: May 2016
Location: Uk
Posts: 293
I’m a Leo. I’m not unfaithful and never have been, I’m not a workaholic in any way, I am first and foremost for my boys and family, couldn’t care less about work.
I am loud, esp if I’m drunk. I probably used to be a bit up myself but I’ve worked on that, and I think Leo’s can see, to be attention seeking, but I think it’s more that we are leaders and so seem to be that way maybe?
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Old 19-02-2018, 01:42 AM
7luminaries 7luminaries is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Posts: 5,593
  7luminaries's Avatar
I don't put too much stock in any of these single pointers as reliable guides. Astrologers say it's because there is much more to any single person (and thus their chart). That seems more reasonable

Nonetheless, full disclosure...my dad has always been a stereotypical Leo in the sense of needing incessant ego-boosting, relating to women overtly sexually for the purpose of lining up shags on the side, and cheating relentlessly on mum (always with the hand-picked outliers...various vulnerable, unstable, flaky, half-formed, but always married women who were equally as amoral as he was, so strings-free), followed by his relieving his guilt by dragging her through all the details and endless mindscrewage...alternatively threatening to leave and then graciously staying once she forgave him. Rinse, wash, repeat. His self-esteem being based primarily on his mojo and his conquests (of course), and on what a handsome black-haired English-Irish gent he had always been told that he was -- a bit like Pierce Brosnan but without the character -- along with his insatiable need to partake of sex on the side without any responsibilty -- was hollow and built on shifting sands.

Like too many women praised early on for their looks, his character development was neglected and tended toward the superficial in many aspects as a result of coasting on looks and charm. Instead, he felt that as a tall, good-looking white man in a suit, he mainly just had to show up in life and do a reasonably decent job to get commendations and rewards and Pussy Galore...all whilst being cruel, resentful, demeaning, and withholding to his wife and fam. Except for sex...he did engage in that wif mum no matter who else he was shagging on the side...always keep 'em guessing and off bal, eh? As the eldest in his fam, he resented the hell out of his younger bros and sis's, who looked up to him like a god, LOL...and he freely complained of his petty childhood grievances till he was at least 50 or 55...and especially by early 60s, more recently, at which point melanoma gave him a different perspective entirely on family and what they can do for you.

I love my father, and I have always accepted his severe shortcomings, but I take no pleasure in saying that many of the worst stereotypes of Leo are his. Though, to be fair, they were also fairly widespread and rampant in many men of his day, and under our toxic cultural paradigm, much of this behaviour has continued mindlessly with hordes of gents on through to the present day... so it is hardly fair to put all his and all similar manner of sorry and pathetic shortcomings on one sign out of 12, LOL... I also know that this means no matter what your genetic lot (nor your date of birth), there is no substitute for depth of character. And that it is in our choices and our struggles that we become who we are, full stop.

Peace & blessings
Bound by conventions, people tend to reach for what is easy.

Here we must be unafraid of what is difficult.

For all living beings in nature must unfold in their particular way

and become themselves despite all opposition.

-- Rainer Maria Rilke
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Old 19-02-2018, 08:44 AM
angelic star angelic star is offline
Join Date: Oct 2016
Posts: 1,802
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If I have to do an analysis of all the Leos who felt like not the most faithful, I actually can, but it wouldn't be fair because people cheat regardless of the sign they are in, and I can without any hesitation say that there isn't anything as the most faithful or loyal sign in the zodiac as much as people like to put it out there. When you hear the most faithful sign and most loyal, it can actually be quite over rated. I think I can give many examples from each sun sign of the zodiac who have just plain cheated and no they weren't being faithful as their sun sign defines them. Sometimes people are also not unfaithful or flaky as their signs would typically define them as. Yes there is a line of similarity but people are immoral rather than one sign in particular not being so. People find love variously and yes they cheat and turn cold and leave their spouses, and this has been happening from maybe the beginning of time till today. And now even more I think because earlier society held expectations and there were rules, I think people were more noble back in the day, but now even lesser so.
I think being faithful is something inherent, either you have it or you do not.
And also depends how you define cheating as. There is that definite cheating where you sleep with tons of other people on the side when you have a wife and family and lie about it, and then there is emotional cheating, most fall prey to, sometimes unsuspectingly so.
It depends from person to person and I guess one is almost born with it, they either will cheat, and will never learn or grow up, and cannot be fixed and feel regret about it, and there are those who cheat and do something shallow and pay for it, and then those who will not cheat, no matter what. People are different , has nothing to do with sun sign.
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Old 26-02-2018, 06:47 PM
LibbyScorp LibbyScorp is offline
Join Date: Jun 2013
Location: Seattle
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Originally Posted by FrankieJG
They say Leo is a perfect match for Sagittarius. I have known only one Leo so far.The guy who was sitting right next to my cubicle at one of the places I worked for. I must say he was great at flirting.It was not annoying at all. It felt decent,sweet and nice.I usually freak out when somebody tries to flirt with me.But when he did I loved it and made me flirt back. He is a VERY confident person.Many people say Leos have so much ego but I didn't see much ego in him.Eventhough he was just an ordinary guy, when I was around him it was like being around a movie star or the popular guy at college lol. Something to do with his personality, there have been much better looking guys but never felt the urge to flirt back. Even now when I find a certain guy interesting or a guy interested in me, I compare my feelings with the feelings I got being around that Leo. I don't know how to explain this.His personality was the best (for me) and I kinda want a man who gives me the same feeling that he gave.It is weird and I was wondering why until I remembered his birthday and realized he is a Leo.So I agree with most of the Leo traits I saw in him. The connection between us was also similar to what they describe. Sagi and Leo is a good combo.I felt it from my end and i think he did too. He would flirt with me everyday. Others in the office started to notice that too.

Anyway I am a Sagittarius and I am blunt.I am honest and sometimes it can be hurtful.So during the time he was flirting with me, I did a background check and found out his sexy side lol It was the only negative thing about him. He was the sleeping around type of guy. So once, while he was actively flirting with me I brought up about a girl he was sleeping with.From what I have heard the girl was already in a relationship with some other guy.amd there have been some fights between him and girl's bf .I don't know how but that story fell out of my mouth during our conversation.He was shocked to know that I knew about it.And I still regret bringing it up.Because that was it.He didnt flirt with me again.Not even a Hi.. Lol

So I want to make sure whether every Leo is playful and tend to be sleeping around? From my personal experience,everything else was perfect but that trait.

The ego comes out later ;)

I think they can be pretty loyal but they have terrible wondering eyes and flirt with everything walking without even realizing it. If that doesn't make you insecure, their love is pretty great. Very cuddly and lovey. But still... a very selfish love at times.
.Mind . Body . Soul .
Deepika Mehta Yoga :: My Dharma
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Old 12-03-2018, 06:04 PM
LostintheLore LostintheLore is offline
Join Date: Mar 2018
Location: New York
Posts: 52
I am a Leo and yes, I have cheated in the past. I was in my early twenties, alcohol was running the show and my morals were clouded. I am a flirtatious person but I also like to think I see love or potential love in most everybody I meet. In the past I have been rather insecure and have longed for more. I can be an extremely shy person and sometimes don't engage socially even though I would like to. Depending on your situation this can be a recipe for self destructive behavior. I have been in a serious relationship for almost five years now. My mind does wander from time to time. I am very conscious these days about those dark paths I have taken and don't wish to travel them again. I don't personally think that those bad habits are reserved for Leos. Almost everybody that I know has been down that road at some point or another. I do agree some of the character traits of Leos perhaps make them more vulnerable to misbehaving. I do agree with the remark about the Ego. I love to create and in the past I have loved to show it off. Usually when I would show off what I have created I would feel guilty some way or another. After taking time to keep the Ego on its leash, the big picture has been more clear. But once again, a lot of people don't realize Ego is running the show.
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