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Old 30-11-2017, 10:27 PM
Lynn Lynn is offline
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Sleep Paralysis - Connected to Astral Travel


What are your thoughts on Sleep Paralysis being connected to Astral Travel ?

When it comes to Astral Travel there are so many layers to what happens to us on the mental plane we exist on that part of our life controlled by the physical brain that makes us function and that other part of us that Soul part that hold the spiritual part of our subconsciousness.

Its a wonder that we can ever sleep with all that can go on. When we try to learn to Astral Travel there are episodes like sleep paralysis that come into play. Yet at times we do not understand it all.

What is below is what I have learned over the year, so they are my thoughts on it all. The more we share in our experience the more we seem to be able to learn. I so remember grabbing the sides of the bed and not understanding it all. Being able to step out and figuring all could do the same. To learn that its not easy to do, that you have to learn it.

To those whom have never experienced Sleep Paralysis it will seem almost not to be believed. You’re in bed and you wake from sleep, to find that you feel like you are not alone there in bed. You at times feel as if someone is standing there beside the bed, or even on top of one’s chest. The first thing you try to do is move your head, but it will literally feel like it’s made of lead. This is where the brain kicks in and one starts to think about all sorts of things that are not really in play. This is where the fear and panic sets in and it’s quite normal for us to react like that. We are not used to waking and not being able to move. What is merely seconds or even a minute or so feels like hours on hours that one cannot move.

Sleep paralysis sounds unbelievable. You wake from sleep. As you lie in bed, you feel like someone is standing over you in the darkness. You try to move your head only slightly to take a subtle glance, but you can't. Someone -- something -- is surely holding you down. You attempt to struggle, to thrash your arms and legs, but you are frozen in place. Sheer panic washes over you as your paralysis lingers.

What Exactly Is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is the inability to move or speak as one goes from sleep to wakefulness, without other findings characteristic of narcolepsy. In sleep paralysis, this often occurs while awakening (hypnopompic) as opposed to falling asleep (hypnagogic), which is more common in narcolepsy.
Hypnopompic - the semiconscious state prior to complete wakefulness
Hypnagogic - occurring just before sleep; applied to hallucinations occurring at sleep onset

Features of Sleep Paralysis

There are some common features that characterize the symptoms of sleep paralysis, including:

•Eye movements are typically preserved.

•It more often occurs while sleeping on one’s back.

•Visual and auditory hallucinations often occur and may include a sense of an evil presence, of being touched, or hearing voices or noises in the room.

•Occasionally faces or people may be seen at the bedside.

•A sense of breathlessness (or chest pressure, even someone standing on one’s chest) may exist.

How Often Does Sleep Paralysis Occur?

It is common and may be experienced by 20% to 60% of people, depending on the population examined. In a study of college students, 21% were found to have had at least one episode of sleep paralysis, but only 4% had 5 or more episodes. It is believed to be precipitated by sleep deprivation, stress, and sleep schedule disruption. In experiments, it has been shown to occur with disruption of rapid eye movement (REM), or dream sleep. It also is associated with anxiety disorders.
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Old 30-11-2017, 11:50 PM
Tobi Tobi is offline
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I don't completely understand sleep paralysis. I have a theory based on my own brief experience of it -which worked for me, at the time, but of course everyones' experiences are different.
It only happened once to me. The first out of body experience I'd ever had. I just felt completely locked and couldn't understand why! Because I was hearing weird twanging/buzzing/humming noises I did think there might be an electrical fault where I was living at the time, and urgently wanted to get up to check it out! But I couldn't move one inch!
Part of my thoughts had already accepted that I was going out of body....but part of my thoughts I suppose were against it, as it was the weirdest thing ever....so I feel that was the reason why I got locked.
The only thing that got me out of that peculiar feeling of not being able to move, was letting go, and allowing myself to "rise out of my body" (which I did, even though at the time I was still concerned about the possible electrical fault and also convinced that if I went out -that was it -I was "dying".)
So I just let go and let myself go out and there was no more paralysis.
I began to think that the cause of the paralysis was me, not being able to make up my mind which way to go. Which state to fully identify with. As soon as I made a distinct and strong choice, that was it. It ended.

I wonder if it happens when we catch ourselves in between the physical and the astral, and yet are still identifying with the physical body? (which is not functional at that moment as it is sleeping!)

I can imagine it being more of a terrifying issue in people who may know nothing about out of body experiences, or maybe in people to whom it's happening for the first time. Can you imagine that happening and you've never even heard of OBEs or astral travel....it must be so surreal.

Then there are those who have scary events happen when in that state. I don't know why that sometimes happens. It didn't in my case (unless the sure knowledge that you are "dying" can be counted as a scary experience....LOL!)
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Old 01-12-2017, 07:05 PM
astralwanderer astralwanderer is offline
Join Date: Aug 2014
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I had sleep paralysis regularly for 4 years before I discovered that it had a name. It was terrifying, even after I did learn what it was. Usually if I had one episode in a night, I would have at least three. It is as you described except I would try to yell or scream for help and my tongue would also be limp. I would feel like I was screaming extremely loudly but no one ever came to my rescue. That is, when I lived at home with my parents. When my husband and I began sharing a bed, he always shook me to break the paralysis, but he said the “yelling” was more like tiny whimpers.

The hypnagogic/hypnopompic (I had hypnopompic usually) hallucinations were truly terrifying. For example, one of my first sleep paralysis experiences was when taking an afternoon nap at my parents’ house. I opened my eyes and noticed the door of my room was open, but it began to close on its own. My mother was standing behind it holding a butcher knife in a menacing way and her skin had a green tint. And a lot of the time it felt like I was being held down on the bed and couldn’t breathe. I would see red eyes and hear hissing, etc. etc. Archetypal evil stuff. Ages 15-16 I thought I was being demonically possessed, having been raised in a quasi-religious environment. I moved on from this sentiment by the time I was 17. ;)

In 2014, I was so incredibly tired of this happening an average of three times a week (but sometimes more or less), I was desperate for anything to stop it. I wanted an MRI, sleeping pills...heck, I was willing to go to therapy if that would help. And I ran across one website and it had this message:”ssleep paralysis can help you leave your body. You can fight it, and there’s no guarantee it will ever go away, or you can use it to get out and explore.” (I put that in quotes but that’s just how I remember it and probably couldn’t locate the site to credit the source anyway.)

That was the most influential piece of knowledge I have gained in my life to date and it was true for me. The next few times I had sleep paralysis it was still scary but the small voice in my head reminding me of the message of that website got a little louder each time until that first time I had sleep paralysis and relaxed instead of fighting it. And I sat up, dangled my legs over the side of the bed, and stood up. Conscious, aware, and temporarily free of my body.

I still have sleep paralysis, but it isn’t as often, which I find very interesting, and it doesn’t scare me because as soon as I hear/feel the vibrations, I know it’s my chance to get out of my body. Which is always a fun time. :)
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Old 22-12-2017, 07:42 PM
XalosJuryin XalosJuryin is offline
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Posts: 46

I had my third sleep paralysis three days ago when I had my first actual OBE experience. My first identifiable paralysis lasted 2 seconds and my second one lasted around 20. The most recent one lasted around 40 seconds to a minute.

In my experience, I never saw any figure or felt anything menacing. I was blessed to have read about it beforehand and so when it happened I already knew what it was all about. Still, I'm open to fearful experiences and know it to be common and scary.

If Astral Projection is something I am willing to explore, I will have to become familiar with sleep paralysis. Until now, my paralyses were pretty chill and actually amusing in a curious manner.

Peace to all!
"Know who you are, here and now"
"Mëhl láttyia mer lattërye"
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Old 22-12-2017, 08:06 PM
Badcopyinc Badcopyinc is offline
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Have been hitting all sources possible on the subjects brought fourth.

Sleep paralysis is "body asleep mind awake". as everyone has described it so far. I'm not going to find the exact descriptions as far as what states the brain is in during this.

XalosJuryin saying his was pretty chill is a good thing to expect.

I know it only partially pertains but to anyone experiencing sleep paralysis try to understand the basics of LOA if you can. I've heard Monroe, Buhlman and Campbell all reference the same concept of getting past fear. Campbell actually describes example of people reading books of others dark AP experiences and having the same because they expect to experience the same. and he goes in full detail on the power of your thought and setting intentions for lucid dreaming or Astral. and of course all three stress getting past or letting go of fear

and he even mentioned Sleep paralysis as a prime example as it happens more commonly with everyone. It's also common for people to get frightened because they have no body control. and its the moment they get frightened that they start to experience dark or scary things.

I personally believe its a pop quiz from guides to see if you're ready for full OBE's. especially if it all boils down to letting go of fear. what better way to test a person? idk just a theory....
Knowing others is wisdom, Knowing yourself is enlightenment. Lao Tzu
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Old 28-12-2017, 08:09 PM
astralwanderer astralwanderer is offline
Join Date: Aug 2014
Location: US
Posts: 313
Originally Posted by Badcopyinc
I personally believe its a pop quiz from guides to see if you're ready for full OBE's. especially if it all boils down to letting go of fear. what better way to test a person? idk just a theory....

I agree. I also think my guides must have been thoroughly frustrated with me taking nearly ten years (or maybe more?) to let go of fear. I'm very glad they did not give up.
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Old 28-12-2017, 10:18 PM
XalosJuryin XalosJuryin is offline
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Posts: 46
Originally Posted by Badcopyinc

I personally believe its a pop quiz from guides to see if you're ready for full OBE's. especially if it all boils down to letting go of fear. what better way to test a person? idk just a theory....

Haha that is a very amusing way of thinking about it
"Know who you are, here and now"
"Mëhl láttyia mer lattërye"
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Old 29-12-2017, 12:31 AM
wstein wstein is offline
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Location: Austin TX USA
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Originally Posted by Lynn
What are your thoughts on Sleep Paralysis being connected to Astral Travel?
Strictly speaking, I see no connection between SP and AT.

There are basically two parts to Astral Travel:
1) detaching/creating an aspect of consciousness/awareness separate from the physical body
2) projecting that consciousness/awareness away from the body so it doesn't get reintegrated with the body

Dreaming is a mode of consciousness already detached from the physical body, paralysis during sleep is part of that detachment. The downside of dreaming from an AP point of view is that you are unconscious.

If you could only be conscious while dreaming, you would essentially be half way to AP (only need to project).

There are two obvious times when this it true:
1) Lucid dreaming (there are also techniques for AP from a Lucid Dream)
2) during a Sleep Paralysis episode

Spontaneous Astral Projecting happens most commonly while asleep.

Its my opinion that Astral Projecting is easier from a sleep state because the conscious state is already close to that needed. Sleep Paralysis simply offers an opportunity to Astral Project utilizing this advantage.
no sugar coating here, I tell it straight as I see it
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Old 29-12-2017, 04:05 PM
Rashid Rashid is offline
Join Date: Sep 2015
Posts: 72
Astral Pronection and chakras

Sooo. I know all the chakras work together to create the exerpiece on an OBE... but what chakra would be a good focus point to keep consciousness on to astral project?
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Old 30-12-2017, 11:56 PM
anditmakesmewonder anditmakesmewonder is offline
Join Date: Apr 2014
Posts: 271
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I only feel anything close to this before sleeping, right after I fall asleep and I'm not fully aware I just did.
The few times I'd consider I accidentally projected I felt like floating and even bouncing up and down as if I had trouble to go through walls. (The other day I watched Dr. Strange movie and I was impressed how the animated sequence was accurate to this experience. When the Ancient One pulls and throw him to make him believe, the way it started was way similar to my experience.)
After this I arrived some place I had asked to go, but was unable to go inside the building 'cause some animals bit me. Another time I just floated but wanted to go back to my body, like swimming in the air back.

Anyways, my point is that I only managed to go a little bit far after trying to control the fear and anxiety that always happen. Like being aware and trying to stay that way.
However I never have the intention of projecting, I still don't, it happens sometimes and I only learnt after it had already happened. Afterwards I read about it a little and saw some videos regarding fear and I'm usually okay with it.


What I don't really like is when I fall asleep and it feels I'm still awake in my bed but suddenly an energy goes over my body and gives me goosebumps. I know it's different from when you have a bad dream or nightmare and get goosebumps out of fear. What I'm referring to is getting goosebumps that spread over the body, sometimes toes to head, sometimes chest to neck, sometimes starting in the arms, etc. without any reason whatsoever.

It always weird because it isn't like normal dreaming as I don't see anything, no landscape, is like my spiritual body is lying inside my physical body. It feels like sleep paralysis in the sense that I can't barely move, I can't see at all(90% of the time) and I can feel my bed under me.

I've been told this could the Real Time Zone(RTZ) where things are like the physical world but not an exact copy, meaning that if I'm able to see I'd spot distortions. In some ways it is like a simulacrum.

Oddly enough once I had a dream after falling sleep(hypnagogic hallucination?) that I was going thru a gallery holding hands with someone I could never see the face. Everything seemed okay, until from that same hand that energy came spreading to mine. As I took my hand away everything fell apart, the scenery, the walls, it was like the illusion was discovered and revealed, immediately everything went black. I was still not awake and feeling the goosebumps/energy until I managed to wake up. I felt completely deceived. Like "the being"(or whatever that was) needed me to go with him willingly.

Couple of years ago, when this "sensation" happened the first time I asked for advice here in the forum to which people had suggested to go along with it, ask questions and see to where it would go. It actually didn't go well as once I regained my movements(not the physical body but the perceived/spiritual/whatever body) many times I had quite a fight with this thing. From the chest pain, over time it had changed to being thrown to many directions, totally different than the bouncing and floating that leads to projections.
The feeling that leads to projections is like detaching, soft in a way and it despite being bumpy it never feels like you're being forced against your will. In my experience, I feel like I'm alone. The fight/like state feels like there's someone there and I'm usually attached to my psychical body by one foot, as if I can try to move away from "the being" and the bed, but never too far, like having a ball chained.
To project I feel like leaving my body, like a balloon. The other times I'm trying to escape the being/thing while trying to awake my body, trying to actually be inside the psychical body.

I've had some lucid dreams and in the past I tried comically to do things like having magic powers and fly to no end. Nothing happens or I just fall. Then after these two times I had more lucid dreams but that had things happening, like they had a plot, but once lucid I become completely indifferent to the dream. Like, "Oh, he has a knife, I was running, but it's just a dream, I'll just stop over here. Well, I just got stabbed, it's annoying but whatever."

Honestly I feel like I enjoy my dreams more when they're lesson like, when it's clear obvious I'm being taught/oriented in a way or when they're like movies and they give me plenty of inspiration to write about.

Those goosebumps/hypnagogic paralysis have reduced its frequency and it's better this way as it used to disturb my sleep for a while. And when it does happen, I manage to wake much more quickly, in a minute or so.
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