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Old 26-11-2017, 10:16 PM
chasinglight chasinglight is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Nov 2015
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Can Christianity and divination go hand in hand?

I believe in a lot of what the bible has to say, but it teaches that gaining knowledge is evil, and that we should simply follow and not question. I believe this was put in the bible by man as an attempt to control the masses. I don't see why gaining knowledge should be evil, particularly if it is not misused. I have ordered a Lightworkers Oracle deck. I have used other decks in the past. I guess that programming from my church causes me to hesitate to use them. I do believe you contact spirits through them, and I know some spirits lie, so i do not take what they say as gospel, but I think you can broaden your knowledge using oracles. In order to reach self actualisation and enlightenment it is important to know your unconscious mind and I think divination can play a big role in doing that.
What are your opinions on this? I would love some feedback.
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Old 26-11-2017, 11:55 PM
Lynn Lynn is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Past Pluto in the vastness of space and time
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I came into this lifetime with all that I am open to me. I was raised in the Anglican Church and there I would ask on why I could hear the dead. I was told that I was not to talk on such things. I would prey to God to have it removed from me but it grew stronger. I was 13 when I finally had enough of it all and I left the family faith for good.

I learned at the age of 16 what I was and what most of being me meant. Yet
never looked back, but too did not learn to explore my abilities fully til I was in my 40's. I needed to find a place to first fit in and second connect to all that was there.

I have since been to many a church and met with many different officials of the church and have come to find that I am accepted for what I am. Yes it says its a "sin" in the Bible but too Jesus was much like the healers of today on many levels. NOW don't get me wrong I am in no way saying I or others are on that divine level, but we carry on that work.

I have worked with the the most stringent of religions as a Medium, and have been respected for that work. I have been invited to exercisms and cleansing at times with the knowing I do not follow "God" but too I do not dismiss the concept of God. I have been told my Priests and other Father figures in the Church I do work with God in his Light and I have many tell me that my work is a gift from God.

Use the cards with the highest of respects remembering that they are a tool to be respected as are the teachings we receive. Remember that there is that ever present Karma that does come into play if we stray from the path of Light.

If the crow has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with life’s magic.
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Old 27-11-2017, 01:06 AM
chasinglight chasinglight is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Nov 2015
Posts: 27
Thanks for your input Lynn. Please feel free to private message me if you want to talk further. I am curious to learn more about your journey.
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Old 10-12-2017, 06:49 PM
DRODOLL333 DRODOLL333 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2017
Posts: 64
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I work with angels in my workings and divination, there is nothing wrong with it. I go to the book of Psalms for cleansing and protection. These are gifts from God. God once told me it is okay to be "weird" but not tooo weird. haha He meant it with humor. He doesn't speak to me much, but when He does, it is terrifying, and also sometimes funny. I usually speak to Him through angels, even though that means I am still talking directly to Him. He wants you to be comfortable, but also fear Him and don't get too big of a head (in my experience haha) and realize every thing that you gain is a granted blessing by Him. Basically He was saying not to trail too far off from Him when gaining knowledge, as in don't look to dark evil forces that always want something in return and try to sneak things by you, signing you off for their personal gain when you can actually find the same knowledge, and more that God has already provided for you to be able to discover within yourself. Also it meant don't let other people judge you. Some will call you weird, but keep your soul pure (by always praying when in doubt and keep good intentions as in never harming anyone with your gifts, and He will have your back) He will always be next to you and within you no matter what. I hope this helps!!!
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Old 26-12-2017, 07:00 PM
headincloud headincloud is offline
Deactivated Account
Join Date: Dec 2017
Posts: 61
I'm interested in the Christian Bible along with the other Abrahamic religions and find much of it profound however we need to be aware we are at the cusp of the end of the church age and the beginning of the new age where dogma won't be as important because we will gain firsthand insight into the true nature of divinity and manifestation once revelation has been revealed.

John 14:6 “Lord,” said Thomas, “we do not know where You are going, so how can we know the way?” 6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. 7 If you had known Me, you would know My Father as well.

I can categorically state that I did not connect to the divine via Jesus as I hadn't even begun to explore Christianity, I came in via spirituality and spiritual systems such as yoga and the native american principles along with the Buddhist concepts and the Tarot system though my knowledge is superficial.

I've found when we start exploring a different area of spirituality for example studying Archangels as opposed to Buddhist deities then our dreams, visions, meditations and modes of learning open to that realm in order to facilitate learning.

There are enlightened folk rising through ALL religions and spiritual systems as far as I can see and who am I to negate their beliefs and understanding, I'd sooner try understanding them.

What I have a strong distaste for is people hiding behind religion for example in cases of child marriage where the child dies from sexual trauma and internal haemorrhaging, murder if you must but not in the name of any benevolent force who supposedly grants divine right to do so via perception of channeled writings by an intermediary taught by unenlightened teachers. Integrity and personal responsibility align us with God imho sorry about the rant.

Back to the point Christianity and divination don't go hand in hand and most religions teach you must adhere to one exclusively which is simply not true to my mind, I go on Christian forums and almost tickled by the level of paranoia that keeps them bound in case exploring "pulls them away from Jesus" well hey it may be a quicker way to enlightenment to commit to one belief system because faith, trust and belief in a higher power facilitates connection but what we learn at that point is that all systems are valid it's the connection that's important and that point is where our understanding will come together as we all evolve. The way I see it we're moving full circle through our own individual faiths or spirituality towards enlightenment where we will arrive back at Hinduism which in itself is eclectic in nature, the oldest religion in the world.

I do believe parts of the Bible are corrupted but that doesn't negate it's purpose and my belief in Jesus and God through this vein, I wonder if it's too late to worry about those who would manipulate natural laws to their advantage because this would have manifested over the past 2000 yrs driven by greed, corruption and oppressive power, the enlightened have awareness of this and not all enlightened people choose to bat for the forces of benevolence, their enemy is those who are batting for the opposition under spiritual guidance but in line with higher intelligence as are they.

My perceptions are so limited I'm unable to draw conclusions based on the above plus I'm no Bible expert but it's interesting to hear others views none the less. The Key of Solomon may prove enlightening.

Last edited by headincloud : 26-12-2017 at 09:22 PM.
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Old 06-01-2018, 09:17 PM
white pegasus white pegasus is offline
Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 383
chasing light I think God does want us to have knowledge. why? For example,

"If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you" James 1:5.

You asked for our opinions, so here is mine. Please understand it is simply my opinion. I believe that God wants us to have knowledge. I believe God wants us to question things so that we are able to know his truth. In other words I do not believe having knowledge is evil.

As far as divination-I will be honest and confess that I have sought knowledge from readers. I have done this out of fearful situations, painful situations. And my heart convicts me in that I did not go directly to God to ask Him for his knowledge-his help-I did not trust God and wanted a quick answer.

That being said-I seem to come back to my own conclusion-and again this is just my opinion and I am not sitting in judgement of anyone here-my personal opinion is that my heart convicts me because I did not go to God diretly.

I guess what I am trying to say here-bottom line my own opinion is that I think God wants me to come to him directly.

Please understand that I am not judging anyone else on this matter-and I have admitted that I have gone to readers-its just that for me and what I have experienced at the end of the day is that my heart tells me I should be going directly to God-which I have failed to do on many occasion. but that is my opinion.
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Old 08-01-2018, 06:30 PM
Light-Peace-Love Light-Peace-Love is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Jan 2018
Posts: 46
Awesome answer White Pegasus
Originally Posted by white pegasus
I think God does want us to have knowledge. why? For example,

"If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you" James 1:5.

You asked for our opinions, so here is mine. Please understand it is simply my opinion. I believe that God wants us to have knowledge. I believe God wants us to question things so that we are able to know his truth. In other words I do not believe having knowledge is evil.

I am searching answers for my own spiritual journey and your reply is helping me more than I can say- heartfelt thanks
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Old 14-01-2018, 09:16 PM
PoppyBlue PoppyBlue is offline
Join Date: Jan 2018
Location: Tucson, AZ
Posts: 119
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I was raised Catholic so I know about programming and yes I believe a lot of what mankind has done with the church is a means control. Some of that control is fear based. But when I pray and ask God or the angels for guidance, I think that's the same as a want to acquire information from spirit. We are all set up with guides and angels at birth and their sole job is to guide us. So that little voice in the back of my mind that says "no you shouldn't do that" or "yes, thats the path to take" is acquiring outside information.

I am a medium so I get a lot of information. Some I can use, and some I can't. I have a hard time believing that an all loving God would give us such a wonderful gift then send us to hell for it. We're all born with them. But its the fear and control that shuts it off for a lot of people.
I think if you have questions you should sit and meditate on them awhile. If it feels right, most likely it is. If it feels like its a load of bull made up by man, it most likely is too.
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