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Old 10-11-2017, 11:57 PM
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Protection Methods

Psychic Protection

Basic psychic protection acts as an energy that wraps around us. The purpose of this energy is ultimately to block out all intrusive or malicious vibrations that come from other sources.

Bubble Technique

The most basic technique for protecting oneself is to simply imagine yourself inside a ball of white light that turns away any energy before it can touch you. When you visualize this ball of light around you, you want tom make sure it appears opaque and solid inside your mindís eye. This bubble should be extended about a foot above your head and at least 6 inches below your feet. Rest assured that even after you come out of your concentrated state, this bubble will move with you without hindrance. Any vibrations that touch it will simply pass over and around your shield like the wind moving around a mountain. You need to hold the image of an impenetrable force field in your mind for at least a good solid minute or two, before returning to your everyday life.

Mummy Method

The visualizing of specific shapes forming around your body piece by piece adds focus and resolve to your psychic protection, and this is the basis of the mummy technique. Begin by creating the image of white light glowing just above your head where the crown chakra or higher self psychic center is located. Focus on the energy here, willing its intensity to increase. Visualize white light sweeping down from this powerful sphere in the same of a wide ribbon that begins to wrap around your head. You may want to leave some space between the energy ribbons and your physical body, perhaps 3-4 inches. Have the ribbon continue to wrap protective energy. Donít stop at the head though. Let the ribbon continue to spin around your shoulders, torso, hips, and legs all the way down to the feet, making sure to cover every spot so that you are entirely and safely wrapped. Once youíve worked your way down to your feet, have it wrap underneath them, completing the blanket that surrounds you. When you are completely wrapped, hold the image of what you just did in your mind for several moments before opening your eyes.

Burning Flame

The burning flame is best used in situations that may be dangerous or that you require a great amount of psychic protection over a short period of time. If you are encountering a place/ meeting/ situation with a terrible amount of negativity you can perform this technique. Some people visualize their shields as a fire surrounding them at all times which is fine, although the method presented here is geared toward an emergency situation or on a temporary basis since it uses high amounts of energy.

Stand perfectly upright with your legs together and your arms flat against your side. Go deep inside yourself to the center of your being. Approach all of this with a confident intensity, your mind focused on your need for protection. Fine your centre and know that in your centre is an intense source of energy, the very energy that all your magical abilities come from. With your consciousness in the core of your being, create an eruption of energy within yourself. Like a volcano building up pressure, cause your energy to rise and expand from your centre out. As the energy reaches the outside of your body have it burst into a blue flame that surrounds your body. The curved base of the flame should be at your feet and the tip of the flame above your head. The intense energy flame will burn any outside vibrations before they can reach you. This flame wonít harm you physically since itís a spiritual flame, but it will stop any other spirit or energy from touching you. Once the flames surround you, try to keep part of your mind focused on it as you precede through the situation you felt required extra protection. Imagine more energy fanning the flames stronger and higher as you exhale.

How Often and How Long?

You should practice psychic protection techniques at least once a day until your body picks up the habit and begins to naturally reinforce your shields with energy. After a month or two you should be proficient enough that you only need to re-visualize your shields once a week. If you find yourself in a particularly nasty situation where you need an extra amount of protection, feel free to shield yourself again even if you had done so earlier in the day. As you become more comfortable and skilled at these techniques you will find it possible to reinforce your shield with little concentration and even while your body is in motion or otherwise distracted.

If the crow has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with lifeís magic.
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