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Old 09-11-2017, 05:41 PM
PyromaniacalKitten PyromaniacalKitten is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Nov 2017
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My Past Lives (that I remember so far)

I've been curious about my past lives since i discovered the concept of reincarnation. A year or two ago, I decided to find out more. I'm not very good at sitting still and focusing on my own (ADHD), so I found a Past Life Regression Hypnosis online. And, wow.

The first time I tried a PLR, it was honestly pretty weird. After all the breathing and relaxing, I was told to imagine myself on a hill, going down some stairs, walking to and then through a forest, to a cabin, down those stairs, and to a door. The hypnotist said that this was just ANY past life. When I went through the door, I couldn't see anything. It was black. I worried that I wasn't doing something right. The hypnotist said to look at my feet. I couldn't see them. But then I felt them - stiff business shoes (I was barefoot in real life). Then I saw a light. I still couldn't see much, but i could see a bit more. the light was thin, coming from under a door. I was in a dark room, that's why I couldn't see. I was tied to a chair. A few other (five I think) people were next to me on either side. I was dirty, I was hungry, I was cold. I think we were being held hostage or something. I tried remembering, how did I get there? Who was I? And it came to me in an instant, just like asking yourself in this life what your name is. My name was Collin Mirandez. I was 30 something, married with two kids - an older son and a younger daughter. An accountant for a medium-sized company. I didn't know where I was, or why, but I was worried sick for my family. I could hear (and barely see) a black woman praying quietly. I wondered If I was about to die.
When I finished, I was amazed. I do have a very vivid imagination, but that was different - I was FEELING all that. I did a quick google search of my name, but didn't find any good results.

The next time I tried PLR, I was in a bit of a bad place. I felt so, hopelessly alone. I used a different video, and, in my opinion, it was better, not just because of the memories i received. This video, right at the beginning, said to focus on what you wanted. I wanted happiness, companionship. Then it went on. I don't remember the entire process, but I was told to walk down a hallway full of doors. The doors apparently each led to a past life, and I was supposed to find the door that called to me. I found it almost immediately. The hypnotist kept saying, you know, go find your door. walk along the hallways. it was actually a little frustrating since i KNEW WITH EVERY FIBER THAT THIS WAS THE DOOR. I was just waiting. FINALLY he said to open the door.
Unlike the last time, this time I was greeted by a bright light. It was the sun. The warm, summer sun. I was waking up, in my 'house'. I use quotation marks there because, well, its not really a house. I was on a stone ledge, in the side of a small cliff. The cliff formed two sides of my house, and weaved thick branches made the other one and a half. No door, just open space, leading to a clearing. The little house had a low ceiling (from the cliffside again, mostly) but was tidy. the dirt floor was cold but swept. I had clay pots and woven baskets along the sides. It was my home. I got out of 'bed' and walked out to the clearing. It was surrounded in a huge, beautiful forest. I felt such a connection to that forest, instantly. It felt like home. The trees were all sorts, but mostly that kind where the trunk is bare until really high up. I climbed up the tree and looked around at the forest. It was then that I knew that it was MY forest. I was the guardian of this forest, its protector, tasked with keeping it safe and balanced. I heard the birds, the bugs, the cracks of some beast stepping on twigs. Then I heard the babbling of a river. As soon as I heard the river I was ecstatic. I was so happy, like seeing a good friend after many years. I use that description, because, guess what? I was seeing a good friend after many years. I ran as fast as I could to the river. It was beautiful. I dipped my bare feet in the water. Suddenly a boy popped up, his body blending with the water. He was the spirit of that river, just as I was the spirit of the forest. His name was Fedrol, and he was my best friend. "Morning, D! You slept in!" he said. I smiled. I did. I talked to him for a bit. I said a quick goodbye, I had some business to attend to. He waved. I went back into the forest. There was a deer, limping, hurt and sick. It was supposed to die. I approached it, hugged it, and waved my hand over her face. She fell to the ground. I knew that soon the hungry predators would be upon her. It was a little sad, but that was how things were supposed to be. I went to a berry bush (raspberries) and felt the bush's energy. I picked a couple (but JUST a couple, I was supposed to maintain balance) and ate them. Then I went back to see Fedrol. He called me D, and when I asked myself my name I came to Daedra. That seemed right. I had long brown hair in a thick braid. My ears were feathery - i wasn't human. My skin was brown, and my eyes were a bright green. I know for sure because I saw my reflection in Fedrol's river. I cared for him a lot. And he seemed to care for me. I guess when I focused on "Happiness and companionship", I got him, and my beautiful forest. I felt so happy there. I felt the grass in my bare toes, the warm summer sun, heard the sounds of the forest, MY forest. I loved it so much I didn't want to leave. But I knew I did. So I said goodbye to Fedrol and awakened. I felt so happy, so peaceful afterwards. Sometime soon I plan on doing another PLR and going back.

Anyway, that's my experience with past life regression. I think its pretty neat. And if anyone out there remembers being a river spirit named Fedrol... well, know that I love you and miss you.
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Old 09-11-2017, 06:40 PM
inavalan inavalan is offline
Join Date: Oct 2017
Posts: 857
I had similar experiences with self-hypnosis. As yourself, when I ask a question, I immediately know the answer. When I don't get an answer I force myself to not rationalize one.

One question I always ask is: "what is my lesson for this life?".

I like to explore a past life by moving in time, by asking to be shown the next important event. Eventually I get to the last day of that life, and ask to be taken through its end. Then I can experience the afterlife. You can get another perspective of the just ended life, and of the whole reincarnation gig.

As you move through that hallway, during the hypnotic induction, you see doors on both sides. You can think of those on one side as opening to past lives, and on the other side as opening to future lives. You can explore future lives too.

You can as well ask what is the lesson for your present life too, but as you seem to be very young you might not get an answer yet. You can move in time back and fore through your present life, back to the womb, and fore to your last day.

To check the degree of accuracy of these kind of experiences I tried to ask questions about my near future. Some information checked out 100%, some didn't. When it was a miss, the "prediction" kind of happened but to somebody else, or different in one aspect. It seems that the more I was emotionally invested in the outcome in question, the more likely the answer is bent toward my wish.

For example I tried to learn the results of some tennis matches that were scheduled for the next day. In some cases I got the exact score and the winner, in others I got the exact score but the winner was the other player (not the one I favored), some scores were just one game off what I've seen in the future. Pretty amazing!

Would you please post the links, or what exactly to google for, to find those two scripts you used? Thanks.
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Old 09-11-2017, 10:44 PM
PyromaniacalKitten PyromaniacalKitten is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Nov 2017
Posts: 5
Wow! I didn't know you could explore future lives or the afterlife! Thank you!

I don't know the exact videos I used, I'm sorry, I just went on YouTube and searched "Past life regression hypnosis".
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