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Old 10-11-2017, 11:14 PM
Aldous Aldous is offline
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Originally Posted by unicorn68
and in that mutual assistance you are both raising your vibrations in harmony and raising the collective vibration of the planet and universe.which gives rise to more and more souls awakening from their deep sleeps in order to join the dance.that i believe is our purpose RIGHT NOW.and as we continue to rise we become more and more MAGICAL

Have you ever read this book?

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Old 11-11-2017, 12:11 AM
unicorn68 unicorn68 is offline
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Originally Posted by Aldous
Have you ever read this book?

no.ill order it now
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Old 11-11-2017, 12:33 AM
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Originally Posted by FairyCrystal
When TFs come together you get some form of 'explosion' of a very high vibrational energy, one of pure love and happiness of having found each other again, after a great many lifetimes. It is quite the celebration to reunite with the other half of you. This is something that is not 3D, where it is also joyful when two people come together in love. TFs is truly on a higher soul level. Not coming together with another soul, but the other half of your soul. So this is not on 3D level.

The TFs feel this ecstatic joy and happiness AND they radiate it out wherever they go. Provided the union remains happy of course. Many get bogged down because they still have issues to work through. Then you don't really radiate happiness of course. But I'm taking the ideal situation here, which is what is required to get to the mission you ask about.
Back to the story... it is said that people around the TF / TF couple feel better and more positive. Why? Because they also get touched by this high vibration of love and happiness that radiates out from the TFs.
This in short is the mission: to help lift other people up to a similar or the same high vibration of love. So that more people can feel happier, are able to have great relationships (not co-dependent ones), and also begin to radiate out positiveness = a higher vibration.
The whole idea of ascension of our species, our planet and everything on it, is to get the whole lot on a higher vibrational level.
TFs help to instigate this, to accelerate it too. That is the mission.

How TFs do this may vary. But simply being together and radiating that love in itself is part of it. But it would take a long long time to get many people to awaken that way. Since TFs typically are people who have come quite far on their (soul) path, they will also have strong desires to actively do something to help people, or the planet.
How this manifest varies greatly. Some may do volunteer work to help the homeless, others may want to become school teachers so they can contribute to help change education of youngsters into a more love-based method. (as it is it is very masculine energy based -> results, good grades, getting a career etc. The love-based, more feminine way would be to look at the pupil and their (emotional) needs from a human perspective.)
Oftentimes a TF couple has similar goals of how they want to do this.
By doing this, the process has already sped up tremendously.

Then there is another way that helps this process go even faster. TFs are connected. Like we all are to be honest, but TF connections are closer. Like you are connected to your niece, but your mother is closer to you. Sort of like that.
So if 1 TF couple finds love, happiness etc, it will also affect other TFs / couples. They energetically support each other, help maintain the high vibration, maybe get even higher in vibration, and from that collective field of TF energy it is far easier to touch many other people and help them to awaken as well.

I guess you can compare it by instigating movement by pushing from the bottom or by attracting it to you from the top. Both would work, just that one is a helluvalot easier. When you attract them from the top, you get the people who are (about to be) ready. THat way the group who can attract others will grow, meaning your reach increases, which speeds up the ascension process tremendously.
If you'd push from the bottom to get things to move, you'd have to push up everyone, even the ones who are totally resistant. Very hard work. Exhausting.

Hope this resonates for you and makes it a bit clearer?

Well said!I think in my case it's more a lone mission not together with TF, i have opened (thanks to music and some musicians) to help the planet and people in general or at least do small steps to make it a better place, i don't need to create a charity or something, just respecting animals and people would be fine or see how animals rights are connected to human ones .
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