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Old 24-10-2017, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Makoiyi
Lol! Poop wise their pretty clean and have their own specific areas, the gifts they leave in my boots or socks are their food as my boots and socks make for a good stash place if they are lucky enough to find them, ( I try to leave my boots hidden away in places but they do find them) its just a bit grim when I put my foot on their dead mouse breakfast that's been stashed in my boot or sock and they pinch my boot laces.

Much to their delight when they hear me groan at my latest gift. Yes they have a sense of humour and I get their delighted calls when they hear me groan. This is something they naturally do in the wild be it with each other and different things. For them to share food stashes is something that they only do with other birds they are close to, so its a pretty big thing.

These birds have large outside aviary's during the day time but come in at night to a room with their roost box / house, it's not great but its the best I can currently do.

I've seen Ravens in the wild many times back home and a couple of times here in remote places. True these guys are not in their natural surroundings that unfortunately was down to man destroying their natural habitat and taking these birds as youngsters. They were then rescued and raised by some one who has pet birds but who couldn't keep them as they had no room so they would have been kept in tiny aviarys. These people did the right thing and asked about a rehabber and were put in touch with me, they asked if I could take these Ravens as they had no one else to go to who could or would take them. Hence they arrived here.

These Ravens were so humanised from before they came to me that I unfortunately couldn't rehab them to a wild state and as such they can't survive in the wild, if wild Ravens came into contact with them they would end up dead as they were raised by humans, so this is the next best thing for them. They do have a role in life though and its an important one as they help educate the younger generations about wildlife and they get to actually see and experience being around a Ravens etc. Again I'm licenced for this work which is something I do for free.

Its due to this and similar work being done by other wild life rehabbed that these birds and other birds and wild life are now getting legislation to protect them and their habitats. Simply by people meeting them and experiencing being around them people get educated and remember so try to help achive this.

Today sadly most people don't get the chance to really experience wildlife out in the wild and have become removed from that part of life. This is just one small way that helps people to remember and to reconnect in part to nature.

Once I've moved these birds will have a huge special aviary built so that they can free fly within that area and live as near wild as possible but safely, the same for the Jackdaws. Future birds that come to me will as now be rehabbed for release where at all possible, my intention is to always rehab for release and to have a safe release site for them. But that's for the near future until then were as we are.

I agree its a poor 2nd best to the life in the wild they should have had, all I can do is give them as near normal a life as that but to continue handling them as they will always need some basic care and on going vet care due to a bad start with the humans who first took them from the wild.

On the spiritual side of life, these birds all came to me via ways that I had no hand in, I didn't and don't seek them out, but I am one of a few here who can help them and at least get some back to the wild. That has always been my medicine even when I was back home wild things and birds ended up with me as did other animals when they needed to. Here is no difference, I help them as best I can and learn from them in return.

The other's who can't be released for what ever reasons at least have a place to stay where they are respected and cared for. To me these birds are not pets and I would never make a pet of them, I have to much respect of them as individuals for that. But I do share my life and space with them so our lives do intermix and they certainly seem to be happy and content with this arrangement and they sure let me know if they are upset about or don't like something.

Thanks for the video link I'll check it out.

The ancestral spirits of these birds are still in a powerful position to control the distribution of their species around the world, unlike other species such as the ones that are featured in the video link provided, who have nowhere to go at all as they are at the complete mercy of humans.
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Old 26-10-2017, 11:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Makoiyi
I 'm lucky enough to share my life with 2 Ravens and 2 Jackdaws there smaller cousins, I did have a Crow and a Magpie for a short time this summer but the Crow sadly didn't make it and the Magpie was able to be released, I still see the magpie as he joined the wild magpies who live here.

I rehab wild birds for the local vets in the area and as most other wild life rehabbers wont take in Corvids, they come here as I seem to have been adopted by a few of them.

They don't make great pets despite being extremly intelligent, they need constant attention or things to do as they easily get board and can then be very distructive, they also can be quite difficult to look after and in most countries / states you have to be licenced to look after and keep them. I do have the relevant licences for these guys as they are not releasable due to injuries etc.

I'm Canadian First Nations and in my culture Crows are messenger's from the Creator / Creatress and the Ancestors as well as being a bit of a trickster.

The Raven returned the light to us so is the bringer of light as well as a messenger, where as Crow is a gentler messenger if Raven turns up in your life its a big wake up call. Raven also carries great wisdom and will lead you back through the darkness safely but keep a sense of humour handy as both are tricksters and make you look at yourself and how foolish you can be. You'll learn the lessons you need to with them and you'll learn that ego has no place with you, the lessons can be tough but nearly always have you laughing at yourself.

My Ancestors I know from past experience have a wicked sense of humour, so must be in fits of laughter with the antics and chaos of all these Corvids they keep sending my way. Saying that at least I'm keeping them entertained and I sure wouldn't change this humbling learnig experience for anything.

The Jackdaws love to help themselves to anything they think that I class as special, especially pens and my paint brushes. These get stashed in some interesting places along with my boot laces and anything else they think interesting including food and bits of paper.

The Raven's love to stash all kinds of things in my boots and socks, they also consider me as an honouree Raven and that my baseball cap is my removable beak, as they like to hold each others beaks they like to hold the peak of my baseball cap or my finger if they get a chance. Its part of their family bonding as is the mutual preening and bath time. I get to hold the hose for them but they make sure I also get wet.

Life with Corvids both in the physical and the spiritual sense is very rewarding and challenging on a daily basis but I'd not change it for the world. I know how lucky and how honoured I am to be able to experience this and that's bought home to me every night when I lay in bed after turning off the lights and a voice in the darkness wishes me Nite Nite. Its the voice of Manitou the Raven and I never taught him to say that but I do wish them all Nite Nite before I turn out the lights and head for my bed. Only once Ive been in bed about 10 minutes with the lights out will Manitou wish me Nite Nite, he choses to do that himself and to me that is a truely wonderful gift.

Manitou the Raven.

Makoiyi, what you do is wonderful, you have a beautiful heart. I love your posts and these amazing pictures. Thank you for sharing
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Old 27-10-2017, 04:26 AM
Nowayout Nowayout is offline
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Crows are crows... let there be crows.
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Old 28-10-2017, 01:29 AM
sentient sentient is offline
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Originally Posted by Nowayout
Crows are crows... let there be crows.
I misread your post as: “Crows are crows... let them be crows.”

So the mind started ticking.
Crows are crows, ducks are ducks, loons are loons, swans are swans, owls are owls and eagles are eagles and so on and so forth.
The natural world with all its species.

Except in hunter-gatherer mythological world view (as I’ve experienced it), the whole phenomenal world as it is unfolding, is also a simultaneously a manifestation of Spirit.

So you have got your mythological stories about the various animals and what they mean in spiritual dimension sense.
All of this goes into your subconscious. And even if you haven’t heard all the stories - still, if that myth about the animal’s spiritual dimension meaning lives in the collective subconscious of your cultural group, you’ll experience it as such.
Hence it is important to know your own subconscious (and collective subconscious). Can’t really go borrowing from other cultures and create make-belief.

In spiritual sense crows as messengers bringing comfort and solace and a sense of oneness with natural/spirit dimensions world in one culture, might give rise to fear and superstitions in another.

The the owl is the prime example.

On one side of family I come from the worship of Eagles (Pure Awareness), the other side worshiped Swans (multidimensional Grace within that Pure Awareness sense).
And the third side – well, they saw the Spider as the “Divine Mother” (a trickster and a “savior” in one).
The fourth: “Eagles are just eagles, swans are just swans, spiders are just spiders, nothing more nothing less, and to think they have any so called “spiritual value” is just being plain stupid, and all of that has no value in the “real world”!

As I understand it.

Last edited by sentient : 28-10-2017 at 04:19 AM.
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Old 11-12-2017, 09:50 PM
headincloud headincloud is offline
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You may be drawn to Native American Spirituality it's teachings are profound and crow through this system signals the gateway to the supernatural, might be worth checking out.
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Old 12-12-2017, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by headincloud
You may be drawn to Native American Spirituality it's teachings are profound and crow through this system signals the gateway to the supernatural, might be worth checking out.

Thank you headincloud. I see there's a crow tribe called the Apsaalooke. It all looks very interesting so I'm going to have a good look into the overall Native American teachings, thanks for the info.

Interestingly, I had 2 interviews in the same day last week and as I walked through the gardens of the place of my 1st interview a crow 'cawed' at me from a tree outside the door I was about to go through. I could only see one and I stepped back and said, 'hello' before I continued on my way in. Then as I was walking across a grass verge to my 2nd interview later in the afternoon I saw a single crow in a tree on a lower branch at head height to me which was odd, they normally like to be high up but it was silent, just watching so I gave it a nod and went into the building for my interview. Neither were there when I came out of each interview

I've been a bit of a hermit for many days over the last 2 weeks so that day was interesting. The interviews themselves weren't the best either best part of both was seeing the crows.

Today I went for a walk and was 'cawed' at by a single crow in a tree above me that I didn't see until it announced itself. As I've not really been out and about much, seeing them has made me feel true joy. I seem to have developed a keen interest in crows
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