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Old 06-10-2017, 02:57 AM
SCR2017 SCR2017 is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2017
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Twin flame depressed. Looking for ways to help him.

In May my twin flame moved away to a different state to get a better job. The job fell through but he continues to stay there mostly because of his mom and he doesnt like this area. Lately all the worlds problems have began making him so depressed. He was suicidal the other night. I talked him out of it though. He cannot seem to be happy because he is overwhelmed with thoughts of how people do not have enough etc. and the world is a bad place with no hope. I share these views too but I feel we must be lights in the world of darkness. Is there a way I can help him as his twin flame? When he is close to me he doesnt get depressed but due to financial situstions at the moment the soonest I can get to him physically is November. Is there a way to get him out of this depression about the world's situation?
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Old 06-10-2017, 05:29 AM
SierraNevadaStar SierraNevadaStar is offline
Join Date: Aug 2017
Location: I'm a homesick Californian from Lake Tahoe/Truckee, living in England.
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This is going to be on the long side, but I can relate so here...we...go...

Yes, I sympathize with your twin flame. It's a real bum-kicker how the world is these days. As someone who suffers from depression, who has been suicidal in the past and is also disenchanted with the world and its problems, I can make some recommendations as to how your twin can cope and even feel a sense of passion and un joie de vivre again.

I have found that, even through my worst bouts of depression, if I focused on the things I love, things I found beautiful and which were wholesome - I felt hope again (and your twin needs to know, there is always hope) and was happier.

Your twin must have music he relishes, books he loves reading, films he savors watching, or art he likes to look at. He must have hobbies he can enjoy and getting out in nature is always a good thing. Because of his depression, he may well be apathetic and would rather lie in bed 'doing nothing.' That can be 'okay' sometimes as we all needs to rest, but we who tend to worry and depression can also start to dwell on the bad stuff if we are not distracted.

Of course, he needs your support and that goes without saying. Be there for him, reminding him of all the good things and give him things to look forward to (like seeing you next month or soon thereafter).

Another suggestion I have, is for him to 'take a vacation' from ALL sources of negative media. He needs to 'Drop Out'! I don't even LOOK at headlines anymore - except for the ones of my local paper back home (which about things like how the summer tourism was, how the snow-pack for the winter is coming along and how bear orphaned bear cubs were recently released back into the wild). Your twin might feel like he is in a void current event-wise, but it will do him so much good to just give it a pass for a while. If something earth-shaking happens, then someone in my life tells me about it and I assume it would be the same for him too. My family and friends know I've put an indefinite moratorium on all negativity and they are (mostly) respectful of that.

Also, he needs to raise his vibration. He can do this by applying what I have suggested above. He can also meditate, chant, cite 'violet flame' decrees (so good for depression and these can be researched online) and even taking showers and baths is helpful since water is high in vibration. He must try to avoid negative self-talk and if he must be in contact with negative people, he can not linger around them as much as he can help it. The use of crystal raises one's vibration too and I find rose quartz especially nurturing and amethyst especially calming when I am going through a sad slump. Exercise is good as is doing grounding work like walking barefoot on some grass.

This time of year can be a rough time for those of us who also suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) due to the increased darkness as it affects our moods. For me, it it beyond this time of year - having moved from sunny California to dreary ol' England so I've had to gather things about me to cope and much of that is in this post (it's a good thing I'm resourceful! ;-)). Hopefully, your twin is not in so gloomy a location. ;-) I can identify with him not being happy where he's living. Until he is able to move, he just needs to make the most of it and plan for the future as to where he wants to be (again, so he has something to look forward to).

When you're depressed, you are out of alignment with your true self and acting out of the ego's emotional body (which is where most of our issues lie). If he is not 'feeling good' mentally and emotionally then he is out of alignment.

Has he tried flower essences, or the supplement holy basil (tulsi), St. John's Wort, or SAM-E? Those have helped me a treat at different times in my life.

Sleep, that is also important and he needs to be getting enough because otherwise his serotonin levels will drop which contributes to anxiety and depression. He also needs to be eating healthily and regularly so as to keep an even keel on his blood sugar levels to avoid mood swings.

And yes, he needs to strive to be an ever-burning light as that is needed in this world more than ever.

As his twin, he will come to reflect you as your mirror...So, if you are in a feeling good, positive way and are loving yourself and holding to the light - he, in turn, will come to benefit from that and later, emulate it.

I hope at least some of this helps him and wish you both the best of luck always.
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Old 08-10-2017, 05:30 AM
DaisySunshine DaisySunshine is offline
Join Date: May 2017
Posts: 106
My twin suffers from depression (and anxiety) too. At first I wanted to be his savior. I was at his beck and call all the time. 2am sudden tears? I was there. Hopelessness after a fail on a project? I was there. He grew dependent on me being there, and I grew dependent on being the savior. Things changed after he met someone. He stopped depending on me, but I also got the sense that he wasn't as needy to her as he had been with me. I could overanalyze that (and I have) to mean good or bad things. For example, I could say he values her more and doesn't want to put that on her and wants to be his best self for her, or I could argue that he doesn't feel as comfortable with her as he did me (he's one to hold things in). But once he stopped needing me, I felt useless and like he just used me as a crutch and it is taking me months to heal.

There were romantic feelings between us, so I would caution you to not believe this could never happen to you. I am also not saying that you and your twin are just like us and will have the same fate. After going through my experience, I would caution others to not allow themselves to be devoured by a loved one's depression, twin flame or not. Yes, be a listener. Yes, sympathize with them. If you truly believe they are in danger, such as suicide, then by all means, be there. But please keep your sense of self. Do not let a bout of his depression change your mood. Unless it is an emergency, do not cancel any plans or put off your needs to be there.

I hope this isn't misunderstood as heartless, but looking back, if I had followed what I just told you, my twin and I would be in a much better place right now and may have even still been good friends.
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