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Old 03-10-2017, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Ab Origine
Hi Folks..

Amilius; Yes I hear you - we are not so different at the core... You are a rarity though, in that you are able to see past the religion(s) to find the common ground - but alas - for most people that is not so - and ALL the religions are actually pointing us off to the "wrong god" - we have a good idea now (thanks to Christ, Buddha gets a notable mention here too) of what the True Divine actually is, and how t attain its experience - and through such LEGITIMATE teachers we gain bona fide wisdom - but the religions themselves, are a definite obstacle and a hinderance to true enlightenment..

So, some time ago now, I did a thread about the origin of ALL the worlds reliigions, based on actual "hard evidence" that could NOT BE ALTERED - original writing from the VERY FIRST CIVILISATIONS(s) of ancient Sumer - exact same place of course where ALL the bible narrative occurs.. Gromthis real world hard unalterable evidence we know for sure beyond any dispute HOW the Hebrew nation and its god REALLY came about - it is laid out for us as said some FOUR THOUSAND years BEFORE the Hebrew nation ever existed, carved into those ancient Babylonian tablets - EXACT same story, characters events and narratives.. It all starts there I Sumer, but soon spreads out the ENTUIRE WORLD - all verified by both real world and circumstantial evidence - so much so, it makes perfect logical sense...

For instance - Cane and Abel in the bible - one is banished and "marked" with a curse from "god" - is recorded for all to see IN those Sumer texts - same names and events given, except THEY say the DETAILS of the event, as in the GENETIC MANIPULATION of Canes line, resulting in a FACT that his decendants would NOT HAVE MUCH FACIAL HAIR... These descendands are then taken directly to SOUTH AMERICA where they are left to fend for themselves....Bizarrely - when we go look AT south American indiginous people, we find indeed they genetically CANNOT GROW FACIAL HAIR as other cultures do !! That's not a cultural preferance, that IS a genetic DIFFERENCE - and look it WAS recorded for all to see as an ACCEPTED FACT by a culture in ancient Sumer that SHOULD NOT have known ANYTHING about S America OR its indiginous peoples...

Time and time again those ancient clay tablets give us real world proof - such as STAR CHARTS that modern man could only verify once we invented powerful telescopes but which Sumer recorded as FACT for all to see - dna and its manipulation openly discussed in Sumer thousands of years before modern man had any clue !!

Such things are proof in their own rights and evidence which adds up to a convincing truth - and that truth in the modern world is indeed that ALL religion is a sham - it ALL came from Sumer, set up on purpose to dominate and control the peoples and crucially, NONE of those who instigated all that were "spiritual beings" and there was very VERY limited involvement from the TRUE Divine, though there is some interesting DIVINE INTERVENTION that sets us onto our MODERN historical path...

As you say - to delve deep it becomes VERY INTERESTING with countless twists and turns throughout...BUT - one crucial thing I simply cannot forget or ignore - like a core foundational fact behind all else.. CHRIST HIMSELF came among us - claimed to be ACTUAL DIVINE SOURCE OF ALL - and told us point blank that EVERYTHING we thought and believed thus far about "spiritual eternal existence" was ENTIRELY WRONG HE said - the one that ACTUALLY created us, IS the Jewish god Yhvh (this is actually Enki and Enlil Sumer origin) - but that one Yhvh is NOT the supreme "spiritual god" All-that-Is, and the sequence of events that the bible gives us is NOT the complete truth of all this, nothing like...

For the real world history of how we physically came to be here in this condition we are now, the ancient Sumer record is probably entirely accurate...I say that simply because it does indeed contain fact after fact that these ancient people simply had no way of knowing, unless it is true and OTHERS came here and did all this TO us just as they recrd.. From that record it is easy to trace the spread of all religion all around the world for as said, they record they set out on purpose to portray themselves AS gods to dominate and hold us subserviant to them.. They record that they are not ACTUAL spiritual gods, just use religion as a tool for that purpose....

And for actual bona fide SPIRITUAL wisdom - well there is ONLY CHRIST - as He alone claims to BE THE SOURCE OF CREATION itself present as the very first Creation event unfolds, then lays out step by step details for us (original disciple gospels, not bible) that shows us how that real world history played out, with the true Divine intervening as it became necessary to do so...

Between ancient Sumer real word events - and wisdom from Christ Divine events - we soon piece together a very logical and provable series of events that makes perfect logical sense.. The crucial thing to grasp though from both accounts equally, is that religion itself has NO PART TO PLAY IN ACTUAL TRUTH !! Religion, especially the Judaic which became most dominant, was indeed invented on purpose with that sole intent TO DOMINATE US... Its been like that ever since hasn it..??...

And Christ..??...DIRECTLY TOLD US - repeatedly and insistantly WARNED US that the religion was a sham, had no truth to give, and should be discarded entirely before we would be able to understand HIM and HIS Divine truth...

All I can see here is someone who is lost in the wilderness, who's away from truth. I don't wasting my time to write a comment.
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