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Old 11-09-2017, 06:35 AM
SpiritWalker2017 SpiritWalker2017 is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Sep 2017
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Anyone seen these before?

Anyone seen these things clairvoyantly, usually hanging from lights, windows, doors...sometimes seen on the floor. Have a drawing, but won't download, so this is the best i can come up with. They look like bunch of "M"s, spider / bug like, but more than 8 legs.


They look more like an "M" than what other sites are calling astral spiders. They may be, but i suspect they are something different, connected to living people somehow, parts of living people? vampiric aspects of living people is what I sense. Pain body aspects of people? Not sure, but seem to act like a parent scorning you for your faults, reminding you of all the things you did wrong. But they FEEL connected to living people, a part of them, a kind of astral cord link.

I used to just see them here & there, but last week or so, I've become aware of them talking to me, usu. pessimistic in commentary. Like i'd say to self, "that is not true", & got a glimpse of this thing on the floor. Then getting out of bed vs reacting in fear that its a astral giant spider {or other negative things it said it was}, something inside of me KNEW it was connected to someone in this house. Prior to these things appearing i often dream of someone human standing by bed saying same negative stuff. The other reason i believe its an extension of this person, is that its talks to me exactly the same way room mate does.

An example - lately i've being doing different exercises to clear the negativity in the air, after dealings with a negative person in my house, dealing with 'bad dreams'. One night not reacting to the negative dreams i was having, as if someone by bed saying mean things. I got a flash of my room mate, then doing more energy exercises, to counter his naysaying stuff, i became aware of this spider like thing by bed. But again, more like an M, red / black. It also seemed to get off on the my current situation, after a series of bad luck, leading to hardships, like it was what it intended. People have said its a d---n, but i know its not, and that it is connected to living person.

Anyway, many forums i've been on in the past, people say they are astral parasites feeding off the misery & fears of others, and yet I only see them in houses where there are usually pessimistic people living. To me it feels like they are lower dimensional extensions of living people that use them as a link? between them & you. Years ago someone told me they are emotional blobs of energy left behind by other people, & usually just hang there like an old cob web, never interact with others...I used to think that until I saw them behave differently, in another house ONLY after a weird lady moved onto the property. They seem to vary in shape & size and seemed to mimic her personality, harassing the others in the building, especially the children. Whom all gave the lady a wide berth or what she wanted because they feared her. She'd leave for a month, and i'd see none of them anywhere, & there was peace in the building. Then i'd see one cross the yard & enter that building, soon the kids would start misbehaving, and within a day or two this lady would return.

When i moved into my current place, i got glimpses of a few near ceiling lamps or in the living room, but they were always stationary. They were not here when i came to view the apartment. They only appeared after another rented part of the same suite. This past week, i have started to stand up for self & not let the room mate treat me like a child or bully me {which they have done since i moved in, twists & turns everything I'd say into a negative, & then insults me}. Anyway, now these things are moving around, and actually talking to me. Probably have all along, just figured it was dreams after a bad day kind of thing.

Anyway, one of the reasons i also believe they are extensions of living people is that after i counter some inappropriate behaviour by my room mate, for example, not agreeing with them about something or taking the blame just so they will back off, basically standing up for self; these things started appearing that very night, disturbing my sleep, saying horrible mean things. And when i have given in believing these insults, I often have felt sick the next day, while the room mate is lively & full of energy. This past week i am also learning that if i see these things, it is also telling me that within a few days my room mate will bring up some other thing that irritates them. One would suggest move, but it seems to be a theme in my life, where I need to deal with these kinds of people?

So i was wondering if anyone has seen these things? What they know of them? And how to clear them? Are there astral ways to deal with them? I know when i have dealt with them like ghosts, I literally feel a shift in the energy here for the better, BUT also a huge mood swing / anger outburst coming soon from my room mate, like somehow i've made them mad. This seems to be a reoccuring pattern since i moved in. Metaphorically, it kind of reminds me of how a possessive husband whom doesn't want his wife being independent might behave. Any clues? insights? more tools?

Other anomalies i am experiencing & wonder if others have had them are:

1. seeing astral cords near by, then it turns into a grey etheric fluff ball, & then into a bee. Any idea what that is? Why a bee?

2. The other thing is seeing a similiar thing, but then it turns into fruit flies?

3. Another thing usually associated with me getting depressed, about various aspects of my life, when i have said, "this doesn't belong to me", I'd see a male like figure, chubby, blue grey with a frog like face.

Anyone got any ideas? insights? tools?

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Old 11-09-2017, 04:40 PM
SpiritWalker2017 SpiritWalker2017 is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Sep 2017
Posts: 11
Someone mentioned that they might be repressed parts of someone, or aspects of their personality they don't want others to see or know exist, a part they hide from themselves, too?

What do you think? if looking at the colors, it'd be root chakra energy? Childhood stuff?
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