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Old 17-09-2017, 05:00 PM
lemex lemex is offline
Join Date: Nov 2010
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Originally Posted by r6r6r
IF were beyond the PPmilion of greenhouse gases as some believe, and I paraphrase, then there may exist no solutions.

This is a maybe though is it not. I don't think we should give up.
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Old 17-09-2017, 05:11 PM
Lucky 1 Lucky 1 is offline
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Originally Posted by r6r6r
Some mistakes a fatal. There are some climatologist who believe we have already past the humanity-will-survive limit of PPMillion greenhouse gases.

Is all you want to talk about is climate change? ???

No matter what the thread is about you always find a way to interject climate change into the conversation......its like you're manic on this subject!!!

Have you ever considered joining one of the many climate change forums on the internet. ...there's a ton of them. ...and that's what they talk about ....

Imagine a whole forum full of hand wringing enviromentalist whack jobs all on one forum....that should be nirvana for you! You could talk about how we're all going to die from warming....rising seas and cow farts to your hearts content. ....

The subject here is life is a festival. ......and it really is!
We do in fact live in a golden age! We are healthier and by and large live much longer than ever before in our history..

Food as a rule is plentiful around the world.....the only place you find poverty and starvation are in countries run by despots.....like North Korea.

Life good for the majority of the people on this planet......I've traveled extensively to many places that are considered third world....Africa. ...south America. ...and the fact is people are generally happy....even in places where you don't find modern conveniences like running water....
People are happy.....they dance and sing in the evenings. ....they raise there children. ....again life is mostly good.

Are there some ills that go with a golden age. ...of course! But by and large....things are good for more of humanity than ever before.

I'll repete something I posted just a couple of days ago in another thread. ...

In the 200, 000 years we've been on the ecological scene....the human species has been on the brink of extinction more than once.....through hot climates. ...And ice ages.....good times and bad....but we've always managed to survive....

Why? For at our core we are the smartest and most adaptable species the world has ever known. ....we are the thinking hunter....and our genetic heritage is a proud one..

Deep down I feel that no matter what we face in the future. ....the cunning, thinking hunter that we are will find a way to survive. ....

Life trully is a festival! !!
Please don't tell my mom I'm in the oil industry. ...she still thinks I'm a piano player in a w****house!

I'm living on "tropical standard time"!!!

Yes I Am a Pirate! 200 years too late....the cannons don't thunder...there's nothing to plunder...I'm an over 40 victim of fate!

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Old 18-09-2017, 02:52 AM
r6r6r r6r6r is offline
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Color Facts/Trutn > Gut Feeling > Breath Deep > Look For Options

Ive never suggested otherwise. That should be obvious from my posts here at SF over the years.

There are phases of consciousness we all must go through when encounter facts/truth that is disturbing.

Hopefully we all can work our way through and come out in good shape.

There exist threads for those who are having difficulting finding hope.

I have my own solutions but SF is not the place for me to share them.


Originally Posted by lemex
This is a maybe though is it not. I don't think we should give up.
"U"niverse > Uni-v-erse > universe's > I-verse< you-verse < we-verse < them-verse
Gravitational Space ( + ) >< Dark Energy )-(
Time >66.4< --frequency ^v^v--
Mind/Intellect 12 ergo 3-fold 4-fold and 5-fold
Biological *8* --bilateral four's---
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IS >2<--positive and negative tetrahedron
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Old 26-11-2017, 12:24 PM
boshy b. good boshy b. good is offline
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The way we view it. What do we make a carnaval
Of today, sure! You got it! That's awesome! No

Emanuel : amen. That's good. Are they ok.
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Old 03-12-2017, 04:06 AM
SkyGodWarrior SkyGodWarrior is offline
Join Date: Sep 2016
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:) Love is all as all is one.

I see that this topic has created many sparks... haha... and even though the topic was created with the world in a state celebration it was still brought down to the idea of sadness and self destruction. The truth of the mater is that yes the world is "sick" and many people are dying and there is poverty and war.... pollution and etc... but the truth is that all this could be fixed or solved in a matter of years.

The technology all ready exist for these problems to be solved.... many people stumble upon them once they start looking into them but sometimes out of the ignorance of the reality of the world and the way its ran they end up loosing or getting what they worked for removed, stolen, or destroyed by organizations who do not want it to happen. So it doesn't matter if the topic is pollution or starvation or the state of the occurrence of natural disasters.

All this can be remedied once the beings who want this world to be controlled are removed from power as they are now we can start to build a new one. I have seen such a world and the light is so bright within the world that the ones who pray to the dark are no longer able to do what they want anymore. Soon they will be over ran by the light workers..... this world let out a great cosmic shock that was heard across all barriers of space time and the call was answered. No lol superman wont rain down from the sky like Hollywood wants us to believe but more like he/she will incarnate into a physical body and through love and intuition lead a way forward. First the warriors came then the thinkers. When God said let there be light lol he meant it haha

NOo lol dont live in a life where you do nothing and your expecting to have things done for you but merely the living of a life filled with the things your passionate about is all there is needed to help this world.

Id say it will definitely be a close one because it needs to be so obvious that our wills and abilities are being used against us so that it will wake up even the most hardest of sleepers haha.

Let your light shine and fight or love for what your passionate in. People will start to come to you and see what your doing and just like a fire being kindled it will spread to more and more until the whole thing is ablaze :)

Feel the feeling of a world.... of love... of fun... of passion... a world of magic... a world were you can see and feel the world around you.

love and speak to mother earth... let your sadness, anger, frustrations be taken by its love for you.


"The light came and never left"
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