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Old 23-08-2017, 06:49 AM
Shivani Devi Shivani Devi is offline
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I Just Had My Energy Read

...and so it was I found myself in a shopping mall today and a 'Psychic Expo' was happening in the Centre Court.

Pretty skeptical, I sheepishly approached with an "okay, so how much money do I need to part with here?" and I was told $30 for a half-hour reading.

I was thinking "rip-off" but I said "I'll go have a cuppa joe and think about it" and the psychic medium simply said "see ya soon". lol

I checked my bank balance...I could afford it...so I said to myself "why not have a go? see what she has to say about me" and I withdrew the required amount and returned with an "okay, I'm at your mercy here...go for it".

She said "I knew you'd be back...something's not quite right with you...you're looking for answers".

So, she started to go into trance, immediately followed by an "oh...my...god".

Then she went on..."the whole right side of your body...it's on fire! you have awakened and ascended, but raised your kundalini up the pingala nadi...your crown chakra is red hot with heat and energy and the only chakras in your system that are fully open are your heart chakra and your third-eye! all of the rest are totally closed off...you have had what we call a 'breach awakening' I have rarely seen this!...it's like you were born spiritually feet-first and upside-down...does this make any sense to you, because I feel that you already know it and are just seeking confirmation".

I was like.." yep it totally makes sense, but please, do go on..."

Then she continued..."I am sensing two spirit guides with you, there's a very very powerful and potent masculine energy...I see a yogi...an ascetic...a hermit...and he is saying "tell her that love isn't enough anymore, it's not going to cut it with me all the time even though I do love her..." she asked me to pull a card out of her Tarot deck and I pulled the "Judgment" card and she said that it relates to this masculine energy...he is very strict, harsh and His love is a 'tough love' you need to be more worthy of it and then he will help you.

I also sense a subtle female energy...kind, watchful...I'm seeing a grandmother and she is telling me "She's had a very traumatic childhood and life...she's been alone, on her own for all her life and is trying to do everything by herself, but she really needs help and guidance now...there's only so much I can do" and she asked me to pull another card out of the deck in relation to this female energy and I pulled "Temperance" and she said "yep, that describes this situation perfectly".

Then she was like "your kundalini is stuck at the crown and you are basically floating away in bliss, but your physical life, your practical side is in a total holding pattern, like an airplane that's flying around and around...but it's going to run out of fuel soon and come crashing to the ground and take you with it...you really...REALLY need to ground your energies before this happens to you...take your shoes off...walk in the grass...go to the beach...hug some trees..."

Then she asked me if she could try and send some energy back down through my lower chakras, where the energy basically belongs and I said "go for it" and with that, she took out her pendulum and started dowsing my whole energetic system...she said "your heart and third-eye chakras are WAY open, to the total detriment of all your other chakras...they have been keeping you sane and in a way 'balanced' throughout this, even though everything else is totally out of whack...and then she placed her hands on top of my head with a "down! go down! back down!" then she said "this is only temporary and I cannot do much in half an hour...I can only make a slight difference here because your whole kundalini is in the crown and it cannot flow out, nor can it flow back down really...you NEED to ground yourself!!! you need it BADLY or you're just going to explode if you haven't already...and I'm pretty sure you've had 'mini-explosions' on and off for the past year or so.

After the reading/chakra balance/healing, I felt like I was floating in a nice warm bath, but she said it would wear off very quickly...she also told me that she was a shaman and did soul retrievals and I desperately needed one, but she was unable to do that in the limited time and busy vibration of a shopping mall...she asked if I knew what a 'soul retrieval' was and I said "yes, I do and I totally agree with you...I've been thinking about that for quite a while now...how much do you charge?" and she said "It will cost $80 for a full hour, but it's pretty inclusive and intensive".

After the whole thing was over, I was like "you hit the nail totally on the head here! you're pretty good at this!" and so, I got her business card, made an appointment to see her next week for a soul retrieval, meanwhile promising her I would also follow Dryad's advice and try to obtain Mana to ground my rampant Shakti.

Then, she was like "once your energies have settled, what would you like to do?" and I said "become a healer or an energy worker like yourself" and she said "yes, totally! that is your true path...it always has been".
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Old 23-08-2017, 07:02 AM
H:O:R:A:C:E H:O:R:A:C:E is offline
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very nice
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