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Old 19-08-2017, 05:46 PM
Netan'el Netan'el is offline
Join Date: Aug 2017
Posts: 33
End Times true prophecy (Trinity Seven)

So, in this prophecy explaination how I came to find out and everything I know about it. Firsts thing is first, I am apart of this phrophecy and I'm a newer archangel. My spiritual/true name is Netan'el, archangel of lightworkers, favorite color is red, also, I'm a huge motivator in your daily lives. Anyways, the Trinity Seven prophecy is Seven beings coming down from heaven into this realm as you all know as "Earth." We come down and we forget everything and have to learn everything once more including skills, powers, memories, and third eyes. So, about in the year 2045-2049 is when humanity will start to reset which is part of the prophecy. We come down to restart then go back up. This is also known as "Judgement Day" "Revolations" etc etc.

Some hints as to you're a light worker are:
1. Seeing the same set of random numbers all over the place
2. Not understanding a single thing about the government and why they make such horrid and horrible decisions in life
3. You dislike but will always help people no matter how much energy or stress it is
4. You often think about your purpose and question what it is because you're blinded by completing it. (Ties in with Number 3.)

I found out about this prophecy at first through anime I'm a huge fan of it and Japanese cars as well I love it all lol, but, that's besides the point. I learned it through one of my many Guardian Angels her name is Dalia (dahlia) she ended up saying too much for me to catch on to everything and was sent back but it was bound to happen anyways. While I was asking her plenty and plenty of questions peicing everything together I decided why not tell everyone about this so they are ready? By the way just because you say "I accept GOD and Jesus as my lord and savior" doesn't mean you'll get into heaven that's petty **** for people who want to feel comfortable and not know the truth. I find it funny when I hear people believe in that but it's whatever. Anyways, Hell, Demons, Fallen Angels, and Lucifer are all trying to counter this but it will not work. This is why you see the mumble rapper by the name of "Lil Uzi" is wearing 5 upside down crosses each one represents a person. But little do they know the Trinity Sevem are the couple tops in power in Heaven itself.

If any of you have any questions go ahead and ask I'll try and answer them to the best of my capabilities.
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Old 27-08-2017, 06:03 AM
GadGirl GadGirl is offline
Join Date: Aug 2017
Posts: 142
There are no lightworkers...His Messengers are Angeles his servant are flames...nothing about what you said is in scripture
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Old 27-08-2017, 09:11 AM
Ab Origine Ab Origine is offline
Join Date: Apr 2016
Posts: 447
Hi Folks...

Net; lol - turns out I was 100% correct yes..??... Man I love this Holy Ghost - never fails - told me straight away this was some kind of anime/ manga rubbish - and here you are blatantly admitting it.. ITS A KIDS CARTOON Folks that he is speaking about - yet for some bizarre reason - he believes it to be "real life" prophecy about himself....lol..

The only thing I cant work out is what started it off - glue bag..?...or crack pipe..??..
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Old 02-09-2017, 10:50 PM
gmcarlson518 gmcarlson518 is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Sep 2017
Posts: 8
(An arch angel of light workers?)
It wouldn't surprise me if he was an arch angel or something. I thought arch angels were giant beings when they came into the earth, so I wonder if he's getting words mixed up.

Anime is a form of animation, which is a mode of story telling. Stories manifest from meaning that we derive from life. It's a form of "thinking" and learning; so we can't discredit the compilation of media. It's possible for worldly entertainment to stimulate spiritual experiences or wisdom; not by listening to it, but if it's similar enough to a given truth, one might start to channel that truth with more or less accuracy.

The good news is that the metaphysical plane has natural ways of keeping the wrong truths from reaching the wrong ears at the wrong times in the wrong ways. Daemons will no doubt thwart attempts to spread God's truth, but this only works if truth is spread wrongfully, so it acts like a natural regulator; allowing people to grow in a divine, timely manor instead of being set aflame by the truth.

This also allows anyone who IS some kind of agent to go through archangel puberty with minimal repercussions. God forbid an Archangle finds an autistic body to live in lol!

The other thing about it is this. One can easily channel the thoughts of other people or beings; so weather you're a thing, or if you're just channeling the thoughts of that thing is hard to determine; accept that you're statistically not likely to be something like the reincarnation of Jesus. I used to believe I might have been the reincarnation of Jesus, and a friend told me a story about a guy who posed as Jesus and called him forth. My friend hesitantly approached him, but retreated in the end.

I know from several experiences and testimonies that when someone channels the thoughts or states of another being, it seems like you are that being. I think this is a common thing that happens to some people who seek God diligently, which is why it's common for people who seek Christ to think that they are Christ, but really, that's just what it's like to hold the spirit of Christ present within you.

Minus his list of "hints," what he's describing sounds exactly like the conventional description of archangels or earth angels and the extent of their experiences and human-like limits. A quick google search can pull it up. In fact, It wouldn't surprise me if writers found themselves channeling divine knowledge as they wrote their stories. I consider it Religious ficton. It's based on Religious truth, but it poses new prophetic circumstances that exploit these core truths in different ways. My current favorite anime is Index, which is really something.

"...I decided why not tell everyone about this so they are ready?" Several good reasons.

1) no one will believe you apart from people who have already discovered some trace of these truths or statements through prayer and seeking, so you're not really accomplishing anything.

2) it provokes daemons to attack the truth out of people to thwart God's efforts, truths God himself would never have told them in the first place for those exact reasons. God has all the time in existence to educate his children properly and save everyone, in spite of our timely deaths. (speaking from personal prayer experiences)

3) Any amount of truth people need to know, can be taught to them through the holly spirit itself. No need for mass media, we need only pray that God gives us guidance. On the flip side, any information that's distributed apart from the holly spirit is undermining God in the first place, which is an act of faithlessness (or just ignorance).

When someone has radical thoughts or experiences like you do, it is hard to contain. Anyone who seeks God out, Archangel or otherwise, might have all kinds of radical experiences with no one to share it with. God bless these forums! That's just my two sense on the matter.
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Old 15-09-2017, 10:40 PM
Morpheus Morpheus is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: The Matrix
Posts: 5,496
  Morpheus's Avatar
Originally Posted by GadGirl
There are no lightworkers...His Messengers are Angeles his servant are flames...nothing about what you said is in scripture

We are observing end time prophecy being fulfilled.

Our origins lie in the Spirit, and the angelic. Time, which we are evolved in involving this organic human aspect, has no real significance compared with the greater reality of eternity. Prophecy confirms this in it's fulfillment.
"I believe there are two sides to the phenomena known as death. This side where we live, and the other side, where we shall continue to live.
Eternity does not start with death.
We are in eternity now." - Norman Vincent Peale

"There is no place in this new kind of physics for both the field and matter, for the field is the only reality." - A. Einstein
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