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Old 25-06-2017, 05:12 AM
positiveenergy positiveenergy is offline
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My self taught experiences so far

Good afternoon,

This is my first time, I have not told anyone because it has been a very personal thing to me, writing about it now is a little strange but here goes.
About 3 years ago I had a near dying experience where I didnít breathe for about 2 Ĺ minutes. Since then I am able to feel, what I presume is energy, & listen more closer where I didnít before. I have never studied Reiki, this is what I have just thought of and tried, and trying to fine tune my listening/feeling sensations.

After the experience, my doctor told me to start meditating, which is where I had my first sensation. The first basic thing I felt was simply putting my hands apart about 30cms, and feeling the pressing/drawing feeling on the palm of your hands when you moved your hands slightly together/apart.
A few months later when that became easy, I tried having my hands as far apart as possible, increasing my focusing, and feeling the energy again between my hands. After I accomplished this, I tried moving one hand in ever so slightly, and I could feel the pressure on the palm of the other hand, over 1 metre apart.

The next stage which took some time to achieve was to put your hands in front of you, palms up, and within a few seconds it was like my hands were like being stuck in mud. When I move my hands up ever so slightly, you can feel the tingling electric pressure feeling when pushing on it, and when moving hands down so slightly, feeling a drawing/pulling feeling on the palm of your hands, like stretching elastic. The feeling is really awesome, it seems like you are just out of sync with the rest of the world so you can take a step back, watch, observe, and feel it, instead of being part of it.

Most nights I also place my hands about 5 inches from my body, and feel differences. There is always the pushing and pulling feeling, like normal, but some parts like my throat I only have a very weak feeling, and my heart is concerning, if I push slightly I also feel like a knife is a sharp stabbing pain feeling at the centre of my palm. The energy also feels much different, more chaotic, confused?

My current challenge, which I have failed so far, is to experience this energy feeling not just through my hands, but try to expand the sensation to my face, and ultimately, all of my body. I am still trying, I have failed so far.
The sensation of feeling I presume is energy is something I cannot describe, it is really awesome. I do it most nights for a few minutes, but to be honest, doing the same exercises listed above every night, has become somewhat boring. As I said, I have not read any books/teachings, it has been a very personal journey for me up to now.

The downside of keeping it personal is that you donít know if the direction you are heading is correct or not, or if I am making mistakes.

Any advice on how to progress forwards would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,

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Old 17-02-2018, 08:37 AM
JustForToday JustForToday is offline
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Try to push and pull this feeling in and out of your hands. Than in and out of your forarms, arms, shoulders, throat up to the crown chakra.

Pull in your hands and up and out to/of the crown chakra and the other way around.

A lot of students in Reiki are told that they don't or can't control the Energy, but I can.. And you can do it, too. And of course every other Human on this planet.

All you need is "intent", like your intent to breath in and breath out. You do not control all muscles in you chest. You just need the intent to let the energy flow out of your arms and push, like you breath out.

After a while you will feel it easily. When this moment comes, try to separate the flow of energy from you breath. For all those who don't "control" the energy and just let it flow, the energy is attached to the breath rhythm. Breath in energy in, breath out energy out. If you control your breath you can also direct your energy. See Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga aso..

An other Thing is, the energy does not necessarily come from the outside of your body. You can pull the energy also from your own very essence, your soul if you like. You will figure it out along the road. But also this energy reservoir is infinite. Energy in general is infinite.

For example, after you learned what it feels like to push and pull energy in and out of your arms, you do the same with your chakras. You can push and pull energy out of them. The same with your feet and every other "lesser" chakras beside the 7.

After that you can learn how to push and pull energy in and out of your body as a whole.

But attention, Reiki (universal (not life) energy, soul energy) if unchanged neutral normally will change in that kind of energy the body needs to heal and balance itself, but in the same way you heal and balance a body, you can throw a body out of balance if you put too much energy into it. I believe it is called reiki sickness. I had it several times now that I pulled to much energy into my body and got sick afterwards (imbalance).

Unfortunately I want so much energy in my body because it affects how good I can remember my dreams. And my dreams are awesome since I learned how to suck in energy. Thats why I don't try to balance my own energies in my body, which normalize itself after a while.

Next thing is... When you can control "your" energy flow, because as soon as you control it it "is" yours, others could take it out of your "grip" but thats an other story, you don't need symbols anymore. In fact Symbols won't work anymore the way they did, because you can tell the energy what to do. You don't need an "intent symbol" to imprint the energy with an idea of what you want. Your just do it. You want the energy to flow stronger (power symbol) you just do it, you want the energy to cross the ocean and reach your old grandmother (distance symbol) you just intent to and visualize and you just do it.

The next thing that you can learn is to how concentrate the energy while you treat others in there body, like for example you concentrate the energy in the head. After you let go of your intent and you concentration, the body of the client take over the energy and use it as it is best for it for balancing.
But if you client wants you to address a certain problem you can learn to concentrate the energy in that area, without letting the energy stray in the rest of the body.

Sumasumarum Reiki is just the beginning. After the practitioners goes the step in actually control the energy the possibility are only restricted through you imagination and will to practice.
A friend of mine can control the energy in my body to an extent that she can control the energy flow, can move my hands (if I let here), can change the energy into (real) heat (real) cold and back to normal. Its called modulation (of energy or frequencies, as you like). And I learn... or try to stop her from that... I had several little successes, but I still can't hold her back completely.

But reach that point and we can talk more about modulation... after I learned it myself^^ right now I just want to protect myself from her tickelings.

Reiki, like the most practitioners practice it is harmless, like every book will tell you and it is true. But if you go the first step on this infinite stairway I told you about just now
you need to be aware that you also could learn to use the energy to do not so nice things. The energy control of my friend showed us that you can indeed use energy for malicious purposes. But it is always your choice how to use it. A knife can also be use for the good, for the bad or for the ugly^^ Your choice always

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Old 17-02-2018, 08:37 AM
JustForToday JustForToday is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Feb 2018
Posts: 14
hope you are still on this site
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