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Old 02-09-2017, 03:37 AM
Willowmist Willowmist is offline
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Changing Auras

Originally Posted by Lolly
Do we all have an aura that stays the same for days/weeks/months or does it change constantly?

I love Lynn's list by the way

From my experience, people stay pretty steady for a while, but it's not rare at all to see auras change. I always assumed that when a soul's colour changes then they are undergoing/have undergone some sort of spiritual transformation or development. That's at least what I have found to be the case. Although, I cannot say that every spiritual transformation you go through makes your spiritual colour change. I'm still exploring, personally. I would love the insight of others and to hear what they think on the topic of auras changing.
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Old 21-09-2017, 03:00 AM
girlsearching girlsearching is offline
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Here is the guide I have always used for Aura Colors I know there are many versions out there. This one breaks it down a bit more. I compiled it from many sources over the years. Adding some different shades of some colors to the list.



Relates to the physical body, heart or circulation. The densest color, it creates the most friction. Friction attracts or repels; money worries or obsessions; anger or the ability to be unforgiving; anxiety or nervousness

Deep Red: Grounded, realistic, active, strong will-power, survival-oriented.

Muddied red:
Anger (repelling)

Clear red:
Powerful, energetic, competitive, sexual, passionate

Pink-bright and light:
Loving, tender, sensitive, sensual, artistic, affection, purity, compassion; new or revived romantic relationship. Can indicate clairaudience.

Dark and murky pink:
Immature and/or dishonest nature

Orange Red:
Confidence, creative power
In a good, bright and pure state, red energy can serve as a healthy ego.

Relates to reproductive organs and emotions. The color of vitality, vigor, good health and excitement. Lots of energy and stamina, creative, productive, adventurous, courageous, outgoing social nature; currently experiencing stress related to appetites and addictions.

Creative, intelligent, detail oriented, perfectionist, scientific.

Relates to the spleen and life energy. It is the color of awakening, inspiration, intelligence and action shared, creative, playful, optimistic, and easy-going.

Light or pale yellow:
Emerging psychic and spiritual awareness; optimism and hopefulness; positive excitement about new ideas.

Bright lemon-yellow:
Struggling to maintain power and control in a personal or business relationship; fear of losing control, prestige, respect, and/or power.

Clear gold metallic, shiny and bright:
Spiritual energy and power activated and awakened; an inspired person.

Dark brownish yellow or gold:
A student or one who is straining at studying; overly analytical to the point of feeling fatigued or stressed; trying to make up for "lost time" by learning everything all at once.

Relates to heart and lungs. It is a very comfortable, healthy color of nature. When seen in the aura this usually represents growth and balance, and most of all, something that leads to change. Love of people, animals, nature; teacher; social

Bright emerald green:
A healer, also a love-centered person

Creative with heart, communicative

Dark or muddy forest green:
Jealousy, resentment, feeling like a victim of the world; blaming self or others; insecurity and low self-esteem; lack of understanding personal responsibility; sensitive to perceived criticism

Relates to the immune system. Sensitive, compassionate, healer, therapist.

Relates to the throat, thyroid. Cool, calm, and collected. Caring, loving, love to help others, sensitive, intuitive.

Soft blue:
Peacefulness, clarity and communication; truthful; intuitive

Bright royal blue:
Clairvoyant; highly spiritual nature; generous; on the right path; new opportunities are coming

Dark or muddy blue:
Fear of the future; fear of self-expression; fear of facing or speaking the truth

Relates to the third eye, visual and pituitary gland. Intuitive, sensitive, deep feeling.

Relates to crown, pineal gland and nervous system. The most sensitive and wisest of colors. This is the intuitive color in the aura, and reveals psychic power of attunement with self. Intuitive, visionary, futuristic, idealistic, artistic, magical.

Imagination, visionary, daydreamer, etheric.

This is the color of abundance, both spiritual and physical. Lots of bright silver can reflect to plenty of money, and/or awakening of the cosmic mind.

Bright metallic silver:
Receptive to new ideas; intuitive; nurturing

Dark and muddy gray:
Residue of fear is accumulating in the body, with a potential for health problems, especially if gray clusters seen in specific areas of the body

The color of enlightenment and divine protection. When seen within the aura, it says that the person is being guided by their highest good. It is divine guidance. Protection, wisdom, inner knowledge, spiritual mind, intuitive thinker.

Draws or pulls energy to it and in so doing, transforms it. It captures light and consumes it. Usually indicates long-term unforgiveness (toward others or another) collected in a specific area of the body, which can lead to health problems; also, enteritis within a person's aura, chakras, or body; past life hurts; unreleased grief from abortions if it appears in the ovaries

Reflects other energy. A pure state of light. Often represents a new, not yet designated energy in the aura. Spiritual, etheric and non-physical qualities, transcendent, higher dimensions. Purity and truth; angelic qualities.
White sparkles or flashes of white light: angels are nearby; can indicate that the person is pregnant or will be soon

Soil, wood, mineral, plant. These colors display a love of the Earth, of being grounded and is seen in those who live and work on the outdoors....construction, farming, etc. These colors are important and are a good sign.

Rainbow-colored stripes, sticking out like sunbeams from the hand, head or body: A Reiki healer, or a star person (someone who is in the first incarnation on Earth)

A sensitive blend of light and color, more so than basic colors. Shows sensitivity and a need for serenity.

Holding on to energies. Insecurity.

Blocking energies. Guardedness.

I really do believe I have a 'Dirty Forest green' aura . I have to change myself I have a poor disposition and I don't smile hardly. I'm not that confident in myself and capabilities.
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Old 30-09-2017, 09:16 AM
EarthAngel EarthAngel is offline
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This is interesting. I'm slightly head mangled due to the explanation of Violet.

I had an episode back in May where I was poorly and thought I'd had a mini stroke one night as I was rushed to hospital with stroke like symptoms after literally getting up out of bed to use the loo and not being able to make it to the bathroom on my feet, i nearly tripped over my own legs as if my whole right side was completely out of use, it was just terrifying.

Now being so young they said at the hospital it was rare for stroke to occur but not impossible, so they had me in for MRI scans and all sorts and could not explain or find anything on the brain apart from an enlarged pineal gland.

I've just read a piece online that says when the third eye awakens, one feels pressure at the base of the brain and is related tot he sixth chakra.

I'm just gonna take five to absorb this ...
★.`.★'Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies'★.`.★
Mother Teresa
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