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Old 18-06-2017, 06:21 AM
baro-san baro-san is offline
Join Date: Jan 2015
Posts: 490
Time travel will be discovered in approximately the year 3050

By Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Time travel will be discovered in approximately the year 3050 by a man named Taatos. He is the Hermes of ancient Egypt and the very first chrononaut (time traveler). Prior to his actually traveling back in time, holographic images were sent into the past. This is why the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, etc. described "visions" by their oracles, soothsayers and psychics.

We can summarize the characteristics of time travelers as follows:

They have mastered hyperspace travel between dimension, and can move through walls and solid objects.
By existing in the fifth dimension, they can observe us and remain invisible.
Genetic manipulation of our chromosomes is a routine procedure for them. They have greatly speeded up our rate of evolution.
The origin of these chrononauts is Earth from 1,000 to 3,000 years in the future.
Their main purpose is to accelerate our spiritual growth.

Do you wanna know more?

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Old 18-06-2017, 06:27 AM
Myvie Myvie is offline
Join Date: Feb 2015
Posts: 138
I think time travel is possible for lots of types of particles and beings and things out there but we've agreed to be here in a physical body with physical rules and limitations and we don't get to physically jump around. Even if theoretically possible (as some physicists do argue) it is highly unlikely a method that wouldn't kill our human body could be found or created.

I do think we can tap in and see timelines or affect them back and forth however, or go there mentally basically. . Seen/experienced too many glitches...
basically that's the only reason I believe it. I don't really have a compelling argument for anyone else lol
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Old 24-06-2017, 04:26 PM
positivity_ftw positivity_ftw is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Jun 2017
Posts: 10
Interesting thread, I think that time travel in the literal sense isn't quite possible as is shown by the grandfather paradox, etc. But parallel dimensions and timelines are interesting.
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Old 01-07-2017, 04:51 PM
Melahin Melahin is online now
Join Date: Dec 2015
Posts: 1,435
There always is the argument that if you can imagine it then it can be possible, and while I have been shown various ways to do these things certainty first truly comes with experience. But we can still wonder can we not? and pursue it because it would be an awesome experience. I am really intrigued by the way they send consciousness back in time in that x-men movie Days of Future Past, though if one was to do it they might only have a dream of a potential future to tell about, rather than actual evidence. Plus I do remember once being shown how the age we have now might be a time that once were but never came to pass. And yes I had completely forgot about glitches, which always reminds me of The Glitch from Wreck it Ralph
I am the flower, the tree, the vine. I am the path
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Old 11-07-2017, 02:14 AM
LibraIndigo LibraIndigo is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
Posts: 364
Time travel

Interesting. I was thinking about that the other day.
The concept of time only being a three dimensional thing still sort of baffles my 3 dimensional mind. However I always did wonder since I had a very epic journey/adventure/vision which seemed to go on for hours which took place only in the span of a 15 minute nap.

I don't know if I can believe the ability to go backwards in time, but my conclusion on time in this dimension and others is that maybe it works like the gears in a clock. Time going by faster or slower depending on what dimension you are in, but still always going forward.

Interesting read though and I will keep an open mind to the rest of it to see if I can understand, lol maybe it will just click one day.
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Old 13-07-2017, 01:19 PM
r6r6r r6r6r is offline
Join Date: May 2012
Posts: 3,025
  r6r6r's Avatar
Bunny Abstract Time Traveler

Universe > Humans{ ** } > Civilization >

...Industrial Age > Artificial Intelligence{ binary 01 } Age

......Technological Singularity{ binary surpasses bilateral } >

..........Consciousness Relevance Age{ binary bilateral synergy \Y/ } >

.............Rise of the Androids{ genetic manipulated androids \*Y*/ }

...............Integration of Consciousness with Gravity and Dark Energy{ (( \*Y*/ )) }

.................Jelloid Emersion Consciousness{ (*( ~v~ )*) }

...................Self-Regenerative Bung Banging Jelloids{ (~(~^v~)~) }

......................Isotropic Big Bang Repeat{ (^(v(^(v(..)v)^)v)^v)^) }

Bungs are liken to self-cloning geckos, some lizards{ gila monsters } or others
"U"niverse > Uni-v-erse > universe's > I-verse< you-verse < we-verse < them-verse
Gravitational Space ( + ) >< Dark Energy )-(
Time >66.4< --frequency ^v^v--
Mind/Intellect 12 ergo 3-fold 4-fold and 5-fold
Biological *8* --bilateral four's---
Spin <left 6 right >---Pitch, Yaw Roll{ 3 * 2 = 6 }
IS >2<--positive and negative tetrahedron
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Old 28-10-2017, 07:09 PM
dream jo dream jo is online now
Join Date: Apr 2015
Location: sea dream u cud say
Posts: 17,396
  dream jo's Avatar
yes iv dun in dreams in sub con
dream jo

i dream dreams
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