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Old 05-10-2006, 10:43 PM
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heart and third eye healing

i need some help with my heart and third eye chakras. does anyone know a way i can open them 2 chakras and to lose the fears of any pain they may cause. for example the heart chakra could cause alot of emotional pain. and i want to have it open still.

anyone got anything i could try out?
Old 06-10-2006, 02:13 AM
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Hi Auricman ! The is tough question and I ll give my opinion one in a million! all is sharing !

this is from one of my other posts Please read so you can imagine the creative matrix of what I call Lightworker pathwork! ..... you have to take time to be with your Kundalini and as time goes on grounding your self let kundalini move into your higher chakras (ie:third eye)
and open yourself to the Light of the Soul!

Namaste mikron

And for some of you Star Seeds that are bursting with so much Light! I mikron wanted to share some secrets of path work down the road and obviously there are many paths this is just one!

Throat chakra opens when chanting to signify entry into enlightened path! the next energy is in order

1st Chakra - base/perineum, red, earth, survival, grounding, stillness, elephant, earth
2nd Chakra - lower abdomen, orange, water, emotions, sexuality, desire, tears, crocodile, moon
3rd Chakra - solar plexus, yellow, fire, will, power, anger, joy, laughter, ram, sun

I mikron stop here for a moment because great spirit has put a block after the 3rd chakra and all that that means is the pathwork focus should focus 1-3 as one energy and when sufficient energy on the path is present the life force will open to the heart chakra!

4th Chakra - heart, green, air, love, balance, compassion, creativity to higher levels

Next to refine the throat chakra based on what a star seed has learned a refinement occurs ! To speak there own internal truth to be the light and wisdom! at this time there should be some focus on emotional body and mental body healing/pathwork!

5th Chakra - throat, blue, throat, ether, sound, communication, creativity, expansion, excitement,

The next part of the path another block by great spirit ! and to my experiences this is the longest part of the path after 5 this is where all the experience on the pathwork come into play! One has to very Astonishing and the heart chakra should be intense continuiosly! all the while become one big chakra!

6th Chakra - (third eye or adjna centre) forehead, indigo, forehead, light, clairvoyance, psychic abilities, imagination, dreaming, owl.

once there is level there is a deepening of some kind! Very personal energy! For advance learning the 2nd cosmic ray Love/Wisdom: The path of Oneness deepens!
then the 7th charka opens

it might be a good to note here that after the heart chakra is opened each chakra after that one should go always go back to heart always to quantify the energy as true Light !

7th Chakra - top of head, violet, top of head, thought, spiritual connection, understanding, knowing, bliss, Great Spirit

when ever the right time is the 6th chakra opens
continue to refine/healing physical/emotional/mental bodies!

The worship of ONENESS and a special note this should lead to the spiritual initiations and mainly the 3rd initiation comes to mind and you always check out the spiritual initiations!

There is still much to do! always healing/learning’s

as I share this All that I mikron want to do is tell this because those that did this first laid the ground work for others to follow and its not as hard its much easier and quicker now!

Namaste mikron
Old 06-10-2006, 07:28 PM
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The One small not I want to make here from the ageless wisdom! why is there breaks after the third chakra and 5th chakra ! Take for example the the hippies in the usa in the 1960's that was an experiment by great spirit that opened the heart and throat chakras before they where actually ready for it! its always an easy path !

Namaste mikron
Old 06-10-2006, 09:12 PM
Spiritualist74 Spiritualist74 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Canada
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light healer

hi there
I work with light healing and other types of healing techniques and i say the best thing to do in a quiet place and mindspace is to pray to help the healing that the opening of those chakras and to reduce any repercussions
time is important and patience too
peace be within
from james
When the world gives you lemons make lemonade
Old 07-10-2006, 12:17 AM
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focusing on your heart chakra can fill you with love, learn to forgive yourself and others, and help you keep balanced.

the meditation i learnt was to focus filling yourself with light, breathing it in, and expelling the negative out with your breath, as you do this imagine your heart ( in the middle of your chest, not where the phyical heart organ is) as a flower bud. as you breath in light and breath out the dark, imagine this bud unfolding...and gradually blossoming into a rose or lotus....whatever you wish.

try this daily in your meditation. i put up a link to a different type of heart meditation in the meditation forum that may be of use also.

if you are really fearful of opening too quickly though, i would heed your intuition and look for an experienced teacher to help you through and guide you.

sri chinmoy meditation is a good introduction to meditating on the heart chakra and is free with many groups around the world. google it to see if there are meditation lessons near you.

fosucing on love for yourself and others is very healing. i'm sure you'll come a long way there :) *hug*
Old 18-10-2006, 07:11 PM
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Good advice all round here, hope that all is going well for you auricman.

I have been asking this exact question for what seems an eternity now, and I think I might have come one tiny step closer to figuring out how it all works..

It takes immense lifechanging work and progress to actually pierce and activate the chakras. I remember when I opened my crown, it was after months of reading and going psychotic and chanting and praying. I felt it ripping open and I was realizing stuff that I had never realized before. I was in floods of tears. My whole life changed after that moment. I expect that the same is true of opening all of the other chakras. It's more like a step forward in your whole life-evolution, a massive event, as opposed to just finding out how to temporarily open up a chakra.

This article might be a bit heavy but after I had read it a few times my understanding became a bit clearer...

El Collie's article on the Chakras

To open the heart I am trying to learn how to love and accept, trying to practise compassion and kindness..

To open the third eye I did meditations staring at the third eye point in the mirror, also reading a lot of lucid material helped..
Old 18-10-2006, 07:48 PM
chadley chadley is offline
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Posts: 511
e-ma, let me give you a hint on this. Opening your chakra's allows you to metabolize, if you will, the energy from the universal energy field that corresponds with each chakra level. The more open your chakra's are, when spinning clockwise, the more energy you can feed into your energy system. However!, once the energy is in your system, it still may run into blockages and areas of lower vibration that exist in your field. Opening your chakra's is only the first step. As I explained to you in the Tao thread, once you start pouring energy of high vibration into your system, you are really going to notice the contrast between it and the lower stuff that is already there. This is why opening your chakra's can sometimes actually make the discord in your life more pronounced as it becomes more clear to you that they need to be corrected. The next step is to then use this energy flow to assist in the removal of what blocks it from flowing naturally through your system without resistance. The key is that each chakra corresponds to a certain layer in your energy field or aura. Once you open a particular chakra, it is time to address the issues that exists on its corresponding layer. Only by successfully aligning that which prevents energy flow at this layer, will the full realization of healing from opening the chakra be realized.

Old 19-10-2006, 05:56 AM
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Thanks chadley, I guess that it's inevitable really that you have to address the issues once the chakra has been awakened. I know for me it was inevitable anyway. I was almost immobilized and the pain from the outpouring of issues was quite overwhelming. I guess for me the question is, how do I open more of my chakras and keep on progressing?
Old 19-10-2006, 01:38 PM
chadley chadley is offline
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Posts: 511
Originally Posted by e-ma
how do I open more of my chakras and keep on progressing?

You are welcome, e-ma

This is one of the Subordinate questions to
Old 20-10-2006, 07:32 PM
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That's brilliant... super-thanks.

I guess that the next logical question would be,

How do I identify the things that are preventing positive motion?

..does this come back to finding your core issue?
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