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Old 09-05-2017, 02:00 PM
kisalipa kisalipa is offline
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Recognition and Value for God

Purity means oneness. Pure gold means the single gold metal without any second metal like copper. When a single bond exists without a second bond, that single bond is called as pure love or devotion. This is the highest stage. In the lower stage, even if several bonds exist, only one bond becomes the topmost, before which all other bonds get rejected, in case of competition. In childhood, the bond with parents is the topmost. In youth the bond with one’s beloved or wife is the topmost. Afterwards the bond with one’s children becomes the topmost and continues throughout one’s life. The rejection of other bonds before the topmost bond is the meaning of the word “hate” used by Jesus, when He stated that one cannot become His dearest disciple unless one hates the worldly bonds. The bond with inert money is only to see happiness in one’s parents, wife and children; i.e. the bond with money is only for the sake of life. The bond with one’s own life happens to be the topmost bond from birth to death and before this bond all other bonds may be rejected. But sometimes, this bond may be rejected before the other bonds. It varies from one individual to the other. The bond with God is also like the bond with money. People love God and money only for the sake of the happiness of self (life), parents, wife and children. Money and God are only the instruments to achieve happiness for the sake of self, parents, wife and children. If these bonds are absent, the bond with God and money disappears. This is the case of Pravritti, which is the general trend of most devotees. Only few exceptional cases exist among devotees for whom God becomes the topmost. Such exceptional devotees come under Nivritti and God loves only such exceptional devotees. The transformation of Pravritti to Nivritti is the real spiritual path. Jesus referred only to such devotees of Nivritti in His statement given above. Krishna also referred to such devotees in the Gita (Matchittah matgatapranah…). Divine movies aim to achieve such Nivritti. But people take God as an instrument to achieve protection and happiness of their worldly bonds including their own selves. Jesus says that His dearest disciple must be prepared to carry his own cross for the sake of God. This means that one has to sacrifice even the bond with one’s life for the sake of God. In fact, Jesus sacrificed the bond with His life for the sake of God’s mission, through His crucifixion. Hanuman tore His chest and heart to show God in His heart and this also shows the sacrifice of the bond with life for the sake of God. Krishna also sacrificed the bond with His life and the bonds with His children, wives and relatives for the sake of God’s mission. To establish justice and devotion on this earth, which is the primary aim of God’s mission, Krishna supported the Pandavas by all means.

For the sake of this He accepted the curse from Gandhari due to which all His family and even His own life had to be sacrificed. Such practical sacrifice with all worldly bonds including one’s life for the sake of God’s mission alone could prove that God is the topmost. Thus, Krishna Himself practiced what ever He preached. Practical sacrifice alone can bring the real fruit. Theoretical knowledge and theoretical devotion should lead to the practical sacrifice. Theory is essential for the appearance of practice. Theory is like the seed and the subsequent practice resulting from it is like the tree. The tree alone can give fruit. The knowledge and devotion are like water and fertilizer, which are essential for the seed to grow into a tree. Therefore, knowledge and devotion are important but without practice (service), which is work, there is no fruit. Brahma Vidya, Brahma Jnanam or spiritual knowledge is the most complicated path and even to achieve the correct knowledge is a hectic affair (Kashchinmamvetti…—Gita). Correct knowledge is the first step and even in this first step, there are a lot of complications. People are often misled even in this first step. The whole complication lies only in one point: you must conquer your ego and jealousy completely and recognize the contemporary human incarnation existing before your eyes even though He acts as an ordinary human being. Sometimes He may even act as the worst human being. You have to recognize God who is beyond good and bad. God is the Possessor of the world in which both good and bad exist. God is not touched by the world and therefore the good and the bad do not touch Him. He can expose good or bad but He is not touched by both. The world is like a shirt, which cannot be His characteristic like His skin. The good and bad are like the different colors of His shirt and they are not the colors of His skin. The white color of His shirt is not the white color of His skin. He is wearing white shirt and He is beyond the white shirt. Seeing the color of the white shirt, you will decide that He is white and approach Him as a good person.

In the case of the individual soul, your analysis is correct because the individual soul is a bundle of qualities. The individual soul is the shirt itself. Therefore, the individual soul is actually white or good himself. Similarly, the individual soul can be black or bad. But in the case of the human incarnation, God is beyond the white and black colors, since He is unimaginable. When you approach Him, He will change His white shirt and put on a black shirt. You will think that He is black and you will run away. All your spiritual knowledge must be used to distinguish a really black man and a colorless person wearing a black shirt. This is a test for your knowledge of discrimination and your faith about your identification of God. It is also a practical test for your value for God over the other worldly values including the value for your life. Thus, your identification of God in a human being, who looks like an ordinary human being, is the first step. The faith in this identification is tested on the exhibition of bad qualities by the incarnation. If your faith remains, the extent of faith is tested through the extent of value given to God over other worldly values. Sage Sharabhanga could not identify Rama as God, because Rama ended in problems by blindly following the foolish desire of His wife for a golden deer even though Lakshmana warned against it. He submitted his living body in the fire altar for the sake of God and thus he showed that he had the highest value for God. But he could not recognize the contemporary human incarnation. King Dhritarashtra believed in Krishna as the contemporary human incarnation but his value for God was not high compared to his value for his son. Therefore he refused the proposal of Krishna to avoid war even after seeing Krishna’s cosmic vision (Vishwarupam). If you see Hanuman, He not only recognized the contemporary human incarnation as God like Dhritarashtra, but also gave the topmost value to God like Sharabhanga by tearing open His chest with His own nails and offering His life for God. Thus, Hanuman contains the merits of both Sharabhanga and Dhritarashtra and he also avoided the defects of both. Most human beings have both the defects and therefore salvation is only for one in millions and that too after millions of births as per the Gita. In the statement of Jesus that unless one sacrifices all the worldly bonds including the bond with one’s life, one cannot be His dearest disciple, both these merits are indicated. Generally the inner circle-devotees of God, who are very few in number, are born as devotees and get salvation, which is only a show for the sake of other devotees because the inner circle-devotees are already liberated souls. Sage Nara was a liberated soul already associated with Lord. But he was born as Arjuna, then as a hunter and finally as Vivekananda. In these three births, he represented an ordinary human being (Nara) and showed the path of salvation in the role of a devotee. Thus, the same liberated souls are born again and again and get salvation to show the path to other devotees. Only one in millions, after millions of births, gets real salvation and enters the inner circle of God. To achieve this goal, you have to conquer the ego and jealousy in order to recognize the contemporary human incarnation on one side. On the other side, you have to increase the value of God to the highest place, defeating all other worldly values including the value for your own life.
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